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My Space-Time System -Novel Chapter 63

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My Space-Time System

Chapter 63: Knox

By: xImpulse


In a cave not too far away.




An explosion slightly shook the cave causing rubbles to fall from the top of the cave awakening a beast that was more than 4 meters tall from its slumber.


With its bloodshot eyes, the beast made its way out of the cave in search of the impudent fool tat had awoken it.


‘Whoever you are, I shall grind your bones to dust.’ The beast thought with flames of rage burning in its eyes.



The lightning infused katana tore through the abdomen of the chief morg, but before it could even go further into its stomach, the chief morg went into a frenzy and began twisting its body uncontrollably in an attempt to squash him.


Knowing staying there any longer would get him squashed, Blake pulled out his sword and retreated.


‘Since I can’t get close let’s light him up.’ Blake said as he conjured flames in both hands.


The injury inflicted on the chief morg by the lightning infused reaper wasn’t too deep, but it managed to reduce its movement speed.


With the conjured flames in his hands, Blake launched them at the injured part of the chief morg causing it bellow.




The chief morg charged at Blake in another attempt to ram him, but before it knew what was going on, a flame burst struck it directly on its face leaving it blind for a few seconds.


Blake activated lightning reinforcer and quickly got out of the charging morg’s way while kiting it with his scorching flames.




The chief morg rammed into a tree with great speed, but before it could shake away vertigo, flames landed on its back.


‘Why don’t you die!’ Blake cursed when he saw that his flames didn’t have their desired effect on the chief morg because of its thick hide.


‘This is going to take a while.’ Seeing his flames weren’t dealing much damage, Blake knew that he had to be patient in order to wait for the perfect opportunity to strike when it arises.


After being hit by more tat six fireballs, the chief morg knew he was in danger because the barrage of flames had now gotten through its thick hide and its energy was dwindling.


At first, he had thought the human was only strong enough to kill the morgs under him, but after his blade infused with a lightning cut through its thick hide which it was very proud of, so easily, it became apprehensive of the human.


But after charging at the human for more than six times without even touching his cloth and also receiving so much damage, the chief morg was filled with dread, as it began thinking of a way to escape.


‘About time.’ Blake thought with a grin on his face as he saw fear in the eyes of the chief morg. He once again brought out Reaper from his dimensional space and infused it with the lightning element.


[Something very strong is heading this way you have to get away from here now!] The system quickly alerted when a magical beast with a magical flow entered its detection range, but it wasn’t sure of which beast it was.


‘It’s almost dead.’ from the tone of the system, Blake knew the monster would be very dangerous, but he was unwilling to leave the chief morg that was worth more than 3 morgs combined, also the beast core would be of a high grade.


‘Fine!’ Leaving the sack of gold that was at its last foot made Blake’s heart bleed, but he knew if he was alive, he would live to hunt it another day.


Blake turned his back and as he was about to take off, he saw the chief morg charging at him.


‘Son of a thousand fathers!’ Blake cursed at the chief morg who was unknowingly trying to get both of them killed.


Not knowing of the impending doom that was coming their way and seeing the human turning his back, the chief morg saw this as an opportunity to avenge its fallen, clansmen.


‘I need to quickly get out …” Blake’s thought was cut short when he felt death flying towards him at a terrifying speed!


‘of the way!’ Blake quickly activated lightning reinforcement and jumped out of the way.




Blake turned back only to see a tree with a diameter of 1.37m hurling through where he stood. By the time the chief morg saw the projectile hurling towards him, it was already late and he was unable to stop his charge nor change direction.




The chief morg’s head was smashed to bits, followed by its body.


Normally, Blake would have commented ‘that takes care of that…’, but once he had a good look at the size of the tree and the semi-meat paste the chief morg had turned to, he was stunned for a moment.




The sound of large footsteps brought him back to his senses.


‘What in the heavens is that?!’ Blake was stunned when a huge black-strip brown bear standing more than 4 meters tall, came out of the tree.


“It seems my luck isn’t that great, killing two with one tree would have been a new record, but one thing for sure is that your luck is worse for meeting me.” The black-strip brown bear said with a devilish grin on its face.


‘It can talk?!’ Blake was bewildered, but the system brought him out of his reverie.




Name: Knox


Beast Type: Bear


Rank: Elite beast.


Strengths: Immense strength


Weakness: Lacks speed


It is a full rank above the chief morg and as you have seen its strength is off the charts. You have no option of running away, so you have to stand and fight.]


‘It’s stats clearly says it lacks speed, why can’t I run?’ Blake asked when the systems report was contradicting its words.


[This is the information we got from the library and it wasn’t comparing its power level to yours.


For you to outrun it you have to be your reinforcer state, but your mana would run out before you get too far, and judging from how he located here before entering my detection range, his perception range is larger than mine. It would be only a matter of time till he caught up with you.] the system quickly analyzed the situation.


‘F*ck me!’ After hearing the system’s words Blake couldn’t help but curse at his bad luck as he tightened his grip on his sword and went into a fighting position.


When the knox saw that its prey was getting ready for a fight instead of cowering in fear, it couldn’t help but chuckle.


“An interesting one, what do you think a warrior level cub can do to an elite beast like me.” The Knox laughed as it saw Blake’s actions as futile.


Not caring about what the Knox said, Blake activated a lightning reinforcer while infusing lightning energy into his katana, before dashing towards the Knox.


“Huh?” The Knox was surprised Blake dashing towards him. The usual reaction he got from the humans that he encountered was to run away, but that was a big mistake.


If they ended up running he would surely catch up to them because of his exceptional sense of smell that made it easier for him to hunt them down, but if they decide to stand and fight they would have a better chance of survival, but the chance was less than 1%.


[Remember don’t let it hit you.]


‘Got that…’ After seeing how fast the tree had gone, Blake knew that if a direct hit struck him, he would be as good as dead.


When Blake got close to the feet of the knox, it struck at him in an attempt to turn him into a paste, but his hand only struck air.


Blake dodged the hand and appeared behind it, slashing at its tendons, but to his greatest surprise, the sword only made a shallow mark on its skin.


‘What the fuck!’ Blake was stunned by the knox defense, even when he struck the chief morg with the lightning infused Reaper, it easily went through.


[Watch out!] The system warned him.


‘Shit!’ Blake quickly shot out flame bursts from his leg propelling him backward but seeing it was not enough he placed his sword in front of him and braced for impact.




Blake flew more than 20 meters before he crashed into a tree.


*Cough* Cough*


Blake coughed as blood came out of his mouth and nostrils. He felt all his bones were broken and were about to faint, but he gathered all the energy to make a last stand.


With the support of the tree, Blake stood up and activated lightning reinforcement.


‘I must say this cub is impressive but too bad he has to die.’ the knox thought.


When the knox had struck, Blake had managed to move out only getting hit by its fingers, but the knox had thought it was enough, unbeknownst to him, the system had deployed a force field at the last moment reducing the damage he took.







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Chapter 63