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My Space-Time System -Novel Chapter 44

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My Space-Time System

Chapter 44: Who is this kid?

By: xImpulse


It was after the judges snapped out of it that announced the winner “Blake Wilson winner!”


“It seems his bloodline isn’t that bad; he was even able to enter the rage mode… I have to report this to Dad, he needs more attention.” Bryon turned and saw Hagan one his feat with a shocked expression written all over his face.


‘What is his talent level? How could he awaken his second element in a short time?’


‘This speed is clearly faster than a normal reinforcer, but how?’


Hagan was so shocked by what happened in the match that he didn’t know when he stood up and he had remained like that till the end.


It was when Blake was declared the winner that he came back to his senses and sat down.


‘Does that mean Vlad would be expelled just like that?’ For a moment he was dazed and couldn’t believe that Vlad lost.


“That fool, look at the mess he put me into. How will I explain this brother?” Him tampering with the fixtures of the match could be overlooked, but the fact that he tampered with it and Vlad lost was a serious issue.


He would surely be punished for Vlad had shamed the name of the Nystrom family by losing to a commoner twice, but if he ended up getting disqualified it would deal a great blow to their reputation, and Hagan the one who caused this would be punished severely.


‘I have to do something before it’s too late!’ He began racking his brain for planning, but all of them kept meeting a dead end,


‘The only one able to alter the results is… Bryon!’ He quickly turned and looked at the prince beside him.


“Prince Bryon…” Hagan was finding it hard to spit his request because he didn’t know how Bryon would react.


All over the empire, Bryon had a reputation of just, so it was awkward for Hagan to ask for such a request. If not that he had no choice he wouldn’t try it.


He mustered enough courage and was about to talk, but Bryon cut him off.


“I will take care of it but the Nystrom family owes me a favor…” Bryon said with a smile on his face.


Although this was the reply he wished for, he was still taken aback because it was Bryon talking. He didn’t stress much about it and quickly accepted the condition, but he couldn’t help but worry about the favor.


Everyone in the empire knew how smart Bryon was, but the nobles knew more about him, a cunning devil!


This is one of the main reasons he was a member of the royal guard council and the war chief. Without the use of his power as the son of the emperor, he crushed the enemies that went go against him.


All Hagan could hope for, was that the favor was not something too difficult.


“Oh! I know about how you tampered with the fixtures… Don’t try it again.” Bryon said with a stern expression.


His body shuddered when he saw the stern look on his face, he knew that Bryon was dead serious about it.


Without giving any excuses, Hagan quickly bowed and asked for forgiveness “I am sorry Prince Bryon, this would never happen again.”


Bryon’s stern expression quickly changed to a smile and he chuckled “You have been forgiving, besides I enjoyed the match and discovered something interesting.”


‘Then why make a big deal out of it?!’ Although he complained he didn’t dare voice his thought nor show it on his face.


Sometimes Hagan had a feeling that Bryon was suffering from a mental illness because of his mood swings, but he knew the greatest mistake one would make was to belittle him.


‘Two left, let’s see how far they have gone.’ Bryon thought as he waved his hand signaling Joan to get to work.



‘I really hope he gets expelled I can’t have him causing more troubles for me.’


[I highly doubt it, with the way the fixtures were tampered with, there is a very high chance that his backer would try to save him.] Not even giving him a second, the system quickly shattered this hope into pieces.


“Thanks a lot, that was just what I needed…” Blake said sarcastically.


[Hehe… Remember I said try. Tampering with the fixtures can be done by someone with high enough authority and that is Hagan, but it is nearly impossible to change the outcome of a match.


Except for the judges and the highest-ranking official, which is Bryon no one can change it, and Bryon a just man, would not allow it to happen.]


‘That makes sense, but why didn’t you start with that part?’ Ignoring Blake’s question, the system chuckled and remained silent.


“His Royal Highness Prince Bryon has deemed Vlad Nystrom worthy to be admitted into the main school and with this, we hereby declare that Vlad Nystrom has passed the test!”


“What!” Both Blake and the system exclaimed at the same time. They couldn’t believe what they just heard.


Murmurs could be heard from various parts of the arena as the judgment was passed, but the crowd quickly settled down. They saw Bryon as a man of equity and justice, so they didn’t have much problem with his decision.

Blake was angry and confused at the same time, well mostly confused about Bryon’s actions. He felt like looking up at his booth and shouting ‘What the fuck man!’, but he held himself and began walking off the stage.


He couldn’t help but look at Vlad who was still unconscious and was being attended to by two healers.


“He is stable… but some of his internal organs are damaged!” The healers were shocked by the discovery and l looked at the angry Blake in a terrified manner.


‘So much damage! Who is this kid?’


‘At least that should keep him away for some time.’ Blake sighed as he walked into the lobby.







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Chapter 44