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My Space-Time System

Chapter 39: Step 3; feint and destroy!

By: xImpulse


‘Just using the name of the Nystrom family is enough to recruit most of these kids, but this simpleton can’t accomplish anything.’ Hagan didn’t know what to do with Radford. He was finding it difficult to decide if he should punish Radford now or later, all he could do was stare at him with a bone-chilling gaze.


This was a student with the second most rare element and he was very adept in using it.


This was a student who all the major powerhouses in the empire will be keeping an eye on, but someone had ruined his chances of recruiting him.


Radford was shivering with his head lowered and not daring to take a glimpse of his master’s face, he quickly explained. “Sir, it’s… not what you… think.” He quickly composed himself because he knew stuttering when reporting to Hagan, would only bring more trouble.


“I used all the means possible, I told him about the resources and benefits one would obtain if they join us, I even offered him more resources than usual because of his power and the amount of interest master displayed, but… He refused them without thinking about it, not even for a second.” Radford quickly explained what transpired and quietly prayed as he waited for Hagan’s reply.


‘Without even thinking of it… Is it that he is not interested in the Nystrom family or he is planning on not joining any family at all? I hope it is the latter, if not someone will have to pay.’ Without talking, Hagan turned and went back into the booth.


‘Phew… Thank the heavens he didn’t decide punish me. It’s all because of that kid… I must make him pay in one way or another.’ He quickly wiped the sweat on his forehead and followed Hagan into the booth.


Stepping into the booth Bryon turned to him and spoke. “You are just in time; the battle is between a geomancer and pyromancer.”



On the battleground.


The match had already been signaled to start, but Brian was not in a hurry to make the first move. He, first of all, observed the enemy, before making plans on how to engage him.


‘From his stance, it is safe to say that he is a mage if not it would have been really troublesome.’ Brain let out a sigh of relief as he continued to observe.


‘Looks like he is tired of waiting.’ Brian watched as his opponent opened his palm and conjured a flame ball, before throwing it at him.


‘Fire element seems my luck is really great! Now all I need to do is follow the plan and the match will be in the bag.’


Brian was not in a haste to dodge the flame because he knew it was a probing attack, he planned on annoying the pyromancer so that he shows all his cards.


He easily dodged the incoming flame ball by rolling to the side, but immediately he rolled out, another fireball was right in front of him.


“Nice try…” Seeing the fireball close to him Brian didn’t panic, he borrowed the force generated from the roll and performed a spinning flip, cleanly dodging the ball of flame.


He landed with his two arms open while wearing a provocative look on his face. “You can do better than that.” Brian taunted.


“You want more, I’ll give you more.” A frown was on the pyromancer’s face as he madly gathered fire particles to cast a spell that would obliterate the clown in front of him.


‘I got him… Hehe, that was easy.’ Brian clicked his tongue as his opponent was enraged by his taunts.


“What a fool, isn’t it clear that Brian wants you to get angry, or does he have other plans?” Blake was trying to wrap his head around why the pyromancer would fall for a simple taunt.


[The fire pathway grants the user more explosive power the angrier they get, that is why he didn’t think much about it. But once one lets themselves get blinded by rage especially in a battle between an opponent of equal strength, they are bound to lose.


‘Step one; interrupt casting…” Brian quickly gathered energy particles and placed both of his hands on the ground.


“Earth rendering!”


Suddenly, the ground beneath the pyromancer turned into quick sank and he began sinking.


“Are my eyes playing tricks on me, isn’t that the earth element!”



“Someone dares to use the earth element in the elite test!”


The crowd was shocked that an earth user was brave enough, if not foolish to participate in the elite challenge because they believed it was a waste of time.


‘What were you thinking?!’ Blake was also shocked but all he could do now was pray that Brian would qualify.



“Shit!” The pyromancer had no other choice than to cancel his spell as he tried to escape from the quicksand.


‘Step two; get close.’ Knowing the quicksand wouldn’t hold him for long, Brian dashed forward.


Brian knew if he wanted to make a deeper quagmire it would require more casting time and by the time the spell was ready his actions would have already been discovered.


That was why he made a shallow quicksand, after all, he just needed to slow him down for his combo to work.


Because the quicksand was not deep, the pyromancer was about to get out, but that was when he saw Brian coming.


“Shit! he can’t get close.” Stepping out of the quicksand, he conjured a ball of flame and threw it at Brian in an attempt to slow him while he widened the gap between them.

‘Here I going.’ Knowing full well that if he missed this opportunity, he might lose the match, he jumped through the ball of flame with both hands crossed.


“What!” The pyromancer’s eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets because he couldn’t believe that someone would sacrifice his body.


When Brian crossed the flame, he was in front of the pyromancer who was in a shocked state. He gathered his strength in his right hand and thrust it at the pyromancer.


Not knowing what else to do, the pyromancer put both hands in front of him with hopes of reducing the damage.


“Step 3; feint and destroy!” Brian roared.







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Chapter 39