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My Space-Time System -Novel Chapter 42

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My Space-Time System

Chapter 42: How is he that fast?!

By: xImpulse


When Blake heard his name, he was surprised that he was paired against Vlad, but he couldn’t help but smile. This was no coincidence; he knew it was Vlad’s doing and that confirmed his theory of Vlad trying to screw him.


“This shouldn’t be the only part of the plan, there should be more to it or maybe I am thinking highly of him… Hehe.”


“He can’t blame for being rude then…” With this Blake knew he needed to be more careful because there might be more to Vlad’s plan.


Standing up from his seat he went straight to the lobby and began preparing for his fight.


“This kid is really unfortunate to face Vlad, my advice to him is to surrender before things get messy.” Hagan scoffed when he saw both Blake and Vlad on the stage.


Vlad was the offspring of one of the intermarriages between the Royal family and the Nystrom family. Among the younger generations of the Nystrom family, he could be considered to be one of the most talented, but because his bloodline was not pure enough and he couldn’t use the golden flames, he was not allowed to answer the surname, Synder.



Although he didn’t bear the surname of the royal family, he was still taught family combat techniques and was taken care of by both families.


Even among the younger generations of the Nystrom family, he received the most resources, but his major flaws were not being diligent and always quick to anger.


Hagan felt Vlad was being pampered too much and didn’t receive punishments from the patriarch when he had done wrong, that was why he was displeased whenever he saw him.


“…” Hagan was surprised that Bryon didn’t react to his comment, normally he would praise Vlad’s growth speed or even how far he had mastered the swift dragon strike technique, but now, he was intently looking at Vlad’s opponent.

‘Am I missing anything?’ Hagan looked at Blake but couldn’t see anything special about him. He couldn’t figure out why Bryon had that kind of reaction so he decided to stop thinking and enjoy the show.


‘Let’s just hope he doesn’t shame our name more.’ He couldn’t help but sigh, because he was having a feeling that something would go wrong.


“Begin!” The judge announced.


“We meet again Blake, now you won’t be able to run from me…” Vlad said with an evil smile on his face.


‘I run from you? What a joker!’ Blake tried his best to maintain a stoic expression, but he couldn’t hold in the laughter.




‘You think I am nothing, just because you won last time doesn’t mean the same thing will happen again’ Vlad was so enraged by Blake’s action, that he conjured a fireball and threw it at Blake who was still laughing.


“Huh?” Although Blake was laughing, he was not stupid to let his guards down.


When the fireball was a few meters away from him, his palm lit up and a fireball of the same power shot out and countered it.


“The fire element! Hehe, I win…” With the help of the dragon stance and swift dragon strike that boosted the power of the fire element, Vlad had considered himself the victor.


Waving his head in disappointment, Blake taunted. “From what you did in the training ground I knew you were cheap, but not this cheap.”


He wanted to taunt Vlad into showing him all his trump cards before he could go all out and decimate him.


“Taunt all you want; I am not falling for that.” Vlad charged a flame burst and lunched it towards him.


‘I thought he was a hot head… Too bad.’ Blake shook his head and began charging a similar flame burst.


‘How is he that fast?!’ He hadn’t noticed it the first time but now he saw how Blake waited for the spell to reach a certain distance before he began casting.




When both spells collided, the sound of an explosion rang out covering the stage in smoke. When the smoke cleared up, they saw that Vlad twisted to the right and sank down in a low stance, putting 70% of his weight on his front leg and 30% on his back leg and his back knee getting very close to touching the Achilles tendon of the front leg.


The Dragon stance!


After seeing Blake’s casting speed, he felt a little bit threatened and decided to get more serious. He began charging a flame burst, but this time it packed more power and speed.




The rustling sounds of flickering fire could be heard as the flame burst zoomed through the air at a terrifying.


When Blake saw the speed at which the flame burst was approaching, he knew it wouldn’t be easily blocked. He immediately conjured two fireballs and jumped into the air. With his muscles bulging, he began spinning in order to generate before launching them at the Flame burst.


Boom! Boom!


Explosions rang out in front of him, both fireballs were not able to stop the enhanced flame burst as it was still raging towards him, but they managed to slightly reduce its speed.


Not looking to see the outcome, he began conjuring a flame burst of his own.


“Shit!” Blake couldn’t help but curse because the flame burst had already approached him and he’s was not yet ready.







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Chapter 42