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My Space-Time System

Chapter 55: Briefing.

By: xImpulse


“Which specializations do you recommend for me?” Having little knowledge about specializations Blake thought it was best for him to get the system’s opinion before making a decision.


[I recommend forging because your fire and lightning element will play an important role and also you would learn how to craft items that would aid when you go hunting for magic beasts.]


“And also, dimensional amulets.” Blake chimed in. Ever since he saw Bryon bring out Reaper from his dimensional amulet his interest had piqued and although he had one, he still wanted to know the mystery behind it.


[Yes, and don’t interrupt. For a forger to be able to make a dimensional amulet, they must possess sufficient knowledge about arrays and the same goes for any good forger. The reason why I recommend knowledge of arrays over alchemy is that it complements forging and it doesn’t need mastery of any element.]


The system recommendations were based on the specialization’s usefulness and his elements, after cross-checking the rest on the list and not seeing any better, he decided to go with the system’s recommendations.


After giving the students some time to take a look at the principal Lovren spoke up. “As you were told, those in the elite class would receive greater benefits than those in the normal classes.


These benefits include; receiving advance lessons, their customized rooms as mentioned earlier, they would be given more opportunities to get points when they are sent out on missions and more resources.”


“A number of resources would be given to everyone, but the quantity will be determined by the student’s ranks. Both the elite and normal classes have ranks of their own, and they will be determined by each students’ points and efforts…”


Principal Lovren’s words caused a lot of murmuring, in turn, it caused the hall to be noisy. Blake couldn’t help but notice how those in the elite class were being glared at, and he got most of them because he was the top student.


‘Well, this would be troublesome.’ Blake couldn’t help but worry about the consequences of the principal’s decision.


Although he knew the decision was made in other to boost competition, Blake knew many a time this would result in an unhealthy competition which could lead desperate students into sabotaging their fellow students.


“Ahem…” hearing principal Lovren clear his throat, the hall became quiet and the feeling of being glared at vanished.


“Before I was interrupted, points can be gotten in many ways; they can grant by your professors based on your performance in your classes and when you defeat both those greater and lower in rank.


To explain the last part, those lower in rank can challenge those above them and not vice versa, if you get beaten by the student higher in rank, they would receive points compensating them for their time wasted and the would points be taken from yours.


This is to prevent those who are overambitious from trying something stupid, but if you manage to defeat the high ranker, you will take his position, and he would take yours. Also, the points you receive would be greater.” When principal Lovren mentioned this part, the entire hall burst out with killing intent.


‘Jeez!’ Blake was unfazed by the killing intent released, but from what was going on his prediction would soon come to pass.


Their actions didn’t go unnoticed by principal Lovren as he reprimanded them. “The purpose of this system is to instill the spirit of competition into each and every one of you, so as to prevent anyone from slacking, but if I get any reports that someone tried to or succeeded in sabotaging his/her fellow student they would be punished severely and may get expelled depending on the magnitude of the sabotage.”


The atmosphere in the hall began settling once they heard Principal Lovren’s warning.


“Your ranking had already been determined by your performance in the awakening test and that means number 1 is Blake Wilson, 2 Luciano Synder, and 3 Damon Wayne, the rest can go check out theirs.


The number of students in the elite class totals 63, that means the ranking for the normal class begins at 64.” Principal Lovren said in a flat tone nothing caring about the murmurs.


‘He didn’t care to even mention our numbers.’ Those in the normal class inwardly cursed at the principal for making them look inferior, but none of them dared to speak out.


“Now for those that already have plans for challenging the number 1 that won’t be possible. You can only challenge those 20 ranks above you, but that doesn’t apply to the top 10 rankers.


For you to challenge them you have to be in nothing below rank 15 and for those in top 10, no one can challenge rank one without beating the 2nd position.”


“Curse you.”


With his heightened senses, Blake could hear students around him were cursing at the principal for foiling their plans. When he saw this, he couldn’t help but laugh at their wishful thoughts.


One thing they didn’t understand was that each and every one of those in the elite class, weren’t there because they could just cast a spell, but because of their techniques, mastery over their element, and talent.


If just anyone got into a fight with the students of the elite class, they would be used to wipe the floor.


‘Well that takes a lot of pressure off me, wouldn’t want to be drowned by challenges.’ Blake heaved a sigh of relief.


“Finally, on this point, each student has a number of challenges he/she can give out or receive and that is 5.


I would like to advise those at the top of the ranks especially those in the elite class not to slack because your position can be taken away from you.”


“Lastly, I would be talking about the assessment that would be given to those in the elite class and the trimester exams.


In the Calton magic school, we don’t train magicians that know only theories of magic and nothing about the practical aspect. That is why you would be given assessments that train you to adapt to any situation that one may find him/herself in and that also means points will be awarded to those that perform well.


As for the trimester exams, it would be as unpredictable as always, so please prepare for any situation, because points gotten from the exams would make a large impact on your final scores.


The Calton magic school is not a place meant for lazy students, so work hard because if you don’t get enough points from the class activities, assessments, and exams, you won’t be given the opportunity to repeat the year rather you will be expelled.”


“What!” Exclamations could be heard from all around the hall but before they could protest principal Lovren dismissed them.


“See you all in the main school. Dismissed!” Principal Lovren vanished from the hall.


“From what he said about switching points when a high-ranking student was defeated by someone lower, doesn’t that mean all the points one gets from their class activities and assessment would be gone just like that.” After thinking over what principle Lovren said he was shocked.


[It is that bad as you think. This is a way to prevent people from slacking and also after the first two weeks when challenges would be rampant, the true ranking will come to the limelight and after that, their would-be relative peace for some time.


You don’t have to worry much because the only person that can be of a threat to you is the Synder guy.]


“Isn’t that bad?” Blake couldn’t help but be apprehensive about Luciano’s flames.


[Not at all. It will be a tough match, but if you go all out you would surely win the match and since he is strong it would be difficult for anyone to get to you by defeating him.]


“Hmm… Never thought of it in that way.” Blake said as he stood up and decided to head back.


‘Isn’t that Camilla? What did I do to anger her?’ When their eyes met Blake noticed that she frowned a little bit and was wondering what wrong he had done.


Being confused about what was happening, Blake decided to approach her.


“Hey, beautiful!” Blake’s words attracted the attention of people nearby, which consisted of both people who were secretly crushing on Camilla and those who hated his guts.


There was a lot of hate in the air, but when he saw her gorgeous brown eyes, he quickly forgot about them.


“That’s my line…” Camilla said with her cheek turning bright.


“So why the long face?”


“Nothing just wanted to get your attention.” While holding his hand and leaving the hall which had suddenly turned silent.


“…” He was stunned by the answer, but soon notice that there was something wrong with the hall.


‘Oh, f*ck.’ Blake couldn’t help but curse because almost everyone was looking at them. It would have been nice if it was a normal time but her action of holding his hand was like adding salt to his wounds.


He was in a rough situation, he received lots of hate for being the number 1 and getting her a lot of her attention, but now her, holding his hands was adding gasoline to the fire.







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Chapter 55