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My Space-Time System -Novel Chapter 51

All chapters are in My Space-Time System -Novel
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My Space-Time System

Chapter 51: Dimensional space

By: xImpulse


When mana was injected into the katana, the blade, as well as the markings, slightly dimmed, he felt an almost transparent aura that gave out a deathly feeling enveloped the blade.


As he swung the katana Blake noticed that for a second the blade had disappeared from his sight before appearing when he stopped.


“What the f*ck just happened?” Blake was bewildered.


[That was the effect of the space element. The gathered space energy around the katana bends the rays of light that fall on it, thereby turning it invisible.]


“So the effect is a kind of illusion?”


Hearing Blake’s unenthusiastic tone the system added. [That is not all, the katana also gains more cutting power even greater than that of the lightning element.


If refined space energy was injected into it, the sharpness of the blade will enable it to cut through the fabric of space in minute quantities, making its attacks unblockable.]


“That means I have to advance in realms to be able to cut through space?” Blake’s asked excitedly as the thought of gain an overwhelming power thrilled him.


[But that comes with a problem, not all weapons are able to contain such power and that includes this one.


All weapons below the epic grade will crumble and turn to dust when highly refined energy is poured into them. Even epic grade weapons would receive little damages that would accumulate over time before they become unusable.


It is only legendary and mythic weapons that can contain such power without side effects.]


The system’s bad news was not much bad news to him, because he could get one in the future.


[…] The system wanted to explain to him how rare a legendary weapon was, but it decided not to burst his bubble.


“The combat lessons given to us are too basic and general; it isn’t of much help when it comes to using a katana. That means I need to make a trip to the library for a weapon mastery book.” Blake sighed as his to-do list kept piling up.



“This is odd? All the books I have read so far didn’t mention a single about the effects of space and darkness element on weapons.”


When Blake got to the library, he decided to get more info before he began searching for a book on how to fight with a katana in the combat section, but after searching for more than an hour he still couldn’t get his hands on any useful information about the topic.


[The effects of different elements on weapons are known by most, but not that of rare elements like space and darkness.


Even if they managed to find someone in space and darkness pathway, they wouldn’t be willing to show the effects to outsiders, because no one would like to put their trump cards on display for the whole world to see.


Even those that have faced them and managed to survive, as well as major powerhouses, will keep a tight lid on this information. That is why you haven’t seen anything about them even in the library.]


“Why…” Before he could talk the system interrupted him.


[Now before you begin ranting, I didn’t tell you about this because I believed if you were lucky enough you would have found something especially on this floor, but it seems you have rotten luck.]


The system had given not only one but two punch lines that hit his sore spots. He wanted to retaliate by dropping his but what came out of his mouth was. “Who said I was about to rant?”


[I believe you.] The system said sarcastically.


Blake muffled ineligible words under his breath and decided to end the topic as he couldn’t find a better comeback line.


After finding a few books on weapon mastery and so on, he borrowed and then returned to his room.


His plan was to grab his katana and head over to the concealed space so that he could practice the techniques mentioned in the book, but that was when he discovered a problem.


“If people were to see a boy heading into the woods with a sword wouldn’t that be suspicious?” Blake began thinking of a way to hide the sword.


[I can help you with that.] The systems quickly brought him out of his thoughts.




[I am a wisp of the All-Father’s consciousness doesn’t that tell you I have a dimensional space?] The katana disappeared and reappeared again.


The system’s little magic trick reminded him of what happened when he received the sword. “Isn’t that what Prince Bryon did?”


[It’s called a dimensional space.] the system corrected.


“I had this all along and you didn’t bother to tell?” Finally, the opportunity he had been waiting for had arrived. It was time to get back at the system.


Blake couldn’t believe that the system had perfect excuses for all situations.


[Firstly, you didn’t ask. Second, you had no use for it until now.] The system chuckled at Blake’s ‘What the f*ck now?’ look.


“As my system aren’t you obliged to update me on your new features and abilities?” Blake was trying to stage a comeback.




The system’s answer shattered his remaining will to fight. Without uttering another word, Blake put the katana into the dimensional space and left for the concealed space.



In the concealed space, after practicing the sword techniques described in the books for two hours straight, Blake decided to take a break and catch his breath before he continued.


“If we are moving to the main school, doesn’t that mean we will have to leave the concealed space?” Blake soon realized there was a big problem.

[Not really, normally most schools do have a quick way for students to move around the environment and that is achieved by the use of warp gates.


Haven’t you noticed that you haven’t met anyone from the main school except for those in the library?


It because they have no reason to come in contact with the preschoolers. The only reason you managed to come in contact with them is because of the crest that granted you access to the upper levels of the library.]


“Yea, that makes sense.” Blake agreed with the system.


“I can’t afford to lose such a treasure…” Blake said as he looked at the ancient tree at the center of the concealed space.







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Chapter 51