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My Space-Time System

Chapter 74: Preparation.

By: xImpulse


“The old man? Do you mean the system?” Brian was even more confused.


“Yeah, the one that always wins arguments…” When he saw they were still confused, he couldn’t help but ask. “Wait you guys can’t hear the old man?” Blake began wondering if he had lost his mind when he saw them shaking their heads.


Everyone that was summoned to this world from Earth, had seen battle angel Alcane who had gifted them the All-Father’s blessings which was the system, so it was quite weird that they didn’t have the AI features in theirs.


‘What is going on?’ Blake couldn’t help but ask the system because he felt something was wrong.


“I think we should talk about this over lunch.” Castiel proposed when he noticed their chat was getting a lot of attention.


[When you guys were summoned, you were given a little part of the All-Father’s consciousness in form of the system. The system is meant to help you know the basic things about infinite realm so that you won’t be completely lost and ignorant about your purpose for being summoned.


Why your system is different from theirs is because you absorbed the All-Father’s inheritance. Inheritances contain part of the consciousness of higher beings in order to give a little guide on how to use it and when the two parts of the All-Father’s consciousness combined after you fully assimilated with the inheritance it formed me.] The system explained as they went to the canteen.


Both Brian and Castiel saw how quiet he was, but decided not to disturb him because they knew a lot was going down in his head.


‘So you are saying, if they are able to get inheritances of their own, an AI would be formed?’ Blake asked.


[Yes. The process of making an inheritance is a complex one, but one thing you should know is that each deity can make one inheritance for each of its elements.

Now, for an ‘AI’ to be formed they have to acquire an inheritance from the same deity. This means their only option would be the All-Father’s lightning inheritance, but I am not sure if it has been acquired or not.]


‘You are saying that only one more person can get an ‘AI’ and apart from that, there is a possibility that it has been taken already?’ Blake couldn’t help but ask again because what it was trying to say was that their chances of getting it were close to zero.


[Yes.] The system answered.


Inheritances were not like cabbages that could be gotten anytime it was needed. They were very rare because not everyone could become a deity to make one and sometimes it would take millions of years before an inheritance was found.


Deities don’t just place their inheritance anywhere, they were usually placed in very secured areas with traps, arrays, and sometimes beasts that served as both protection and tests for those who think they were worthy.


This caused the deaths of many and the branding of the area on the map as dangerous, but if anyone managed to pass the ‘tests’ they would come out very powerful. But it was too good to be true for Blake to have found the All-Father’s inheritance so easily.


“This is what the old man said…” Blake explained everything the system had told him, including the part about their near-zero chances of getting the about getting the lightning inheritance.


‘Why wasn’t I the first to think about splitting up then? I would have been the one with three elements.’ Both of them couldn’t help but shake their heads in disappointment.


“Ask him if there would be any problem if we get the inheritance of another deity?” Castiel couldn’t help but ask, because he feared having his head explode because of two consciousness in his head.


Blake shook his head as he relayed the system’s words. “He said nothing will happen to you because the consciousness in an inheritance only acts as a guide.”


“About the field assignment, what’s the plan?” After seeing 60 points turn to scrap metals under 5 hours, Blake realized that his activities will require a lot of points and he needed to get more. That is why he wanted to prepare for the field assignment and get the maximum points obtainable.


“Actually, there is no plan. The school is known for being unpredictable which means the only thing we can do is to prepare for all scenarios just like professor Gibson said.” Brian sighed.


“That will be difficult, but we have no other option than to leave it to fate.” Blake was disappointed.


After they were done with lunch they all headed to the castle’s training ground for their advanced combat class.


“In our previous classes, you were taught how to adapt and identify your opponent’s weakness in situations when you are fighting with no weapons, and when you are fighting with a weapon.


Since we have been teaching you how to battle against a human for a long time now, we will look at when you are up against a beast, and with common sense, you should know they are different things altogether.” Instructor Zirrack announced the topic of the day.


“By now you are expected to know of beast ranks…” Seeing some of the students shaking their heads, instructor Zirrack felt like face-palming.


“Then you should go read it up in the library.” The instructor said with a stoic expression.


He had wanted to say it, but if he told them everything the students would useless and some will never visit the library.


(AN: I am not sure if I have mentioned it in previous chapters, but one thing for sure is that you guys don’t have to go to the library 🙂


Beast ranks;


Ancestral beasts


Emperor beasts


King beasts


Knight beasts


Elite beasts


Chief beasts


Common beasts.)


“You don’t have to worry about knight level beasts and above because before you get to see them you would have been turned to mincemeat.” Instructor Zirrack’s words sent chills down the spine of the students, Blake included.


Blake freshly remembered his near-death experience with the knox, imagining how powerful something stronger than it, and with the warning the instructor had given which was most likely true, he couldn’t help but shiver.


“Well, you don’t have to worry much about them, because they are nowhere near the Mina forest at least until the next beast tide.” Blake calmed down after hearing these words because he had almost considered not hunting in the forest again.


“As for an elite beast, you should run immediately you see one because you are not its match, but I still doubt you would be able to escape.


If you encountered one with a team, please run for your lives so that at least one of you could live to tell the tale.” Instructor Zirrack didn’t try to hide how they could all die.


“Isn’t he overhyping an elite beast?” Blake felt that the instructor’s explanation of an elite beast was stronger than the real thing.


[Not everyone has a high-quality sword or three elements like you. Remember you almost died if it wasn’t for me releasing the barrier at the last moment.


The only reason you were able to kill it is that it underestimated you and had no idea of the effects of the space element, but I must confess you do have skills.] Blake wanted to retort the system but when he heard the last part he couldn’t help but smile.


“As for magical beasts, you should be careful when facing them. Some are solo hunters, but many of them hunt in groups, so depending on the magical beast you face you should always expect another waiting to ambush you when you let your guard down.” Blake couldn’t help but nod.


“When you go up against a beast using a weapon, anything you conjure at your level won’t do much damage, and remember you need a speedy kill.


Their hides are very tough that’s why weapons are recommended and once you have a weapon you should go for the vitals and end them quickly because those bastards have monstrous vitality.


Aim to decapitate its head or go for the heart, brain, eyes and if they all fail, try to reduce its mobility by chopping its legs off.” The students shuddered when they heard him mention lots of gruesome ways to kill beasts, but he couldn’t care one bit about their feelings.


After 30 more minutes, the class came to an end and Blake went straight to the exchange store.


“I have to make preparations for the field assignments, what do you think I need to buy?” Blake didn’t want to spend money, but since it was for something important he could only pay with a heavy heart.


[You should go for mana and healing potions. I would have said you should go for a light armor that takes some damage and not affect your mobility, but you are too broke for that.] Blake agreed with the system when he saw the price of the cheapest body armor which was 30 thousand EP.







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Chapter 74