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My Space-Time System

Chapter 66: New week.

By: xImpulse


(An: Please check out the previous chapter, I completed and edited it.)


The system’s words brought him back to order and he began to read the manual.


Unknown to Blake, his flirtatious act had put the blonde receptionist’s mind in disarray.


‘What does that look, mean?’


‘Is he interested in me?’


‘Even if I am a year or two older than him, it is still within the acceptable range.’


‘After all, if I can date an adventurer that can bring in 2000 gold coins in a single hunt, who will care about the age difference.’ Thoughts that would make Blake shiver if he got to hear them, were all over Susan’s mind.


[E rank: 0 and above contribution points


D rank: 1500 and above contribution points


C rank: 50000 and above contribution points


B rank: 250000 and above contribution points


A rank: 1.5 million and above contribution points


S rank: 20 million and above contribution points.]


‘What a spike!’ Blake was shocked when he saw the sudden increase from twenty thousand to two hundred and fifty thousand contribution points.


‘What is the need for the E rank, I just got the points in one mission.’ Blake scoffed.


[The E rank commissions on the billboard are mostly delivery missions which give little contribution points, the only reason you got past so easily is that you completed the C rank commission.


From my analysis, E rank adventurers are weak or in some cases students just like you, but they are not as strong as you and would have a tough time killing a morg with their low-grade equipment and powers talk more of killing a knox.]


The system’s words made him realize how stressful it would have been if he hadn’t killed the knox, especially when he had only two free days for his personal life.


Seeing how much time he had wasted, he dropped a gold coin for Susan as a tip and left.


‘A gold coin… Oh no! Mister Langford said I should notify him when he arrives… What am I to do now? When Blake arrived, she went straight to business and kept the information for the last, but Blake’s flirtatious actions and the gold coin had thrown her mind into disarray.


‘I will just say, he declined because he was in a hurry.’ Susan began weaving lies.


“Susan you remain beautiful as always.” A familiar, but irritating voice interrupted Susan’s thought.


“What is it this time Lambert?” She retorted at the slim brown hair D Rank adventurer, who was popularly known as a playboy and depended on his family’s wealth to complete missions.


“You see, after a week of tracking and planning, my team and I killed a knox…” Lambert paused waiting to see an awed expression form on Susan’s face but all he saw was a disgusted look.


‘I am very sure his team did all the work and he hid at a corner with his tail in between his legs.’ Susan gave him a contemptuous look.


“Go tell chief appraiser Langford about the spoil, and get my contribution points ready, love…” Lambert said licking his lips and checking out Susan’s voluptuous curves.


‘Pervert!’ Susan felt disgusted, but she had to keep calm and act professionally. “I will inform chief appraiser Langford about your bounty and he will attend to you when he is free and as for the contribution points, the C rank commission had already been completed…” Susan said with a grin on her face.


“What by who?!” Lambert asked sounding frustrated.


He had planned on using the money gotten from the knox to settle the mercenaries he had hired for the mission and the contribution points would be his alone. He didn’t care about the money because even if they didn’t get the gold, he could still settle them with his family wealth, but the contribution points couldn’t be bought.


That meant he had wasted close to a week without anything to show for.


‘Curse that idiot! I will surely make him/her pay!’ Lambert couldn’t get the contribution points back but at least he could make the adventurer suffer, so far as he was in the D rank or below.


“Who completed the commission?” Lambert asked


“It was the newly promoted D rank adventurer Zero, Susan said with a smirk when she saw Lambert’s shocked face.


‘So, this is the Zero everyone has been talking about, but how can an E rank complete a C rank mission? Nevertheless, it makes my revenge easier.’ Lambert’s shock soon changed to an evil grin.



Blake who was making his way past the school’s gate sneezed all of a sudden.


“Why do I have the feeling that someone spoke about me? Maybe it was the cute receptionist.” Blake smiled before brushing it off because he was excited about the beast cores he got.


[This rarely happens but let’s pray it’s just a normal sneeze.] The system thought to itself after seeing Blake brush it off so easily.


Not wasting more time Blake proceeded to the concealed space to test the efficiency of the beast cores.


He took out a light blue crystal from his dimensional space and after taking a closer look, he was intrigued by the energy he felt within the crystal. “How are beast cores formed?” Blake asked.


[All magical beast usually starts at the regular beast rank, and because everything and everywhere has mana the more they at the flesh of other beasts and the longer they live the more mana that is stored in their body, hence the stronger they get.


When the amount of energy stored in their body gets to a certain level which varies from different beasts, their body will undergo an evolution that will refine and strengthen it (just like how you humans advance), turning them into magic beasts and forming this crystal-like core.


The same goes for the other beast ranks, but with more requirements and conditions before the advance.]


(AN: Just like the human rank that stops at the deity level (check earlier chapters for why the All-father rank can’t be counted), the beasts also have their ranks which include;


*Ancestral rank


*Emperor rank


*King rank


*Elite rank


*Magic beast rank


*beast rank.)


After the system explanation, Blake didn’t dally any longer, he began absorbing the energy within the crystal. He absorbed the energy for three straight hours before it was empty and turned to dust.


“Beast cores are mind-blowing!” Blake felt ecstatic after seeing his 6th star was half-filled. “Just a little more and it would be 10 more to go.” Normally it would have sounded depressing, but with this kind of speed, he would be done in no time.


The amount of time needed to fill up a star had reduced when compared to his preschooler days because he had gotten better control over mana which was evident in his double and triple casting.


The reason it took a week and somedays just to fill up the fourth star was that it was harder and his mana control was poor at then. Now that his mana control had increased and when coupled with the beast core his cultivation speed will skyrocket!


[You like it, huh? You should soon get used to it because when you go higher in realm, the amount of nature’s energy in the environment will be negligible, forcing you to search for larger energy sources.]


“Till then…” Blake said as he took out the second beast core and continued cultivating.



The next day, it was the end of his class free days and the beginning of a new week.


Blake and other members of the elite class were seated waiting for their homeroom teacher, professor Gibson for their basic magic class.


“Seems a lot had happened during the week, but one thing I am sure of is that no challenges occurred during the first week.” Blake thought while looking around.


[The tension is high, but not for the top three. From the way they look at those two, they seem afraid to challenge them, but from how they glare at you with killing intent, some think you don’t deserve the rank 1 title.

They feel you are being protected by them, but they are in for a surprise when they meet. That is if they can beat Luciano… Hahaha.] The system sounded like an evil maniac seen in movies who were scheming against his enemies.


“Good day class.” Professor Gibson walked out of a warp gate.


‘Why do I have to do this, most of them already know about the process, some had already completed it. Curse nobles and their politics.’ Professor Gibson cursed while maintaining a smile on his face.


“You all must have experienced a kind of resistance or simply put it a barrier when you attempt to fill up your 5th star right? Today we will handle that.” He said while looking at the students


“The process by which this barrier will be destroyed is what we call the fusion process.”







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Chapter 66