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My Space-Time System -Novel Chapter 49

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My Space-Time System

Chapter 49: End of the test.

By: xImpulse


“Are you okay?” Not caring about the trembling Hagan, Prince Bryon stretched his hand and assisted Blake in getting up.


“Yeah, I think so.”


Prince Bryon looked around the area and saw that those present when the commotion occurred were quietly leaving.


Normally he would have punished them for not interfering when a commoner was being bullied but he knew they would give the excuse that Hagan was too strong for them to do anything.


If Bryon went along with punishing them, it would cause some minor issues because their excuse was a valid one and he didn’t see any gain in it.


“So much for being the top student,” Blake muttered as he caressed his neck.


[You weren’t being strangled you were just deprived of air, so why are you touching your neck?] The system pointed out Blake’s stupid action.


‘I don’t know, it’s just reflex .’ Blake smiled sheepishly.


“You really are interesting.” Blake head Bryon muttering.


“I am what now?” Because he is from Earth, that comment made him confused and wary, it brought thoughts that made his body shiver.


‘Shit! What if he has a fetish for young boys?’ Blake began thinking of ways he could escape.


[As if you can do anything, He made that guy tremble in fear by just releasing his aura. If I was you which I thank the heavens I am not, I would brace for impact and hope he isn’t that rough or what you think he is.] The system laughed at his predicament.


‘You bastard!’ Blake cursed the system as he began sweating profusely.


“No… No is not what you think.” Prince Bryon couldn’t help but facepalm when he saw Blake sweating.


“Sorry for my poor choice of words.” He felt awkward, but Blake was not completely buying it.


Blake had relaxed a bit but he couldn’t help but remain apprehensive towards Bryon. ‘What if he wants me to lower my guard before he strikes.’


[Now that’s dumb and you are being paranoid.] Blake simply ignored the system’s comment and listened to what Bryon had to say.


“When I placed you guys in the school, I knew you would surely be outstanding because of the All-Father’s inheritance, I mean who knew that you would find a concealed space filled with lots of natures energy and also attract so much attention.” Seeing that Blake did not react when his secret was revealed, Prince Bryon made a mental note.


‘Seems he already knew about Rayzer monitoring him, I truly underestimated the power of the inheritance.’ Bryon pondered.


At first, Blake had no idea that someone was monitoring his every move up until he had completely assimilated with the All-Father’s inheritance, that was when the system underwent an upgrade and informed him about the spy.


Seeing that the spy had no ill intentions and knowing he couldn’t do anything about it, Blake just feigned ignorance and continued with his daily activities.


“Luckily, I made a contingency plan in case you guys came into the limelight. Currently, the different families or basically everyone would want to know your story and background.”


“Can’t you just tell them I was summoned here by the All-Father?” Blake was wondering why they had to complicate things.


[Too naive.] The system said in a disapproving tone, and from the look Bryon was giving him, he was unknowingly agreeing with the system


“Wait, does anyone know about your origins?” Bryon asked worriedly.


Seeing Blake shaking his head he sighed and continued.


“Now to answer your question, the knowledge about the All-Father summoning people is a secret known by few people and their number can be counted on one hand. Besides no one would want the entire world to panic because of an impending crisis that may not even occur.”


“So back to the plan. We fixed the problem by feeding both the right and wrong channels the information, that says you three were born in Sulack, a village outside the empire that was recently wiped out by the last beast tide.


Apparently, you three managed to escape before the village was overrun by magical beasts and you three traveled through the forests for weeks before meeting me and being taken in into the academy.


The reason why I added myself to the story is to prevent those that have nefarious plans from getting close to you and to also scare away those that try to further investigate the matter.”


[The simpler the lie, the more believable it is, especially when it is about a destroyed village.] Blake agreed with the system. ‘And he is also giving them the impression that he is our backer, I must confess Prince Bryon really is a nice guy.’


“Thanks a lot for helping us.” Blake performed a deep bow to show his appreciation.


“Is there anything you need?” Bryon asked because he was about to leave.


“Any tips or walkthroughs about the main school?”


“Well I can’t help you with that, but all I can say is work hard and you will be okay… Till fate brings us together.” Bryon’s body burst into flames before disappearing.


‘That was odd’ He found it weird that Bryon hadn’t forgotten about anything.


“Oh, I forgot… I won’t be able to meet the other two, so please help tell them about the plan.” Once again, his body burst into flames and disappeared.


‘There it was.’ Blake smile as he returned to the wind griffin dormitory.



The test came to an end, the crowd and guests went back to their various homes, while the students returned to their rooms.

After satisfying the urge of taking a bath, Blake rushed down to the dinning when his belly began protesting for food.


When he reached the dining hall he quickly ordered his food and located a table that was free.


While munching down on his food he noticed the eyes of almost everyone in the canteen was on him.


Somewhere full of admiration, while some envy, and jealousy. None of them affected him nor take away his appetite, especially those of Vlad, rather they made him feel happy.


“I feel goood.”







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Chapter 49