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My Space-Time System -Novel Chapter 5

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My Space-Time System

Chapter 5: All-Father’s Inheritance

By: xImpulse


On the other side of the forest…


Compared to Blake, Castiel and Brian had an easier time getting away from the chief morg. They were able to use the trees to block or dodge the chief morg’s ferocious attack at the nick of time.


The chief morg was getting pissed by how humans were evading its attacks.


Any time it attempted to ram the humans into oblivion, They would use a tree as cover causing it to hit a tree and lose its momentum, thus creating a gap between them.


Clearly, they were in a better position, it was all thanks to Blake drawing the attention of the black morgs, but they still had a big problem.


They were running out of energy!


Although they were tired and were running out of breath, they had no thoughts of being food for the chief morg, so they kept on pushing forward.


A pathway appeared in their sights and it gave them a little bit of hope, but it didn’t mean they were safe.


I hope people are nearby… already at his wit’s end, Castiel prayed for divine intervention.


Suddenly their shadows were projected forward by a golden light that came from behind.


They immediately turned their heads and saw a very young man with a katana made of dazzling golden flames 200 hundred meters above the ground.


When the chief morg sensed danger, it turned and tried to escape, but it was too late.




The chief morg screamed in pain, as the golden flame sword slash through its tough skin, cutting it into halves




The smell of charred meat wafted into their noses.


They were disgusted by the blood and organs spurting out, but at the same time awed by the man’s strength.


With the flame sword in his hand, the young man turned to their direction and walked towards them.


He had profound dark-blue eyes, black hair, and wore a black cloak that had golden patterns inlaid all over it.


At the center of the cloak was a large golden crest depicting two flaming crossed swords, that covered the front side of the cloth.


On his tight black pants was a sliver pants-chain with mysterious symbols on it. it gave off an eerie feeling.


“Your safe now. I am Bryon” the young said with a smile.


Two soldiers in the same outfit as Bryon landed beside him and bowed.


Their uniforms didn’t have patterns like that of Bryon, only a small two flaming crossed swords crest on the left side of their chest.


They were clearly lower in rank.


“Prince Bryon! The areas affected by space magic fluctuations have been dealt with” they still maintained their positions as they awaited the prince’s response.


“Get ready to head back” he turned and gave the soldiers an order.


“Yes sir!” they answered.


“Our friend is in danger; he was being chased by two of those things. Sir can you help us find our friend” Brian asked with a scared voice.


Although he was afraid of the prince, Blake had “saved” his life back in the arena, it would be wrong for him not to do the same.


Bryon was in deep thought when he muttered “morgs…”


Brian and Castiel looked at the prince with puzzled expressions.


“Oh! That’s what they are called…” he snapped out of his thoughts when he saw the teens looking at him.


The soldiers behind him did not react to it, it seemed they were used to it.


“If your friend is being chased by two morgs, it will be a miracle if he is still alive, considering his cultivation level” He paused, then continued.


“But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try saving him” he turned and smiled.


He placed his finger on his lips and whistled


The hopes and expectations on the faces of Castiel and Brian were replaced by awe and shock.


A white and brown feathered eagle, that was more than 5 meters tall, descend from the sky and landed in front of them.


On its head was a golden, diamond-shaped mark, its feathers had a certain kind of luster, it gave off a sharp and deadly aura.


It spread its wing for them to get on.


“Get on” Prince Bryon’s words snapped them out of the shock


The magical beast spread its wing and flapped, lifting them above the ground and zoomed off




In the mystical lake.


Blake was still feeling dizzy from the impact. When he recovered a little bit, he realized there was something wrong about the lake.


He could breathe!


What’s going on here?… He almost panicked when he realized this, but he quickly calmed down.


He felt something calling him, and it was coming from the waterfall. He cautiously swam to the water veil.


When he swarm pass the veil, he saw rocks hanging on the top of the cave with water dripping from them.


The cave had poor lighting; the only source of light came from a hole at the top of the cave. The light shone directly on a broken altar with mysterious symbols on it.


Step by step he made his way into the cave that had an eerie feeling.


All around the cave were broken rocks and puddles of water that came from the top of the cave.


Most parts of the cave had been covered by moss, and on the walls of the cave were partially damaged murals of people bowing in the direction of the broken altar.


Around the Broken altar, were broken statues of two battle angels dressed in heavy armors, and on their backs were three pairs of wings.


As he drew closer to the broken altar, the calling grew stronger.


It was the altar that was calling him!


[System has discovered a high energy source…




[Congratulations!! Host has found The All-Father’s Inheritance!!]


[Proceed to inherit ‘His’ blessings]


Blake was dazed when lines of information popped up from nowhere.


Although he had received messages, he had not yet gotten accustomed to it popping up anytime, especially in this dark and creepy cave.


Before he could rein his thoughts, a force pushed him towards the broken altar and forced him down to his knees.


Before he could react, the Symbols on the broken altar lit up the entire cave with an ash light.



On the eagle, Castiel and Brian were looking down to check if they could find any signs of Blake.


Chief Bryon in front suddenly looked forward and said “Slow down.”


He scrunched his brows and scrutinized a spot up ahead.


With an intrigued look on his face, he pointed forward and said “Land there.”


Immediately the order was given, the Eagle began descending.


When they were some meters above the spot, the whole environment changed into that of water crashing down from a hill.


It was the mysterious lake!


And two morgs laid down beside the lake, looking at the lake and expecting something


They turned their heads when they sensed a mighty aura descending from the sky.


Before they could react, the Eagle flapped its wings, an array of metallic blades came out of the wings.


The blades crashed down on the morgs.


They were killed instantly without letting out a sound.


When the eagle landed, the spring was suddenly lit up by a gray light.







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Chapter 5