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My Space-Time System

Chapter 60: Chaotic

By: xImpulse


[This is just an estimate there is a higher probability that it would be after your classes, but there is still a chance that it might occur in the class so we have to put it into consideration.] The system said while thinking of a plan.


[You can’t miss the class neither can you stop the fusion process, so the only thing we can do is to minimize how much attention it draws. If the end of the fusion process doesn’t go as planned, I will inform you and also try to suppress the pain because you suddenly fainting is a dead giveaway.] explained the system.


“You can what?!” Hearing the system could suppress the pain that marked the end of the fusion process, Blake wanted to tear the system apart for not doing so the last time.


[Look on the bright side, if I suppressed the pain then you wouldn’t have gotten this level of resistance to pain.] The system justified itself.


“Training my pale ass…” Blake muttered under his breath, but he couldn’t deny the words of the system. If not for the monstrous pain that tortured him, he wouldn’t have been able to attend his classes with this amount of pain.


[Hahaha…] The system chuckled.


Seeing he was defeated once again by the system’s perfect points, Blake could only grumble as he went to take his bath.


“This would have been a perfect time to fill my belly, but unfortunately advance combat class is next.” Blake wept when he thought of the meals on the menu he was yet to try, but he knew it wouldn’t be a great idea to be stuffed before a fight.


[Black hole! The amount of food you consume every day is that of three people, I could swear on my pet dragon that if you don’t exercise for a week you would add triple your current weight.] The system shook its head.


The amount of food Blake consumed on a daily was shocking, the system wasn’t sure if it was because of his daily exercise routine, his magical development, gluttony, or maybe all of them.


Ignoring the systems remark, Blake left the canteen and went for a warp array that would take him to the training grounds of the castle for his advanced combat lessons.


‘I’ve been thinking, if the mana explosion that occurs at the end of the fusion process open’s up the blocked pathways, then why the second explosion?’ Blake asked the system while stepping into the warp array.


[You should be happy about it. A fusion process increases the refining ability of your stars, making one’s mana purer and unlike those who undergo only one fusion process, you undergo two. This means your mana will be purer and your pathways more open, hence your spells will be more powerful than normal.] The system explained.


Blake was so engrossed in the chat with the system that he didn’t know when he arrived at the training ground and even began to wait for the combat instructor.


“Good day kids…”


Blake was still chatting with the system when he heard a familiar voice that made his body involuntarily shudder. “Oh f*ck!” Blake cursed.


“I am Instructor Zirrack and I will be taking you all through a world of pain… Sorry, I’ll be taking you all on advanced combat.” He said with an evil grin.


“Did my ears suddenly turn bad or did he just say he would take us to a world of pain.” For a moment Blake was even doubting the boost in his perceptions he received from the space element. He was still traumatized by the hellish training he passed through under Instructor Zirrack and thought he was hallucinating.


“Those from the wind griffon dormitory already know me and with time I will get to know each and every one of you.” His words sent chills down the spine of every student present.


“During the period of the course, you will be trained to fight in different scenarios and environments, also you will be trained on how to use different weapons and surely a lot of work will be done to get you lot into shape.” Instructor Zirrack said while looking at the students with smooth skins that showed no signs of hardship.


His gaze landed on Blake’s muscular body and well-developed chest.


“Blake Wilson please tell the class about your exercise routine and how frequently you exercise.” Instructor Zirrack’s word took Blake by surprise.


‘How did fuck did he know I…’ Blake’s thoughts were cut short when he took a look at himself.


‘Holy cow!’


Before Blake was summoned to infinite realm his muscles were no longer increasing after exercising and he knew he needed weights to increase (AN: read earlier chapters to know his reason for not doing weights.), but ever since he had awakened his elements his body had undergone several changes which he wasn’t aware of.


He was now 1.84 meters in height, his muscles firmer and more defined. His figure was oozing with both confidence and charisma.


‘That explains the reason why I catch so many girls staring, this plus my good looks, I must be killing them.’


[Don’t be full of yourself.] The system rolled it’s ‘eyes’.


“I can see you are also shocked by your development.” Instructor Zirrack chuckled when he saw That everyone in the elite class including Blake was dazzled by his body.


Getting back to his senses Blake quickly answered. “700 push-ups, 700 sit-ups, 500 pull-ups, and jogging during free days.” There were still more exercises but they would sound foreign to this world so he decided to keep it simple.


“Now that’s someone ready for this course… The explanation for your increase is that once you awaken your elements your body’s capabilities and limits do increase.” Instructor Zirrack explained to the class what the system told Blake about the effects of purer mana.


“This was just an introductory class; the work will begin from the next one so, get ready. Class dismissed!” Instructor Zirrack said and he stepped into the warp gate.


‘That was short…’ Blake said as he left the training grounds under the envious gaze of the students.


“Why don’t you just challenge him and take the first place. After all his fire is useless against yours leaving him with lightning against two elements.” Vlad said trying to convince Luciano.


After getting severely punished by Vandal the patriarch of the Nystrom family and also by Hagan for shaming the family name, Vlad had made it one of his life goals to make Blake pay.


From past experiences, he knew he couldn’t beat him (for now) or so he thought, he decided to get those who can to go against Blake.


“First, he isn’t as simple as you think. Second, I am not interested in the power struggle, only if someone was to challenge me, then I would fight and lastly, stop going after him, focus on your cultivation.” Luciano said with an annoyed look that made Vlad shiver.



After returning from the training grounds, he went straight to the canteen for his appointment with food.


“Now I can justify the reason for eating so much…” Blake told the system while munching down on his food.


[…] The system could only sigh helplessly at Blake’s shamelessness.


When he was done he proceeded to the last class of the day, history. Just as he had suspected it was as boring as f*ck.


Although what they were taught was kind of fun to the other students, it was old news to Blake who had studied a lot about history from the upper floor of the library.


The boredom coupled with his full belly tempted him to fall asleep. if not for him being disciplined and strong-willed he would have traveled to the dreamland and back which would likely get him punished.


After what seemed like a hundred years to Blake, the class ended.


“Remind me not to eat much before a boring course…” Blake said as he returned to his room after an uneventful day.




Four days later, the school had turned into a battlefield.


After the first-year students had gotten used to the activities, they began challenging each other like maniacs.


During the past 4 days, many in the elite class had fallen down to the normal class, especially those who managed to enter by luck. Some in the normal class had risen, while few that had fallen from the elite class made a comeback and returned to their positions.


Everything was chaotic, except for the top twenty. Those below the 15th rank but within 20 were rarely challenged but when they were, they would trash their opponent and have their points deducted.


Although there weren’t many challenges going on yet, in the top twenty, there was still tension in the air that made all of them be on their toes because they could be challenged and dethroned at any time.


But the same couldn’t be said for the top three, Luciano had no plans of challenging Blake, and Damon seemed indifferent about the ranks.


Those below them cursed their bad luck because they were afraid of Luciano because of his strength and background as a member of the royal family and if they decided to settle for 3rd position they would meet Damon whose darkness element and performance scared them.







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Chapter 60