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My Space-Time System -Novel Chapter 57

All chapters are in My Space-Time System -Novel
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My Space-Time System

Chapter 57: Downgraded magic schools

By: xImpulse


The first floor was more than the size of a village. It housed the accommodation of the entire preschoolers, different classes for both the normal and elite classes, their different specializations, and lots more


Those in the elite classes were allocated to their customized room just like principal Lovren had told them.


When Blake stepped into his room he was stunned by the amount of space it contained. The customized room had three times the space of his previous room and even the bed was a double bed.


“Why would they give a student a double bed? Unless…”


“Before I jump to a conclusion, the system does the school allow… you know?” Blake asked with a mischievous smirk.


[We are the only ones in the room so you don’t have to make signs and speak in codes.] The system pointed out. [There is nothing in the rules that is against it, so yes it is allowed.]


Blake would have grinned but when he realized he didn’t have a girlfriend and considering the fact that he wasn’t very social, he could only sigh and continue checking out his room.


At the top right corner of the room were a bookshelf and a reading desk made out of hard wood. The door on the right side of the room leads to the bathroom 2 times better than that of the dorm, but inferior to the breathtaking one at the palace


On the left side of the room was the door that leads to the area customized for his specializations. Eager to see the modifications he quickly went through the door.


The room had a length of 4.27 meters and a width of 4.87 meters. At the far end of the room was a magical furnace that ran on mana and an anvil with a hammer on it.


At the center of the room was a perfect circle of a radius of 13.5 inches. On the inside, the circle was unknown symbols which according to the system, were meant to enclose the array that was being drawn in case of any mishaps or explosion.


“The school didn’t spare any expenses.” Blake was looking at the pieces of equipment in the room like a kid that had found a new toy to play with


From the little information about forging that he got while reading random books in the library, he knew that pieces of equipment were of at least standard quality.


[You don’t even know most of their names and functions, so don’t act as if you know their worth.] The system sneered at his words.


“I may not know their uses, but one thing for sure I have an eye for the good stuff.” Hearing Blake’s self praises the system rolled its eyes.


After he was done checking out his room, Blake rested a bit before planning to explore the humongous castle.


Standing in front of his room, Blake looked down the endless corridor as thoughts of getting lost entered his mind. “How do they expect students to know the entire layout of this floor without getting lost. A tour or a map would have been nice.”


“Well the earlier I beginning exploring the better, wouldn’t want to be late for the first class tomorrow.” He sighed.


[Why do you want to explore when you have a map?] The system asked with a puzzled tone.


“A map? Where?” Blake was shocked.


[How did you not see it on the bookshelf?]


He went into his room and went straight to the bookshelf where he saw a brown thick cover book with the title ‘Calton Magic School.’


“Didn’t see that here.” Blake scratched his head and smiled sheepishly.


“Well, this will save me a lot of time and energy.” With the help of the book, Blake wouldn’t have to stress himself by walking around the entire first floor.


[Just flip to the section containing the map, I already know about the rules and regulations.]


“You’ve never read the book before so how do you know about the rules and regulations.” Being a wisp of the All-Father’s consciousness it was meant to know a lot of things, but for the fact that it knew so many little details about the school made many questions to arise.


[Because I designed the school’s and their systems… Well the full me.] Blake was stunned by the system’s revelation.


“Wow! I thought as the All-Father you won’t be involved in matters of the races.”


[You are correct but this was done before I became the All-Father.] The system replied.


“…” The system dropped another bombshell that forced Blake to take a sit.


Seeing that Blake was confused the system decided to explain.


[Not everyone knows this but as my host, you should know.


The role of the All-Father changes when the present All-Father dies, also the one to take over the position of the All-Father is chosen by the will of the Mother-stream and that means it can be from any race.]


The system’s words were meant to clarify his confusion, rather it further confused him.


“Being the All-Father means being the strongest and that means no one can beat him, so what do mean by the All-Father dying? Isn’t he meant to be immortal?”


[No one is immortal that includes both God’s and the All-Father, except for the mother-stream everything has an end. The reason why they are thought to be immortal is that have an elongated lifespan because of cultivation.


Compared to that of God’s, the lifespan of the All-Father is way greater, and this is because of the will of the mother-stream.]


It took Blake some time for him to digest the load of information the system just gave him before he signaled it to continue.


[So back to the school. Before I became the All-Father, that was long before the Azeroth war and these current empires. I was the strongest human and then leader of the entire human race, I devised and invented many things that helped the human race rise in power, and the magic school’s and castles were part of them.


But from what I can see from this map, this is not my design, rather a very downgraded version.] At the ending of the explanation, the system’s tone changed to a pondering one.


[I am not even sure of how much time has passed since the Azeroth war, but I have a few guesses why this castle is so downgraded.


The most plausible explanation is that the empire can’t afford it. Putting a civilization’s cycle into Consideration, the infinite realm is in the low cycle which means resources aren’t that compared to its peak, hence downgraded facilities.] The system explained with a hint of sadness in its voice.


“Is the low cycle a bad thing?” Blake noticed his sadness, so he tried to know the problem.


[Not really. The most dangerous part of a planet’s cycle is the lowest part, if some factors are not put in place the planet might be destroyed because it is much more vulnerable at this point.]


“So how do we save it?” The words of the system made him have an idea of his ‘purpose’.


[By getting strong… With your strength you won’t be able to change or save anything.]


A flame of determination was lit in his eyes. Finally, he had gotten an idea about his mission.


“Just wait for me mom!”



After taking his bath and using the system’s map to navigate his way to the canteen, Blake returned to his room and began the fusion process for the space element.


The system mentioned that the early part of their stay in the main school will be an all-out war to displace those at the top. The fusion process will make him feel constant pain and also weak him, but this was the perfect time to start the process.


The only person that can beat him was Luciano, but because everyone was still new and will try to know how things were done it would take a few days before they would begin challenging each other like maniacs, giving him time to complete the fusion process.


Also from his interactions with Luciano he had been able to understand his nature. It seemed he didn’t care much about his ranking as long as it was not low and with Luciano’s level of smart’s Blake was sure he would be apprehensive of him and won’t challenge him without proper preparation.



Authors note:


Hey guys, about the change in title and cover art. I filled the form some days ago, but still don’t know why it is taking so long.


The title I to be done by webnovel and the cover art is to be done yours truly, so immediately it is changed I’ll handle it.


Also, I would like to know what you guys think about the book so far and it will be much appreciated if you tell me what I am doing so that I can improve.







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Chapter 57