The Soul Guardians

Exorcism Records | 퇴마록
Exorcism Records


The fantasy masterpiece, which once caused an uproar in Korea with more than 10 million copies sold, is now in the public eye again as a webtoon.

Hyun-Am trains in Tai Chi Qigong in order to fight the water ghost that killed his sister.
Father Park, unable to save his friend’s daughter from an unknown evil spirit, chooses to become a priest walking the path of asceticism.
Jun-Hoo, the only survivor of Eastern Sea Esoteric Buddhism, is a genius who has inherited all the magic of the five guardians of Esoteric Buddhism.
Seung-Hee, who has a secret, gets involved in a mysterious case due to her father.

An occult fantasy in which individual exorcists, each driven by their own causes, solve crimes and fight together against evil demons. Demons who rule the spiritual and emotional worlds of mankind, and drive society into chaos.

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The Soul Guardians