Player Starting from Today

오늘부터 플레이어 | これからは僕はプレーヤ
오늘부터 플레이어


Hunters who are born from the support of sponsors.
And the twelve heroes who shine the brightest among all.
They called themselves gods and erected Eden.

‘Ruled the world.’

That was the era I, Lee Joon Kyung, lived through.
A normal person living in a world dominated by hunters.
I lived as a livestock just like other normal people.

The only thing different was but a book I owned.
It was a biography of the Demon Lord, a forgotten but true hero.

To me.
One of the twelve sovereigns, Athena, visited.
I am.

‘The past? An era more than 100 years prior? An era the hunters emerged?

I fell into the past.
Doomsday Sky, who sponsored the Demon Lord, sponsored me.
I lived a life similar to that of the Demon Lord, but.

‘It won’t be the same as the Demon Lord.’

I dream of a brighter future, even more so than what the Demon Lord dreamed.
The strength I have now, the strength that the Demon Lord had.
A hunter surpassing another hunter.
To become a player.
I am.

A player starting today.’

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Player Starting from Today