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My Space-Time System

Chapter 72: Lightning Mastery.

By: xImpulse


“Each of the professors, including myself will be handling an element. I will be handling the wind element, professor Anderson will be in charge of the earth element, professor Pamela for the water element, Professor Zirrack for the fire element, Kaarina for the light element, professor Vadik for the darkness element, professor Sachi for the plant element and finally professor Langston for the lightning element.”


‘Too bad for the fire class.’ Blake sincerely pitied them, especially those from the normal class that didn’t know of him nor the fact that the professor title was used to mask the demon he was.


When the students started gathering Blake noticed that the element with the highest number of students was the fire element, while the one with the least was the darkness element which had only one student and that was Damon.


The professor in charge of the darkness element, Vadik, had an average man with a height of 1.5 meters and had pitch black hairs. He had a normal body build and sharp brown irises that could glare into a person’s soul.


Everything on him was black, from his hair to his shoes. He had a cold and gloomy aura that sent chills down the spine of anyone that came close to him.


‘Jezzz! Is it me or is their obsession for black on another level?’ Blake looked at the duo who looked like father and son.


[The awakening of an element brings about some minor changes to one’s behavior, that is why a pyromancer is more prone to anger, and aquamancer is peaceful, a geomancer strong-willed, a dark bringer is devoid of emotions, a photomancer is more inclined to nature, an aeromancer always goes with the flow, a reinforcer is always ecstatic and filled with energy, a lightweaver happy and an astromancer is more observant.] The system said.


(AN: Just noticed that I hadn’t mentioned the name for some of the elements. I hope the new names can be easily understood.)


‘Too bad there isn’t any professor for the space element, if not I would go even though lightning is my main element.’ Blake shook his head in disappointment.


The space element was the rarest element so he had expected this outcome. It would be considered a miracle if there was a teacher and also a student who had awakened the space element in the same school.


As for the darkness element, Damon was pretty lucky because he was the first student under professor Vadik in more than 20 years.


[Why would you need a teacher, when you have the greatest astromancer and chronomancer that had walked the face of infinite realm? Also, I would be able to train and check out your development all day without waiting for a class.] The system said in a proud tone.


‘AN: Chronomancer is for the time authority.’


‘I guess you are right.’ Blake said with a smile.


‘But doesn’t that mean the other elements would also have an effect on my behavior?’ Blake asked with a puzzled look on his face.


[Well that depends on the level of affinity with the element.] The system replied.


‘Doesn’t that mean I am meant to be more of a hothead?’ Blake was more confused by the reply.


[Nope, among the three elements you have the least affinity with the fire element and that is because of the adaptation process that increased your affinity with the space element to second place.] Seeing that Blake was further confused the system spoke. [The All- father’s inheritance came with the time authority making it a special one. Meaning you must have a high level of affinity to be able to use it and the adaptation process did the rest.]


‘Oh.’ Blake nodded, as he went over to where the side meant for the reinforcers.


After everyone had been divided into their various elements, the professors opened warp gates that sent them to different classes.


“I am professor Langston, which you already know and I will be taking you on Lightning mastery.” The professor said quickly.


Professor Langston was a slim young man with a height of 1.77 meters. He had long blonde hair that fluttered as he walked, his tanned skin and square chin gave him a unique charm.


‘Now I get what you meant by energetic.’ Blake said as he listened to the professor.


“We shall go straight into the business of the day; let’s talk about your basic spells as reinforcers. You all know the function of the lightning reinforcement, so I won’t be going into that, rather we shall look into its mastery.’ Lightning arcs began squirming all around the professor’s body.


“Normally when the lightning reinforcement has been cast, the lightning envelops the body, but for you to boost your mastery over it you must be able to do this…” All the arcs of lightning around his body moved to his right arm.


‘How did he do that?!’ Blake was stunned as he saw that the lightning arcs were not moving out his arm region.


“You are surprised huh? Don’t worry I will teach you guys.” Professor said with a smirk.


“For you to able to move the reinforcement to one part of your body, you need to have a fine mana control to be able to draw the power to one point.


When the lightning reinforcement spell is channeled, it activated at the center of your body before it spreads to the other parts of the body. Now all you have to do is manipulate the mana at the parts one at a time to come to your arm.” Professor Langston explained.


‘Hmm… Mana control is very important for the spell, but thanks to Professor Gibson and the system it wouldn’t be that hard to achieve.’ Blake smiled because he had found something to play with.


“You guys should give it a try.” With his words, the students that were eager to try out the spell stood up and activated lightning reinforcement.


Blake activated lightning reinforcement and focused his intent on his left leg trying to change the flow of mana to his right arm. When he managed to change the flow of energy to his torso, but before it could move further, he lost control of it making it return to his leg.


“F*ck me!” Blake cursed as his effort was wasted. ‘Let’s try something else.’ Blake said as he thought of a new approach.


Focusing on his intent on his left hand, Blake began changing its flow of energy towards the right and after a few seconds, he felt the effect of the spell on the right-hand increase.


‘Success! That means I should go for the part closest.” Blake was happy about the baby step he took and continued to change the flow, but it was difficult to change the flow at the center of his body.


‘System, what happened? Why isn’t it harder when it comes to changing that of the center?’ Whenever he tried to rap his will around energy at the center, it was too heavy for him to change.


[Remember what he said, all spells are generated at the center before moving to the other parts of the body, and since the lightning reinforcement is a spell that requires continuous use of mana you can’t wrap your will around it because more keeps coming out.


To entirely change the flow of the spell to supply only your arm with the energy requires a higher level of mana control which you do not possess.] The system answered his question.


‘That means I have no other option than to try again to change the flow of the legs.’ Blake was disappointed that his approach of going for the closest part had failed.


After two times of trying to change the energy flow of his left leg to his right arm, he finally succeeded and when he tried to change that of his right leg, Professor Langston made an announcement.


“200 points to Camilla Karius for being the first to complete the task.”


‘Shit! Only if I hadn’t tried that approach.’ Blake was disappointed because he had lost the opportunity to get 200 points which could get him 5 sets of forging materials.

Channeling his anger towards his task, Blake quickly changed the energy flow of the last leg, claiming the second position.


“100 points to Blake Wilson for being the second.” Professor Langston announced.


[There is no harm in trying things out and at least you got 100 points.] The system tried to cheer Blake up.


‘I am meant to have an advantage over her, I mean I have three elements, and being an astromancer gives me greater mana sensitivity and control when compared to others. Even if I wasted a few seconds trying something else I should have beaten her.’ Blake said with a serious look.


[First of all, when did you become so competitive and why do you think you are the only one special? Everyone has their secrets just like you, I mean she comes from a major family known for their lightning prowess, so what makes you think this is her first time of trying this?]







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Chapter 72