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My Space-Time System -Novel Chapter 43

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My Space-Time System

Chapter 43: Time to end this.

By: xImpulse


With no other option than to stop charging, Blake raised his hands and blocked with the amount of flame burst he managed to charge.




When both flame bursts came in contact with each other, they exploded instantly with the impact pushing him more than ten steps away.


“Blocking it head-on was dumb but damn I am that strong?” It was after he blocked the flame burst with his hands did, he realized how stupid his action was.


Unlike the normal flame that carried little force and burning effects, the flame burst spell was compressed flames that exploded when they came in contact with any other thing. It was way more superior in strength and speed, but its only downside was that it needed more time to compress the flames when compared to a simple fireball.


If not for the fireballs and half prepared flame burst reducing the impact, his bones would have been shattered. Blake’s hands had totally gone numb and had burn marks all over them.


“He’s coming.” Still shrouded in thick smoke that reduced visibility, Blake did not dare to let his guard down even one bit.


With the help of his heightened senses, Blake was able to notice any change that occurred in the environment.




The smoke pathed and Vlad rushed out throwing his fist at Blake’s head. Already expecting the attack Blake shifted his head and gave a punch to Vlad’s abdomen.

“How?” For a moment Vlad was startled that his attack had missed, but he was jolted back to his senses by a punch.




“…” An excruciating pain that he had never felt before, washed over his body.


For a second, he began wishing he had never fixed a match against, but when the thoughts of him losing, getting expelled, and even being chased out of the Royal family came into his mind, an ember of hatred was kindled in his eyes.


“I can’t lose!”


When Blake was retracting his fist, he was suddenly grabbed by Vlad who seemed to had entered a berserk state.


“This can’t be good…” He couldn’t help but curse as he was pulled back by Vlad.


Ferocious punches enhanced by fire elemental particles made their way to Blake.


Bam! Bam! Bam!


[Be careful he has entered rage mode that increases the user’s explosive power, if added with his swift dragon technique it would be very dangerous. Try not to get hit.]


‘Don’t make it sound so easy!’ Blake cursed at the system.


Blake managed to block the hot punches, but that was when he realized he had fallen for a trap. It was basic knowledge that when facing a swift dragon strike technique user, one is meant to try as much as possible to dodge the attacks if they would find themselves in a sticky situation.




“Swift Dragon Strike!” Vlad roared as he unleashed a series of consecutive blows at Blake.


Bam! Bam!


He tried as much as possible to dodge and block the barrage of attacks, but each time a strike came in contact with his body It left a burn mark on that spot. The punches were not his major problems, but the burning effect was a pain in the ass.


He knew If he didn’t find a way to break out of the combo, he might end up losing the match.


There were two ways of surviving; one was to wait for him tire or he could take some hits and burst out.


He didn’t consider the first option because he might lose before that happened, but he knew the second option was not easy to say, but it was his only option.


With scorching punches landing him, Blake closed his eyes and he gathered his energy at one point.




The sound of lightning was heard When he activated the reinforcing ability.


Numerous arcs of lightning began dancing all around his body as he took in a deep breath before punching out.




When his fist collided with that of Vlad the sound of cracking bone echoed as Vlad was sent flying.


“Are my eyes playing tricks on me or did that kid just use two elements?!” A person in the crowd.


“How is this even possible?!”


“What is his Talent level?!”


It was so shocking that an uproar was caused by the crowd.


“Time to end this…” Not caring about the uproar, Blake cracked his fingers and dashed towards Vlad at lightning speed.


Zzz Zzz


Blake moved so fast that those at his level were finding it hard to keep up, while those below him could only see his lightning trail.


“Isn’t he a little too fast for a reinforcer?” A man in the crowd couldn’t help but voice his thought.


“I have seen a reinforcer in action, they are not as fast as him!”

“How is he doing it?”


The crowd compared his speed to reinforcers they had seen before, but little did they know that he was any normal reinforcer, he was one who possessed the Raiju breathing technique.


Seeing Vlad getting up, Blake thought the match had gone on for too long, he decided it was time to end it.


He spun in front of Vlad and gave him a punch to the abdomen before sending him flying up with an uppercut.


Vlad who was sent flying was not sure of what happened or if he was hallucinating, but before his mind could form more thoughts, a figure who had arcs of lightning squirming all around him appeared and smashed him to the ground.







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Chapter 43