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My Space-Time System -Novel Chapter 8

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My Space-Time System

Chapter 8: Calton magic school

By: xImpulse


The city was surrounded by thick, tall walls with symbols inlaid on them.


On the wall were magic towers that had blue orbs that contained immense energy just waiting to be released.


When they got close to the gate, Prince Bryon raised his right hand and shot golden flames into the air.


It was a signal for the soldiers on the walls to allow them to pass.


Shouts were heard from the wall. The symbols on the wall lit up and the air above the wall shimmered, causing a fiery dome to appear.


It didn’t take long for them to get close to the fiery dome. A space in the dome opened up and they quickly flew past the wall.


When they got passed the wall, cottages and farmlands could be seen scattered across the area.


As they moved closer to the center of the city, littered streets and dilapidated neighborhoods came into view. The people walking on the streets were thin, frail and they put on rags.


This was the Slums.


Blake felt pity for those living in the slums, but he couldn’t do anything about it.


No matter the world one finds himself in, the poor will still exist… He sighed helplessly.


They quickly flew past the Slums and into the mid-region of the city.


On the streets of the mid-region, carriages of different colors where being pulled by horses to different destinations. People could be seen walking to and fro the streets and stores could were scattered around the streets.


The entire mid-region was lively and cleaner compared to the slums.


Blake looked closely at a factory that had a chimney; black smoke rose from the chimney but before they could escape into the atmosphere they were converted to clean air.


This could help earth deal with air pollution… Blake Thought.


He was impressed by the technology, He was surprised to see that a world that used magic cared about their environment, sadly it was not the same for Earth that couldn’t use magic.


When Chief Bryon saw the faces of the trio he chuckled “The factories in Synder empire are mandated to install purifiers in their factories or else they will be shut down.”


Soon they entered the center region, Blake was stunned by the beauty of the region.


Manors with large gardens and driveways were mainly seen here.


The center region was not as crowded as the mid-region fewer people were on the streets and fancy carriages with different emblems could be seen.


The center region viewed from above was a pattern of buildings that clearly demarcated the rich from the poor.


When they reached a magnificent palace that radiated sunlight like gold, the eagle began slowing down


At the center of the palace, surrounded by black crossed flags, was the statue of emperor Cinder holding his flaming scepter of power.


The eagle touched down in front of the general’s palace. They got down from the eagle and soldiers came to welcome them.


Standing in front was Prince Bryon’s secretary, Joan Sanders.


Joan had a shapely figure, glossy skin, and smooth blonde hair that was tied up neatly into a bun. Her facial features were nothing exceptional, but her regal aura made the nobles greatly desire her.


“Give them clothes to wear and send them to the magic school and get them registered” Prince Bryon gave out orders to Joan and made his way to the door.


When he was some steps away, he turned and said “Oh… Get them something to eat first.”


“Yes sir” the Joan saluted after Chief Bryon gave out the orders. They were already used to his forgetful nature


Joan stepped up to the trio with a smile on her face and said “Please follow me”


She led them into the palace and showed them to their rooms.


“Food and cloths will be delivered to your rooms, after taking your bath and getting some rest we will be heading to the magic school” she informed them of the plans, and she made her way out of the large corridor.


The trio looked at each other and without saying anything they turned and entered their rooms.



Blake stepped out from the bathroom and gave out a loud sigh… “What a day!”


funny enough it hasn’t ended… he made a self-deprecating smile.


He put on the brown leather shirt and pants that were placed on the bed by the servants and made his way to the table to eat his food.


He was served Glazed chicken and salad by the side.


He raised his fork and knife and inhaled deeply. His taste buds began secreting saliva as the aroma of the food wafted into his nose.


“Looks good, smells good….” he dived into the food. “uhmmm. Tastes good!” he said with a stuffed mouth.


After he was done eating, he rested for thirty minutes before a servant came to inform him that it was time for them to head the magic school.


Do we have to go to school, can’t he be our sensei… He stood up and followed the servant to where the carriage was parked.


Brian and Castiel were already in the carriage when he came. Beside the door of the carriage was secretary Joan. “please take your sit, we will be heading out”


The carriage driver opened the door of the carriage and bowed slightly as a polite gesture for him to enter.


When Blake was at the door of the carriage, he sensed someone was staring at him, he turned his head towards the palace that was ten stories high and looked at the window.


The image that appeared on the window was only the reflection of the sky, but he felt the gaze of someone was on him.


Hmm… seeing no one was there, he turned and entered the carriage.


After the secretary Joan entered, the carriage driver closed the door and drove the carriage out of the palace.



In a dark room at the top floor of the palace, Prince Bryon was looking out the full glass window, he saw when Blake looked up in his direction.


“The speed he is assimilating the All-fathers inheritance is shocking, he even sensed my gaze.” he was astonished by the scene that played before him.


“I will be heading to the capital tomorrow, watch over them, especially him.” Prince Bryon turned his head slightly and spoke to a red-haired man behind him.


“Yes Prince Bryon.” the figure bowed and left the room.


Bryon’s gaze returned to the carriage that was making its way out of the palace.




After thirty minutes of driving, they had already made their way out of the center region and into the mid-region.


Secretary Joan acted as a guide and showed them key places like; the city lords manor, house of congress.


“What is the difference between the city lord and the chief?” Blake asked because it was confusing.


Secretary Joan smiled “The city lord is in charge of most of the administrative tasks in the city, while the Chief is in charge of all military operations and missions.


The position of war chief of the cities in the Synder empire is headed by the members of the royal guard counsel.”


“Is Prince Bryon a member of the royal guard council?” Blake asked.


“Yes, out of the five councilors, he is the youngest and is in charge of the east region of the empire.” She said with a proud smile.


As they headed west to the magic school, they saw a five-story building that had a shield and sword crest at the top of the building.


Joan pointed at the building “That’s the Adventurers association, they are one of the top organizations in the world. You can give out various commissions for adventurers to complete and if you become an adventurer you can take commissions that correspond to your strength.”


With his eye still on the building, he asked the system. What are the names of the top organizations?…


[ They are:




Adventurers association.


The league of assassins.]


Crusader. What a catchy name… he smiled and immediately stopped when he noticed the others were looking at him.


This is awkward… he resisted the urge to smack his forehead as he lampooned.


After Blake’s awkward moment, the carriage remained silent until they reached their destination.


The carriage arrived in front of a large bronze double door gate and written on the gates in large letters was Calton Magic School.







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Chapter 8