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My Space-Time System

Chapter 9: First day in school

By: xImpulse


The carriage slowly made its way past the gate and arrived at the administration building.


When they walked out of the carriage they saw an elderly man with gray hair and a monocle, waiting for them at the entrance.


“Good day Joan, it’s been a long time. How have you been?” the elderly man said with a genial smile.


“Good day principal Lovren, I am in perfect condition. How are you, sir?”


“Mother Terra keeps sustaining us.” He replied.


“Praise be to the Mother!” They placed their hand on their chest and bowed in unison.


“These are the gentlemen recommended by Prince Bryon, he hopes they can be placed under your care.” She said while pointing towards the trio.


“I’ll be more than glad to do so, as long as they obey the rules, he has nothing to worry about.”


“He will be pleased to hear that…”


After a few minutes of chatting, secretary Joan bided principal Lovren goodbye and entered the carriage.


“May the Mother watch over you” Lovren waved as the carriage began moving.


When the carriage left their sight, principal Lovren turned to the trio and said with a smile on his face “Welcome gentlemen, to the Calton Magic School.”


“First let’s get you registered. Follow me” he led the way into the Administration building.


“For you to be admitted into the main school, you will have to pass the awakening test, but that will be in a month’s time. For now, you will be having lessons in preparations for the awakening.” He as they continued walking.


“Luckily, freshers began their lessons a week ago, so you haven’t missed much and you can also read it up in the library.” Principal Lovren explained in detail as they were getting closer to the registration point.


“For now, you would be having basic magic classes and all information needed for the awakening test would be taught to you by the professors.”


At this moment he turned and looked at the trio with a stern expression and said


“If anyone is to fail the awakening test, they will be expelled immediately. The resources of the school will not be wasted on those that lack talent.”


Jeez. Why so serious… Blake shuddered.


After they got registered, they were assigned to different dormitories.


Blake was assigned to the Wind Griffin dormitory, while Castiel and Brian were assigned the phoenix and Drake dormitories respectively.


When he was done with his registration, he walked to the west side of the school to the Wind Griffin dormitory.


When he got to the Wind Griffin dormitory, he made his way to the fifth floor. he looked at his room and went up to the sixth floor.


“Room 612 ” he looked at the room numbers as he went across the hallway.


He found his room and used the key given to him at the administrative building to unlock the door.


Before he pushed open the door, a blonde-haired teen with profound deep blue eyes, came out of the room next to his.


“Are you my neighbor?” The blonde boy walked up to Blake.


“Yes, I’m Blake” he stretched his hand forward and looked at him.


Those eyes, they look familiar… Blake was startled when he saw Luciano’s deep blue eyes.


“Hi, I’m Luciano, nice to meet” both hands met and shook each other.


Prince Byron!… He finally found where he saw those eyes from.


“Let me help you with that.” Luciano grabbed Blake’s bag that contained his clothes and other items, given to him by Prince Bryon.


Not bad for a neighbor… He led the way into the room.


“Over there is the bathroom, dinner is by six in the dining hall and lecture starts by 8. That’s pretty much everything” He turned after dropping Blake’s bag.


“Thanks a lot for everything” He thanked Luciano as he showed him out the room.


“I’ll be here by six, for dinner.” Luciano said as he went to his room.


After sending Luciano off, he arranged his clothes in the wardrobe and hit the shower.


Not long after having his bath, Luciano came to his room and both of them headed to the dining hall.




He doesn’t talk much… Blake silently observed Luciano as they ate dinner.


He looked around the hall filled with students and most of them were acting the same way.


This went contrary to what normally occurred in earth schools!


What’s wrong with all of them?!… Although he was a calm type that liked talking on the inside, the silence was killing him.


Maybe they are not yet familiar with each other… he thought of another possibility as he calmly ate his dinner.


After his “silent” dinner, he returned to his room and fell on his bed. “What a day.”


He looked at the night sky that was twinkling with elegance, it gave him a sense of warmth spring from the cold as he reminisced.


I miss mom, she’s all alone now… He was felt depressed the more he thought.


I have to get back home! Although he loved to be in a world of magic, he wouldn’t trade anything for his mom.


System how can I get home?… Blake asked in an expectant tone.


[There are three ways for host to return to Earth;


*With the help of a Deity of the Space pathway.


*Host obtaining Godhood and becoming a deity.


*Completing the All-father’s purpose for summoning you.]


Blake furrowed his brow when he saw the systems answer.


He didn’t know any deity, talk much of one in the space pathway.


The second option was more reasonable, but it will take a lot of time, while the third option was the most confusing.


The All-father’s purpose for summoning them was still unknown, they were just like sailors with no destination.


Seems I would be here for a long time… He sighed helplessly.


Before he could form more thoughts, he had already fallen asleep.




Blake woke up and sat up, he looked out the window and saw that the sun was already out.


“What’s the time?” Still feeling dizzy, he looked at the wall clock and saw it was thirteen minutes past eight.


“What!! The class starts by 8:00.” Immediately, he jumped out of the bed and headed for the shower.


After showering, he got dressed up and was prepared to head out.



I missed breakfast at the dining hall… he grumbled and left the room.


When he locked the door, he realized he didn’t know the venue for the class. “Fuck me!”


System do you know the venue for the class?… He immediately asked the system with high hopes.


[Data not stored.] The system’s answer was like a bombshell to Blake.


He decided to head out in hopes that he would find someone that could direct him.


He reached a crossroad with three paths. He knew the one on the left led to the administrative building, so the option was between the center and the right.


His guts told him to follow the one on the right and he did. Soon he arrived at a building filled with classrooms.


Now to locate the class… he sighed and walked through the corridors of the building in search of his classroom.







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Chapter 9