Darkness and Death

Тьма и Смерть | 黑暗与死亡 | 어둠과 죽음 | 闇と死 | Mörkret och döden | L'obscurité et la Mort
Тьма и Смерть


A series of related events happens in the Abandoned World after a catastrophe. People who were endowed with a mysterious Power after that fateful day are forced to confront each other, not realizing that they are just pawns in some bigger game.

The familiar and understandable world turns into madness and a race for survival.
The enemies’ shadows become part of your own.
Any action, look and word are reflected in fate as a sentence. And when you stand face to face with your fears, you have to look for answers.
When you realize that nothing can be returned, all that remains is to go forward, trying to find the right path… which might not even exist.

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Darkness and Death