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My Space-Time System

Chapter 50: Reaper

By: xImpulse


After he was done with his meal Blake returned to his room with his hands on his a filled belly.


“That was great, but please remind me to not try this next time…” Blake said with his hands on his bulging stomach.


[I warned you about the consequences when you were gulping down plate after plates like a bottomless hole, but you didn’t listen. Now tell me why I should?] The system shrugged.


“Don’t blame it on me, blame it on the hunger. With everything I passed through today, my whole body was devoid of energy so I had to replenish it.” Blake defended himself.


[You say replenish?! The 3rd plate was more than enough but someone decided to go ahead and eat the 7th plate!] The system barked at him.


“The glazed chicken and the Potato-Topped Casserole were breathtaking, they were calling to me, it was not my fault that they were too good I couldn’t resist…” Blake muttered under his breath.


[Harrumph!] The system shrugged at its host’s gluttony.


Although Blake had gone through a lot, from the battle to Hagan’s ‘punishment and to Bryon’s actions that caused him trauma it couldn’t justify his actions, but he decided not to stress it.


Feeling heavy Blake decided to rest a little on his bed before he checked out his new weapon, but soon his sitting position soon changed to a lying position, and immediately his head came in contact with his pillow he was transported to the dreamland.


Having slept all through the night like a newborn baby, Blake woke up refreshed ready to start his day.


The school had given the students that passed the awakening test, a week to recover and organize themselves before they were moved to the dorms in the main school.


Blake had a lot of plans for the week, he still had to spend some time with both Brian and Castiel.


Although they were not that close, those two were the closest thing to the family since they were from the same planet. Also, since they were in the same situation it was better, they teamed up and faced whatever came their way.


After performing his routine exercises, he got ready and headed out for a jog.


“Please I don’t want to get expelled!” Because every room was were enchanted with soundproof spells that prevent any form of sound get in or out, Blake was not aware of the commotion that was going on in the hallway.


He saw staffs escorting some of the students out of the dormitory, while the stubborn and desperate ones were being dragged out. Even one of them had tried to hold on to his leg, but he dodged it at the nick of time.



After he returned from jogging, he couldn’t wait one more second, he quickly got his hands on his prize. Because he was bewildered by how Prince Bryon made the sword appear out of thin air, he hadn’t taken his time to admire the beauty of the masterpiece.


The Katana had a jet black sheathe that was made out of high-quality hide, its hilt was crimson red and had gold inlaid on it.


When he unsheathed it, he could feel the sharpness of the blade by merely looking at it. All over the blade were unknown markings that gave the katana an eerie.


Blake activated the systems scan ability on the blade.


[Name: None


Quality: High


Weapon Type: Katana


Ability: Morph (The sword allows the user to inject mana of any element into the sword in other to increase its fighting capabilities.)


Owner: None]


Blake couldn’t fully understand both the ability and grade of the katana, but one thing he knew was that it was of high-quality.


“How good is it?” Blake wanted the system’s opinion on the matter.


[How good? It of it that You just struck gold.] The excited tone of the system took him by surprise.


[This is the ranking of weapons:


Mythic grade


Legendary grade


Epic grade


High grade


Middle grade


Low grade


Common grade.


From normal to middle-grade weapons do not possess special abilities like yours, the highest which they can do is to get sharper when mana is injected into them. But from the high-grade weapons to mythic grade weapons all possess different abilities that make each of them unique.


As for you, it is a top tier weapon even among other high-grade weapons. High-grade weapons usually possess one ability related to a particular element, but yours is able to use both elements.


All you have just need to do is inject the energy particles of an element into the katana and the ability activates, but first, inject you and leave your imprint on the katana and give it a name.]


“Hmm… Let’s see, I will call it reaper.” Blake did as he was told and injected his mana and the system notification popped up.


[Name: Reaper


Quality: High


Weapon Type: Katana


Ability: Morph (The sword allows the user to inject mana of any element into the sword in other to increase its fighting capabilities.)


Owner: Blake Wilson.]


Blake swung the blade a few times in the air and before channeling fire particles into it.


The markings on the began glowing hot red before flames were ignited all around the blades. With a few swings, he felt the katana possessed more firepower.


He stopped channeling fire particles and began injecting that of the lightning element.


Zzzzg Zzzzg Zzzzg Zzzzg Zzzzg


The red color of the katana changed to white light and the sound of surging electricity echoed in the room.


Unlike the fire element that felt more destructive, the lightning element made the blade lighter and sharper, he felt it could cut anything it came in contact with or so he thought.


“Niceee!” Blake was truly impressed by the different effects of the sword, but the was when a crazy thought entered his head.


“I wonder what the effect of the space element would be.” Not wasting time, he channeling space particles into the sword.







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Chapter 50