Rise of the Phoenix [Flame Scans Original]
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Status Ongoing
Type Comic
Released 2021
Author Flame Scans
Artist zuri
Serialization Flame Scans
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Rise of the Phoenix [Flame Scans Original]

Восстание Феникса | 凤凰的崛起 | 불사조의 출세 | フェニックスの立ち上がり

Synopsis Rise of the Phoenix [Flame Scans Original]

One day, a team of archaeologists discovered a cave deep inside Antarctica. What was hidden inside were enormous crystals that no one knew the origin of. Suddenly, a burst of unknown energy flooded the earth from the crystals.


This was the origin of the enhanced children. Elaine was one of them. They were treated as nothing more than lab rats.


We were told not to move without their order. So we didn’t move. We were children that were supposed to be the root for humanity’s salvation. We were the carriers of hope for the future of our world, they said. You are very important, they said. So why did they leave? Why did they leave us there to be swallowed by the maliciousness of these flames? Was it our fate to die in the end…? Should I have listened to their orders back then? This flame is the nightmare that follows me, and the mystery I have to solve.

A Flame Scans Original Comic