I’ll be Taking a Break for Personal Reasons

일신상의 이유로 잠시 휴재합 니다 | The Creator is on Hiatus
일신상의 이유로 잠시 휴재합 니다


[Note: This is the manhwa’s title, we are not taking an actual break.]

I am a failed, third-rate webnovel author, Yu Ill-Shin. Don’t start praying at me just in case because you think I’m a god. It’s just my name. This foul world where only hunters are appreciated. But even if you awaken as a hunter, not all hunters end up the same. A life dependent on hunter rank, which normally wouldn’t change once it’s been set. One day, I was able to awaken just as I had desperately wanted. But my awakened ability is somewhat strange?

In this little world connected to my smartphone, those insignificant and weak ants being slaughtered consider me their god? And someone as insignificant as me has to save the world? Is that correct?

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I’ll be Taking a Break for Personal Reasons