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My Space-Time System -Novel Chapter 41

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My Space-Time System

Chapter 41: Like father like son.

By: xImpulse


It was after Kade was done with his arm movements that people began noticing the wind fluctuations.


The first to notice it were those with keen. Some of the powerhouses in the arena knew about the technique and why it shouldn’t be trifled with, but Kade’s opponent, Dan, was none the less ignorant about the fluctuations.


Not wasting any time, he dashed towards his opponent at a pace that was neither fast nor slow.


“Time to show you your place, peasant.” Seeing Kade coming towards him, Dan sneered and conjured a flame whip.


Seeing the flame whip brought back unpleasant memories of how nobles oppressed commoners and that made him frown deeply.


He quickly flung his arms and a wind blade was sent flying towards Dan.


Dan sneered as he saw the incoming attacks. He rolled to the side dodging the wind blade, but behind that was another one coming towards him.


“So predictable…” Dan had seen through the attack and had prepared a fireball in advance. He lunched the fireball at the incoming wind blade and successfully stopped it in its tracks.


Not wasting time, Dan flung his fire whip at Kade, but before it could touch him, Kade jumped up and twisted his body in a weird manner, dodging the flame whip at the last moment.


“Phew! That was too close.” Kade couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief as he dodged the attack.


Dan was startled by his movement but he quickly snapped out of it and continued attacking, Because Kade’s speed and reflexes were high.


Dan began lunching flames to where he predicted Kade would be if he dodged the whip. But unfortunately, every time he threw an attack at Kade, he would dodge them very easily.


From the crowd’s view it looked as if Dan was purposefully missing, but little did they know that he was trying his best to predict Kade’s movements.


From the start of the match Dan had taken note of Kade’s speed and knew it would be useless to attack him directly, that was why he began using facades to force him into dodging, but nothing seems to be working.


He knew things continued like this he would run out of mana, so he decided to change his tactics.


“Annoying pest stand and fight like a man!” Dan clapped his palms together and began charging a flame burst.


“No, you don’t!” from the mana fluctuations, Kade knew he would be in trouble if Dan was allowed to complete his spell.


He had to interrupt the spell.


Kade dashed forward and lunched two wind blades to distract Dan, then he spun to the side and sent out two miniature wind blades aiming at his legs.


“Fu*k!” Seeing it would be harder to block the miniature wind Blades, Dan launched the flame blast countering the wind blades, but in the end, his tendons were cut.


“Ahh!” Without his legs being able to support his weight, Dan dropped to his knees.


‘I can’t… lose to a… wretch.’ Gritting his teeth in pain, Dan tried to get back on his feet but his legs were not responding to his commands.


Seeing that Dan was a sitting duck and was not planning on surrendering, Kade began kiting him with miniature wind blades just in case he had some tricks up his sleeve.


Although Dan’s body was full of bloody cuts, he had no plans of surrendering to a commoner rather he was ready to pass out.


“How can Dan lose to a commoner? This has to stop or I would lose face among other nobles.” Dan’s father couldn’t watch his son being battered by a commoner, the more this went on the more his reputation went down the drain.


In the area meant for nobles, Dan’s father shouted while pointing at Kade “He is going against the rules! This kid has to be disqualified!”


Seeing that he had drawn the attention of the crowd, he began ranting more even signaling some of his noble friends to support him.




Before his noble friends could do anything, they saw his unconscious body drop to the ground.


“…” Everyone was shocked, even his friends who were about to stand up slowly rested back into their sits in fear alerting the guard that knocked him out.


‘That retard almost put me into trouble, thank the heavens the guards came earlier, if not I would have been beside him.’ His noble friends heaved a sigh of relief as he was carried away by the guards.


The match ended in a brutal manner, Dan was unconscious due to excess blood lost and the judges declared Kade the winner.


“There have been some claims saying the winner had broken the rules, but we would like to clarify that he didn’t break the rules. As long as the opponent will not be killed and has conceded defeat, the match is still on, no matter the number of injuries sustained.” The judges explained.


“Like father like son.” Blake almost busted out in laughter as he saw the unconscious Dan being carried away by the medic.

Kade walked off the stage and went into the lobby where he met Philip.


“Brother Kade you were awesome out there! You have to teach me how to make those kinds of maneuvers.” Philp rushed up to Kade and congratulated.


Seeing Philip he couldn’t help but smile “My opponent wasn’t that hard, you are the greatest winner today. I told said you would pass the test wasn’t I right? You should have some faith in me.”


“From today onwards my faith is in you.” Sounds of laughter could be heard as they left the lobby.


“Next up Blake Wilson versus Vlad Nystrom!” The voice of the announcer rang all over the arena.







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Chapter 41