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My Space-Time System

Chapter 40: Flowing wind.

By: xImpulse


“Step 3; feint and destroy!” Brian roared.


With his muscles bulging, Brian jumped into the air and performed a spinning back kick.




The kick sent the pyromancer flying a few meters away. The impact of the kick was so much that it knocked him unconscious.


When they saw the pyromancer was no longer moving the judges immediately announced Brian the winner.


The crowd immediately went silent as Brian was announced the winner, they couldn’t just believe what just happened.


A geomancer defeated a pyromancer!


But the silence soon turned into claps. The whole crowd began clapping for him, some of them were even on their feet because they knew that it was nowhere close to easy.


This was what they thought was close to impossible!


‘There it is, I almost thought they forgot to applaud.’ A smile was on Brian’s face as he walked off the battel ground.


“I must say that was awesome.” Blake couldn’t help but clap.


“But how? He didn’t receive much damage from the fire.” Blake was surprised to see that it was only Brian’s shirt that was burnt, but he didn’t have any burn marks.


[Geomancers gain higher physical and magical defense compared to other pathways. Also, the fireball was cast in a haste making it have low firepower, hence less damage…]


[But I must say he is suicidal… His plan was way too risky but he managed to pull it off. If he wasn’t matched up against a pyromancer it wouldn’t have worked out, also if his enemy didn’t fall for his taunts then it would have really been a tough match.] The system quickly made its analysis and explained how risky Brian’s actions were.


“It would have taken a lot of planning to accomplish.” Blake watched as Brian left the stage. He was truly impressed.



In the booth at the topmost part of the arena. Hagan was so shocked that he couldn’t help but sit up, what he thought was impossible for someone at this level just happened in front of him.


His shocked expression soon changed to a frown when he remembered who was beside him, it was the ever-annoying Bryon and as he predicted prince Bryon began rubbing it on his face.


“Told you! That was beautiful, don’t you think so?” Bryon chuckled.


“…” Hagan didn’t know what to say to defend himself, all he could do was just sit and pray that Bryon would quickly drop the topic.


Their relationship could be described as a strange one. Because of the relationship between both families, both of them being set mates back in school, and most importantly Bryon’s friendly personality, they could be considered as allies, but not the best of friends.


Although Bryon acted friendly and he had a grudge with the prince, Hagan still didn’t dare disrespect him in any way because of his position as the emperor’s son and how he would react when angered.


Just thinking of it made Hagan shiver. Not everyone has seen the angry side of this ever-smiling prince, compared to how Bryon acted like a meek sheep, he was worse than the devil when he got angry.


Hagan had once witnessed a city lord being burnt to ashes because he tried to take advantage of Bryon’s friendly nature. Ever since that day, Hagan had tried not to provoke Bryon.


“By the way why did you decide to come to Calton city, out of every city that is under your control you chose Calton?” Hagan asked.


“Am I not allowed to come to the city under my care?” Prince Bryon.


“You really suck at lying this.” Hagan snorted.


‘One has passed 3 to go…” Not caring if Hagan believed him or not, he turned his attention back to the battlefield…



After two boring long matches, the stage was cleaned up and it was Kade’s turn.


Blake observed the crowd and he could see them yearning for excitement. The last two matches were so boring that some of them even dozed off.


One of the matches was between a pyromancer and an aquamancer, it was meant to be an exciting match but it turned out that both of them were mages.


Throughout the match they maintained their distance and were firing spells at each, or rather the pyromancer was attacking while the aquamancer was on the defense.


The match only ended when the aquamancer ran out of mana and eventually lost.


Kade’s opponent was a wealthy merchant’s son who was known in the school for his notorious acts against the commoners.


When Kade saw his opponent, he knew this was his chance to get revenge on behalf of those commoners who were bullied and oppressed by him.


Just seeing the arrogant smile on his opponent’s face made him angry, but he knew he had to be calm and not give in to rage.




When the match was signaled to start, seeing that his opponent had no thoughts of being the first to attack, Kade began moving his arms in a weird manner.


“That looks like a Chinese martial art technique, I wonder what he…” Blake’s words were caught short when he noticed something.

Every time Kade swung his arms it seemed as if the wind was following his actions. If not for the space element improving his senses, he wouldn’t have noticed a thing.


“This is the wind element but what is that extra effect?” Blake asked the system.


[This is the flowing wind combat technique, just like the Raiju breathing technique which boosts the power of lightning base spells, the flowing wind combat technique has effects of its own.


The flowing wind combat technique helps the user synchronize their movements with the flow of the wind, thereby making the user quick and unpredictable. Although it is not a high-level combat technique it shouldn’t be underestimated.]


“He doesn’t even know what’s coming for him.” Blake couldn’t help but shake his head because he felt pity for Kade’s opponent who still had a look of contempt on his face.







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Chapter 40