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My Space-Time System -Novel Chapter 6

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My Space-Time System

Chapter 6: Vision.

By: xImpulse


Inside the cave with a broken altar, Blake was on his knees and his head was tilted upwards.


His face was contracted in agony as a stream of gray light from the altar, connected to his head.


His pupils had lost their color as gray beams of light shot out from them.


He was in a trance.


In the vision, Blake saw himself floating more than three thousand meters above the ground.


C’mon! isn’t it enough for one day!… Blake freaked out when he saw how high he was.


The system quickly released a notification, informing him it was only an illusion.


Phew… He quickly calmed down when he saw the notification.


He cast his gaze to the ground, the land stretched far beyond his view.


Mountains that were more than twice the size of those seen on earth, were all scattered around. Surrounding the mountains were lush forests that housed different kinds of beasts.


He tried to identify the beasts but they were the size of ants due to the distance.


While admiring the beauty of the land, the whole place darkened.


All the beasts below him raised their heads and stared at the sky.


Although he could not see them, he felt their emotions, all of them felt the same thing.




Instinctively, he raised his head to see what could make all the beasts afraid.


It was a Comet!


A very huge comet!!


It’s overwhelming aura mad Blake gasp for air.


All around the comet were cracks that had pink lights coming out.


Before he could have a clear view of the comet, it passed through him and crashed into the ground.


Immediately it made contact with the ground, an invisible shock wave swept through the land, but it did not destroy the mountains or trees around it. It only made a humongous crater appear.


“…” Blake was stunned by this scene.


Putting the size of the comet into consideration, he expected planet-size devastation, but to his utmost surprise… nothing happened!


He quickly looked at the area around the comet.


He noticed that the ground had developed pink veins, and they were spreading at a fast pace and we’re integrating with the life forms around.


The planet was absorbing the meteorite!


At that moment, Blake was pulled out of the vision and the lit cave returned back to its dark state.


His body was still trembling from what he saw in the vision, but he no longer felt the feeling of being called by the altar.


What does the vision mean and what the f*ck is the all-fathers inheritance?… He was already getting tired of this world.


With so many questions unanswered, he had no choice but to put them at the back of his head.


I really need a hot bath, but first, let’s get out of here… He let out a sigh and went on his feet.


He turned to leave the cave, then he remembered a problem… The black morgs were still outside!


I hope the boars have given up chase… He made a series of prayers as he made his way to the entrance of the cave.


When passed the veil of water, his gaze fell on two carcasses with metallic blades stuck in their body.


They are dead!… he couldn’t believe his eyes.


His joy immediately changed to alarm when he saw this.


If something could kill the morgs, it would be able to kill a hundred of him easily.


He turned and saw a large Eagle with White and brown lustrous feathers, and in front was a man with black hair and blue eyes and at the back were both Castiel and Brian.


Prince Bryon Jumped down from the Eagle and walked towards him at a steady pace.


At first, he was afraid but he immediately calmed down since Castiel and Brian were unharmed.


Prince Bryon reached the edge of the lake, a gale lifted him and dropped him at the entrance of the cave.


Magic!… Blake was shocked.


He thought he had seen it all but, more surprises kept on popping up.


When Prince Bryon reached Blake, he scanned his body and gave him a smile.


“Lucky you.” he said and then passed Blake and went through the water veil.


Lucky me?… confusion was written all over his face, Blake tried to understand what the strange man meant.


Not too long, Prince Byron came out from the cave in hurried steps.


“Quickly! We have to leave here!” He held Blake and a gale carried them to the other side of the lake.


Immediately they landed the whole space shook.




“The inheritance you absorbed was maintaining this space, now it’s gone, it’s about to collapse.” As he was explaining the situation, the lake began overflowing its banks and the ground shook violently.


It turned out that the lake and the spring were in a loop. The lake never overflowed its bank because the water was being teleported to the top of the hill, where it would flow down again.


That explains how I could breathe under and why they were no living things in the water….


“We’re heading back” Prince Bryon informed the group.


“To where?” Blake couldn’t help but ask.


“Calton.” Chief Bryon said with an unperturbed expression.


Shortly after they got on the eagle it took flight. From the top of the spring, they could finally see the overflowing lake, the spatial veil concealing the environment had been removed.







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Chapter 6