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My Space-Time System

Chapter 62: Light him up.

By: xImpulse


After leaving the carriage driver who was still shedding tears of joy, Blake showed the city guards his adventurers crest, he left the city and after 30 minutes walk he arrived at the natural border formed by trees.


“Let the hunting begin…” Blake said as he walked into the forest.


He was now officially in the Mina forest which brought back the ugly memories of the last time he was here. Unlike last time he was now stronger and ready for any surprise that would be thrown at him.


“You are up…” Blake said to the system.


[Sensory mode on.


Area of detection: 100 meters.


Life form detected: Except plants, none.] The system reported.


The system’s ability to detect any form of energy (i.e. heat, kinetic, potential, and other forms of energy.) was the only reason Blake was confident enough to go to the Mina forest on his own.


From the books, he had read about hunting, magic beasts, and his personal experience, he knew how cunning the magic beasts were, and if one were to underestimate them, they would die a gruesome death.


Just like his experience with the morgs when he arrived at this world, he saw how coordinated they were and that was because they had a level of intelligence.


The only reason he had survived was that Brian’s screams had warned them and also the morgs intelligence wasn’t that high when compared to other beasts. This was why the clerk was worried and had advised him to go with a team, but little did he know that Blake had a backup plan.


If something was to get past the system’s detection, which was unlikely he still had a great perception which was way better than that of his peers and this would surely save him from any form of ambush.


He moved through the outskirts of the forest for some time without finding any magical beast, so he decided to go deeper into the forest. The pace at which he weaved through the trees as he went deeper was relatively fast and silent so as not to alert any prey.


[Two life forms detected.


From their body heat and blood circulation, they are morgs.] The system alerted Blake when the magic beast entered its range.


‘Payback time.’ Blake grinned as he began heading towards the direction.


On getting to their location, Blake concealed his smell and aura by surrounding himself with mana. He climbed a tree to have a better view of their positions and also to plan his attack.


[2 morgs detected 56 meters west.


2 morgs detected 48 meters east.


1 morg and a chief morg detected 70 meters north.] When Blake got to his targets the system immediately alerted him of the other morgs around and also the presence of a chief morg.


‘I have to make it quick and as silent as possible.’ The information he got in the library about morgs mentioned that they never hunted alone rather in swarms lead by a chief and just like the system said the others were not far away.


After making sure everything was in position, Blake brought out Reaper from his dimensional space and lunched towards the first morg while casting a spell.


It was when he was five meters, that the morg noticed his presence and turned, but it was already too late.


Blake Unsheathed Reaper and released the fire burst he was charging. Instead of shooting it at the morg, Blake launched the spell from his legs causing the explosion to propel him at a faster speed towards the morg.




Before the morg could scream or react, the lightning infused reaper sliced through its neck. Blake didn’t stop there, he immediately lunged at the second morg that was in a state of shock.




The head of the second morg dropped on the floor.


“Yuck!” Blake couldn’t help but be disgusted by the gory scene. Not wanting to waste more time in the scene of the crime, Blake placed the carcass into his dimensional space and quickly headed for the next targets.


‘Need to be quick before they notice.’ Blake wasn’t confident that he could take on all of the morgs if they banded together, so he decided it was better to take them out one by one before they regrouped.


When he got to the two in the west, Blake quickly dispatched them and went on to the next targets.


‘To think these were the creatures that made us run for my life, I am quite disappointed in myself.’ Blake shook his head as he noticed how easily he killed them.


[Don’t get cocky, the reason you are finding it easy is that you take them unawares and the grade of your weapon. If they manage to regroup with the chief, it would be a very difficult fight.] The system reprimanded him.


On getting to the last two before he went after the chief, Blake saw them dragging the carcass of two antelope-like regular beasts towards the direction the chief was at, and from the system’s report, the chief morg was coming towards their direction.


‘I have to be quick!’ Blake said as he lunged at the closest morg with the lightning infused Reaper.


He slashed at the morg aiming to decapitate its head with one strike, but at the last moment, morg managed to block with its tusk.


‘F*ck me!’ Blake cursed as he shot a flame burst at its face stunning it for a second before he moved in and chopped its head off.


[By your left!] The system shouted in alarm.


Hearing the system’s alarm, Blake immediately turned only to see the carcass of the antelope-like beast hurling at him at an incredible speed.


‘F*ck!’ Blake cursed. Knowing he couldn’t dodge the attack; Blake infused a flame burst spell into Reaper and struck at the incoming meat.


The sound of an explosion echoed throughout the area when the katana and carcass met each other




The force at which the carcass was thrown was so much that even the flame burst couldn’t completely stop it in its tracks, forcing Blake to move 8 steps back.


[The sound of the explosion was heard by the chief it is coming and fast! You have to end this quickly.] the system said with a hint of panic in its voice.


‘Let’s go.’ Blake activated the lightning element ability, reinforcer.


(AN: would have loved to use Ikuzo in place of let’s go because it sounds cool but not too sure if everyone watches anime.)


Arcs of lightning could be seen crawling around his body even in his eyes, as he dashed forward at a blinding speed chopping off its head before it could even react.


‘What to do now?’ Blake asked as the quaking sound of the charging chief was getting closer.


[Their two options; Either you take your current loot and run, you might be able to outrun or you stand and fight.]


“Stand and fight it is…” The thought of being pursued by a chief morg and a normal morg wasn’t pleasant to him, because the explosion that attracted the morgs could have also attracted another magic beast and that will make his escape harder.


If he chose to take them head-on, it would be a tough fight but he would get the spoils which were way better than running towards the unknown.


Making his decision, Blake left the carcass of the morgs as they were and climbed on a tree hoping to ambush the morgs.


Oink! Oink!


The chief morg who had darkish-purple skin and a bigger body compared to the others, rushed out of the tree, followed by a regular morg.


Immediately the chief morg ran towards the carcass of its clansmen, Blake stopped concealing his presence and activated the reinforcer ability and leaped towards the morg and decapitated it.


Turning to see what had happened behind him, the chief morg bellowed with bloodshot eyes as it saw the head of another clansman drop to the floor.




The chief morg bent its tusks while charging at Blake in an attempt to ram him. Seeing the chief morg charging at him, Blake also charged towards him.


When they were a second way from crashing into each other, Blake shot he already charged up flame burst making it explode and propelling away from the chief’s trajectory.




The chief morg forcefully applied the brakes when it saw it had failed to squish the human, but before it could turn Blake was already by its side with the reaper in his hands.


The lightning infused katana tore through the abdomen of the chief morg, but before it could even go further into its stomach, the chief morg went into a frenzy and began twisting its body uncontrollably in an attempt to squash him.


Knowing staying there any longer would get him squashed, Blake pulled out his sword and retreated.


‘Since I can’t get close let’s light him up.’ Blake said as he conjured flames in both hands







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Chapter 62