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My Space-Time System

Chapter 45: Luciano!

By: xImpulse


In the lobby, looking at his burnt clothes and the burn marks all over his body, Blake couldn’t help but curse at the healers for not attending to him. “I f*cking won the match, but they neglected me for that guy!”


[It is only natural for them to attend to an unconscious student who suffered internal injuries than to attend to one who got little burns. By the way, you would still heal up so, stop whining like a kid.]


Seeing he could not counter the system’s valid points and knowing that his bickering would not get his injuries healed up, Blake decided to where the healers were.


“By the way, what is this rage mode thing?”


[You already know how the power of fire-based attacks is increased when a pyromancer gets angry, but it comes with a great flaw.


If the user keeps giving in to the anger and letting it consume him/her, they would end up losing their sanity. When that happens, they would go on a rampage and die because they had used too much power thereby depleting their mana and thereafter soul force.


But that flaw can be removed when the pyromancer enters rage mode. The rage mode is a state where the pyromancer is still sane but draws immense power from the rage.]


“That is kind of overpowered, I like it. How does one enter the rage mode?” Blake was intrigued by the rage mode and since he was a pyromancer, if he could enter the rage mode it would be a great weapon added to his arsenal.


[So naïve… If the rage mode is that easy to get don’t you think the world would be dominated by those from the fire pathway.] The system scoffed.


“…” Blake couldn’t help but facepalm at his stupidity. Since he was summoned, one thing he understood about this world, was that everything was balanced.


The stronger something was, the more restricted it would be. Just like the space element that was deemed to be the most powerful pathway, it was the rarest that could be awakened. So, something that could boost one’s power tremendously without having side effects could be defined as heavenly.


“So, what’s the catch?”


[You finally realized.] Blake was pretty sure that the system would be rolling its eyes if it had one.


[The rage mode can only be unlocked by pyromancers who have at least a relatively pure bloodline, but that doesn’t mean that all who possess pure bloodlines are guaranteed to unlock it. The bloodline is the least requirement, it also needs willpower and a lot of luck among other complex things that can’t be understood.]


“Shit! My chances are that low.” Blake cursed his luck.


[Ahem… Not to spoil your already bad mode but, you have no chance.] The system chimed in.


‘Thanks a lot for that.’ Blake said sarcastically.


After he was apologized to by the head of the healing department for being neglected, he was healed so, headed back to the lobby to find out who was next.


“Next up Karina Parisa versus Luciano Synder!” On reaching there, the magnified voice of the host rang out.


‘Synder?!’ Blake was stunned, he had always thought Luciano was a noble at the same level as Camilla, but unknown to him, he had met and even dinned with a golden flame user.


‘I knew my guts were right. He is related to prince Bryon, but why do I have a feeling that their relationship is closer than I think.’ Both Bryon and Luciano possessed profound dark-blue eyes that were hard to miss and that gave him the feeling that they could be close.


‘But what is a member of the royal family doing in Calton instead of the capital?’ Blake pondered.


“You never seize to surprise me, at the training ground and even now. Your performance was truly breathtaking. Congratulations on making it into the elite class.” Blakes thoughts were interrupted by a familiar voice and when he turned it was the one, he was thinking of.




‘Speaking of the devil or more like thinking of the devil.’


“Thanks, but it was all thanks to my opponent being weak.” Blake was trying to be modest. but that was when he remembered he was speaking to a friend of Vlad.


‘Shit!’ He couldn’t help but curse when realized his mistake.


“Hehehe… Vlad will be spitting blood when he hears about this.” Luciano felt a little guilty, but he couldn’t stop himself from laughing.


“Oh! I have to go.” Luciano remembered that he had a match.


“Good luck!” Blake watched as he ran off.


“Well, this should be an interesting match.” Blake had been itching to see the golden flames that were rumored to be rarer than a phoenix feather, in action.


He quickly went back to his seat in order to have a nice view of the match, but when he arrived, he noticed people staring at him. From the way they stared, he knew something was up


‘I know I won the match and I am dashing, but this level of attention is uncalled for.’


[Seems like you are forgetting something.] The system chuckled.


‘What?’ It was when he was trying to figure out what the system meant, that he looked down and saw his shirt.


‘F*ck me!’ Blake cursed.


He had been so excited about the match that he forgot his clothes were burnt in some areas.


‘Thank the heavens that sensitive areas are not open for public viewing… After this, I have to go change before Castile’s match.’ The stares were making him uneasy but he couldn’t miss this match no matter what.





When the match was signaled to start Luciano was not even looking at his opponent. He was looking at Bryon’s booth.


‘Surely the heavens are against me… Out of everyone, I was paired against a member of the royal family.’ Karina was cursing her bad luck.


But that was when she noticed Luciano’s absent-mindedness. ‘He’s not even putting me in his eyes.’ This pissed her off.


“Look at me damnit!” Karina shouted.


Karina’s shout brought Luciano’s mind back to the match.


“Sorry…” Luciano said in a low but audible voice as he clinched his fist.


“Huh?” She never thought that Luciano would apologize to her, but her thoughts were soon proved wrong.


“…but I have to win.” he opened his clenched fist and golden flames began pouring out.


‘Big bro is watching.’







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Chapter 45