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My Space-Time System

Chapter 54: You monster!

By: xImpulse


“Uhh…” Still feeling a little bit sore and his vision a bit blurry, Blake tried to remember what caused him to lose consciousness.


“If I knew it would be like this, I would have waited for the school’s version… I can only thank the heavens that it’s all over.” Blake heaved a sigh of relief.


[Don’t move too much the healing process is going on.] The system warned when it noticed that Blake was trying to get up.


“Process?” Blake’s body involuntarily shuddered.


For the past 2 days, Blake had gone through hell and back, he had become scarred by a devilish process that the system didn’t explain in full details.


[Relax, it won’t cause any harm to you. Because of the energy explosion that occurred, the blockages in the pathways were obliterated with brute force causing some damages to your body, but because your body’s refining abilities have greatly increased, the purer mana coursing through your pathways are healing those damages.


“Mana heals?” Blake was stunned by the system’s revelation.


[Yes dummy, how do you think you get healed after getting injured?]


“Don’t know, I thought it came with having the space element…” Blake muttered


[You guess is right but not fully, If you noticed the rate at which your body heals is greater than those without the space element.


It is because of your mana and the passive ability of your inheritance that takes your body back to when you were in your peak, but this is the effect of the time authority in the inheritance, others who awaken the space element won’t have it.]


“Uhh… How long have I slept?” He looked around and found out it was very early in the morning.


[14 hours…]


“What! 14 hours! I have to get back to the dorm.” Although he was still feeling a little bit groggy, he attempted to get on his feet, but he fell back due to the pain that paralyzed his body.


“F*ck!” Blake gritted his teeth and cursed.


[Hold your horses, what do you think the school staff will say when they see a student entering the dormitory so early in the morning, also your body is not in the perfect condition to head back.]


The system’s word made him realized how much of a problem it would be if he decided to head back.




His stomach growled, but having nothing to eat he could only grit his teeth and endure the pain, after all, he had gone through worse in the past days, so what was a stomach ache to him.


[Oh… I forgot to mention that an announcement requesting all students to report to the auditorium for a brief was made while you were unconscious.]


“Perfect way to start a day,” Blake said sarcastically.


It just dawned on him that he only had two days before he resumed school and he hasn’t gotten any chance to rest.



After a few hours, Blake had recovered enough strength for him to return to the dormitory, going straight for the canteen.


Everyone that saw him tried to keep their distance, because his eyes were like those of a hungry ferocious magic beast, just waiting to devour anything that moved.


He noticed their reaction but couldn’t care one bit about them, all he wanted was to put something in his stomach and humans were not on the menu.


After getting his food Blake quickly found a seat before munching down the food. It was when he ordered the fourth plate that the system spoke up.


[Remember when you told me to warn you not to try this again?]


“Don’t remember saying that.” Blake blatantly denied it.


[I knew something like this would happen.] The system played the memory of when he said it.


“Remind me not to try this again.” The system played the memory of the night he overfed.


Seeing he could no longer deny the allegation after video evidence was shown, Blake resulted in the cheap excuse that the food had already been ordered.


[So predictable. You can store it in the dimensional space so that will could have it later.]


“I like my food hot.” Blake was hell-bent on eating the chicken pot pie in front of him.


[Dimensional space is outside the time stream, so nothing gets old when placed there.] Knowing how shameless Blake could be, the system kept on spitting facts that countered all his excuses.


“Smartass!” Blake cursed at the system after seeing he wasn’t winning the argument.


[Hmm… Dumbass!] The system retorted.


After making sure no one was looking Blake placed the food into the dimensional space, before heading to his room for a nice hot bath.



Laying in the bathtub filled with water, Blake was using his fire magic to heat the water to the right temperature that was soothing to his nerves.


“Only if I could take a nap in here.” Blake sighed as he unwillingly got out of the tube and began preparing for the briefing.


Although he had gotten energy from the meal and the short rest he had while in the bathtub, his eyes were dull and he was mentally drained, he really needed to take a nap that was not caused my fainting.


“Let’s just hope there wouldn’t be any long, boring speech or I would fall asleep.”


When he arrived, everyone was seated and principle Lovren was about to begin, so he quickly took a random seat.


“Good day everyone, before we begin, I would like to congratulate you all for coming this far, but just like His royal highness Prince Bryon said ‘This is just the start of the journey’, so keep working hard and congratulations once again.”


After waiting for the applauds to seize. “The reason why you all have been gathered here is to be briefed about the main school.


Firstly, you all are aware that you shall be moved to the castle where new rooms will be allocated to you. For those in the normal class, you all shall be allocated to normal rooms, while those in the elite class would be allocated to customized rooms.


The customized rooms would be based on the specializations chosen by the student and that requires you to pick your specializations by tomorrow. That brings me to the second point.”


As principal Lovren spoke, a list containing all the compulsory and specialization courses appeared in front of them.


“The list before you contains compulsory courses as well as specializations which you are required to pick not less than two. You are free to pick more than that but two is the recommended number.”


Blake took a look at the specializations. Among the long list of specializations, only 5 courses caught his attention and they were;








*Beast taming


*Array masters


“I thought only those from the light and water pathway can become healers, is this here?” Blake had read a few books about healing books in the library, but they never mentioned anything about elements outside water and light being able to heal injuries.


[Not really, when one goes higher in level, they would be able to heal injuries no matter the element, but the only downside is that they won’t be as proficient and effective as water or light.]


Blake was stunned by the revelation, he found it hard imagining placing fire on an injury and it would start recovering. It defied all the laws of physics.


[Well, magic defies the laws of physics.] Blake nodded in agreement.


[From observation this is a general list contain all the courses not regarding one’s element. So, you are expected to pick one related to your elements.]


“That means healing is scratched and also beast taming since there isn’t much need for it, but I would really have liked to know how it feels talking to a beast.”


[You don’t have to worry I can teach you that… Do you know I once had a pet dragon?] The system said in a smug voice.


“I thought the dragon race is a race of prideful reptiles who are innately more powerful than humans, so how did you do it?” Blake asked with a hint of disbelief in his tone.


[They would be mad if they heard someone calling them reptiles and don’t you underestimate me, I am the All-Father after all.


Long story short, I killed its parents and took their dragon egg. When it hatched it took me as its father.]


“Dragons become sentient and wise when they mature, so how did you explain its missing parents.”


[Simple, I told him its parents died when they were ambushed by an enemy. When I arrived they were dead and after killing their murderer I saw the egg and decided to take him in.]


“You monster!” Blake almost screamed out but managed to hold it in.


[You didn’t hear the full story and your judging…] The system said in defense.


“Alright tell me the full story.”


[Nope I can’t, it contains information that you are not meant to know at your current power level.]


“Then why bring up the story if you won’t complete it?”


[Didn’t expect you to ask so many questions.] The system replied.


With the conversation ending in an awkward manner, Blake’s attention returned to the list.







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Chapter 54