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My Space-Time System

Chapter 52: Fusion of stars.

By: xImpulse


Throughout the week Blake had been working his ass off, he went from cultivating to practicing his weapon techniques and combat skills coupled with the Raiju breathing technique. His hands were literally full


Although his cultivation speed had reduced drastically it was for a good reason. According to the system, after filling up the first 4 stars connected to him in a diamond shape, for him to advance to the next level he would have to fill up 12 more stars, and realizing he had three elements it meant 36 stars!


When he heard the news from the system he began thinking if he should just quit because it took a lot of time for him to complete just 4 and he was sure that the more stars he filled the more difficult it would be.


At first, the system was disappointed by his thoughts of giving up, but he put into consideration that Blake was from a planet that was disconnected from the mana supply of the mother-stream and cut him some slack.


To raise his spirits again, the system informed him of a way to increase his cultivation speed, and that was by hunting magical beasts and collecting their cores.


The core of a magical beast contained pure energy, but the amount that could be found in one was dependent on the level of the beast.


Unlike, the normal process of gathering energy in the environment before absorbing it, the energy was already gathered in the beast core just waiting for it to be absorbed.


Blake loved the plan because his cultivation speed will greatly increase and also, he would be able to get some money when he sold the body parts of the beasts, but this plan could only commence when he entered the main school.


The school didn’t allow preschoolers to leave the premises, but those from the main school were allowed because they had to get funds, herbs, purchase materials, and so on for research purposes. So, he could only bide his time.


But that didn’t mean he would be idle, because beast cores could boost his cultivation speed didn’t mean the concealed space had outlived its usefulness.


Rather it could still help him when he ran out of beast cores and also this was still his hideout where he could try out many things without being disturbed.


But he faced a major problem while cultivating. Every time he tried to absorb energy to fill the 5th start he felt a kind of wall blocking the energy, he tried multiple times but the wall wouldn’t budge


Luckily for him, he had the system to help him.


[As you already know the stars can be described as mana storage units and a refining engine, that is why you have stars for different elements to help refine and gathered energy before casting a spell. Normally, they are taken as two separate things, they are not wrong, but when it comes to cultivation that approach is wrong.


If one employs this approach, it would take a long time before they begin to fill up the 5 stars. Now I am going to teach you how to break past this bottleneck, but you have to make sure no one knows you have such knowledge.]


After Blake nodded in confirmation it continued.


[When infinite realm was in its prime and many masters still roamed the land, this technique was common and was learned by all, but since the power level of infinite realm began falling, the technique was no longer taught to all.


It was deprived of the commoners by the nobles in order to maintain their authority and power over them.


Now, It is only nobles and descendants of great magicians that would know of this technique, so be careful not to spill the beans or you might be in danger.] Blake couldn’t help but gulp when he heard the system’s warning.


[The technique teaches the user how to fuse their stars to become one and once they are fused the user wouldn’t need to fill up 24 stars or 36 in your case, rather they will all act as one entity.


Now the reason for the bottleneck you are experiencing is that you are about to fill stars of higher quality, so you need mana of higher quality to penetrate those veins.


When you fuse both sets of stars in your case 2, an explosive reaction will occur which will increase the abilities of the stars to refine mana, thereby increasing the quality and also opening the block pathways holding you back.


When the fusion is complete, absorbed mana can now flow freely into these pathways slowly filling up the new set of stars.]


Blake smiled as he listened to the system’s explanation, not only did he understand the theory behind it, but also the horror of filling 36 stars was taken off his mind.


[My advice is to fuse both the fire and lightning element because these are the elements people know you possess. Then when you get into the school you can then fuse the space element with the rest.]

“If this technique is not known by all, how are the commoners and lesser nobles going to break the barrier?” Blake was a bit curious because he knew from the system’s explanation that the technique was complex and couldn’t be stumbled upon that easily.


[They would be thought a similar technique in the main school, but it would be of lower effectiveness. Call it more of a hunch rather than a technique.]


After all his questions were answered Blake began the fusion process, because he feared messing things up, he followed the system’s instructions right to the last command.


With so many things he had to do; Blake was now wishing a day had more than 24 hrs.


He still kept in mind that he had to pass Bryon’s message to both Bryon and Castiel, just this thought alone overwhelmed him. If not for the fact it was an important information he would have ignored Bryon’s request and continued with his new routine.







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Chapter 52