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My Space-Time System -Novel Chapter 48

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My Space-Time System

Chapter 48: He is a monster!

By: xImpulse


Being the only one in the entire competition to awaken all their elements in such a short time, Blake received a lot of attention from the top families of the empire.


The fact that he awakened two elements before entering the main school meant that his talent level was off the charts.


The incidents involving the runic stones was not a hidden thing to the nobles, some of the noble households had taken part in the conspiracy, but all were surprised about his speed.


He was no noble meaning his talent level was not should have been mediocre or at best average, but what puzzled them the most was that Blake was meant to be affected by the runic stones even if the plan was discovered.


Although a mage’s talent level didn’t determine how far he/she would accomplish they had all come to the same conclusion that it was better he was tied to their family even if he ended up useless later in life, rather than becoming a powerful tool in the hands of their enemies.


After receiving the gifts Blake was approached by representatives of the top families with mouthwatering offers in order to rope him in, but unfortunately for all of them, they were rejected even without a thought.


They found him to be quite odd, unlike other commoners his age that dreamt to be taken in and nurtured by one of the top three families, Blake didn’t have such dreams.


Some of the desperate families saw that even if he was approached a thousand times he wouldn’t budge, so they tried to pressure him into joining them, but surprisingly it didn’t work on him.


Firstly, Blake didn’t have any family or anyone that could be used as leverage against and he knew that although Bryon was not officially his back, he knew he was somehow responsible for him and that was why he didn’t care one bit about their threats.


Even Hagan came in person thinking his presence would have an effect on Blake, but Blake remained unmoving.


‘Not only did he put the name of the Nystrom family to shame by humiliating Vlad in front of so many people, putting me in trouble with the heads of the family.


I would have let bygones be bygones if he accepted my offer because he would be of great importance to the family, but he dares reject my offer!’


“You have truly angered me, it’s time for you to know your place peasant!” The mana around the room began gathering on a large scale.


Blake felt the change in the air of the room, he began finding it harder to breathe and his body becoming so heavy that he felt like he weighed several tons as he sweated profusely.


‘What is hell happening?! Does he have the space element?’ Blake asked the system in a panicking tone.


[He didn’t awaken the space element neither is he casting a spell, because of the difference in the level he is manipulating the mana in the environment to suppress you.] From the tone of the system, it was clear it was thinking of ways to save Blake.


‘Is there anything you can do?’ Blake saw he couldn’t even move to talk much of casting a spell, so he put all his hope in the system hoping it would system would pull out its trump cards now that its host’s life was in danger, just like he read in novels.


[Sadly, there is nothing I can. Even if I could it wouldn’t be of any help because the power difference is too much.] The system said in a dejected tone.


This brought back the ugly memory of being in the presence of battle angel Alkane, he felt powerless as he could only watch his life slipping out of his hands.


“Why is the air so heavy?” Hagan shuddered and stopped what he was doing when a familiar voice reached his ears.


“My prince I was just teaching this uncultured kid how to respect his elders.”




The sound of Blake dropping to his knees and gasping for air made Hagan sweat.


He knew he had gone too far even if it was punishment but didn’t care because no one present could stop him, but his luck was truly rotten for Bryon to stumble in here.


Hagan knew that Bryon was against the marginalization of the commoners by the nobles and to add salt to his injury, Bryon knew about his grudge against Blake.


‘I am fucked.’ Hagan’s complexion was when he realized what a huge mistake he had made.


Literally, he was, there was no way he would not face Bryon’s wraith and if he survived, that was not his only problem.


His failed attempt to subdue him would also be added to the punishments he would receive when he faced the board of the Nystrom family.


“Punishment? All I see powerful mage bullying a kid!”


Bryon’s outburst sent a terrifying aura that washed over Hagan. For a moment he was unable to breathe nor move, it felt like thousands of needles pricking every part of his body.


“Leave my sight and prepare to receive your punishment!” Just like his mood swings the terrifying aura that was tearing at Hagan immediately vanished.


“Thank you, Prince Bryon.” With his body still trembling in fear, Hagan performed a bowed and left the scene in haste.


“He is a monster!” Although torture only lasted for a few seconds, it felt like hours to Hagan. Normally things like this were not meant to make him tremble in fear, but while he was in the room, he realized that it was only Bryon’s aura that caused him so much pain.


Run! Run! Run!… His mind and soul were screaming at him to get as far away as possible, he felt running was the only way that would make him feel safe.



“Are you okay?” Not caring about the trembling Hagan, Bryon stretched his hand and assisted Blake in getting up.


“Yeah, I think so.”







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Chapter 48