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My Space-Time System

Chapter 36: This is boring, just give up.

By: xImpulse


“As you all can see, this year’s awakening test is undoubtedly special and because of that, the school wants to remove any chance of unfairness or partiality. That is why they invited three judges known all over the empire for their impartial and open-minded judgments.”


“Introducing from the right; Judge James miller, Judge Claude Fargo and last but not the least, Judge Hudson Hunt.”


The three judges had big smiles on their faces as they waved at the cheering crowd.


‘I am not falling for that… A serial killer would never agree he committed a crime because you asked him.’ Blake sneered when he heard the words of the host but unknown to him, someone was feeling guilty at the moment.


‘I haven’t done anything serious… How was I meant to refuse Hagan’s little request that can be granted easily, after all, who wants to get on the bad side of Hagan, the brother of Vandal, patriarch of the Nystrom family…”


“Fixing a match between two people that have a grudge against each shouldn’t be a big deal. It shouldn’t raise suspicions… hopefully.” Hudson Hunt’s mind was in turmoil but he didn’t allow it to show on his face.


Soon it was time for the first battle of the elite test, the moment the crowd had been waiting for had arrived.


The first battle was between Adolf a scion of the Karius family and Damon Wayne.


Damon Wayne had a diamond-shaped face with a deadpan expression. He had jet black hair and high arched brows and wore black all over his body, from his top to his boots… All black.


“I love wearing black, but this is just too much.” Blake was amazed by Damon’s fervent love for the color black.


When the battle was signaled to start Adolf, who awakened the fire element, conjured two flame balls and lunched them at Damon as he dashed towards him.


Damon still had his unperturbed expression on his face and acted as if he didn’t see the balls of flames hurling towards him.


Just as planned, block and get destroyed… Adolf smirked when he saw Damon had no plans of dodging his attack.


When the flames were 2 meters away from Damon he suddenly disappeared, causing the ball of flames to hit the ground before dispersing.


“What is going on?” Adolf’s smirk soon changed to confusion.


“What kind of power lets the opponent disappear? The…” He became surprised because of his discovery, but before he could complete this chain of thought, Damon appeared in mid-air.




Adolf was given a spinning back kick to his head and was sent flying.


“System what kind of power did he use?” Blake was shocked by Damon’s sudden disappearance and appearance.


[That is the power of a dark bringer of the Darkness element and that was the stealth skill.]


“Dark bringer… That’s a cool name, unlike ‘Locator.'” Blake muttered


[Those in the darkness pathway are regarded as the enemies of light and the masters of concealment. The stealth skill gives the user the power to absorb the light around certain objects thereby putting it in a concealed state.]


“Then how is he that fast and flexible?”


“Just like the lightning element the darkness element gives the user a passive ability that increases their speed, but the speed granted is slightly inferior to that of the lightning pathway. Also, he is well versed in martial arts.”


When Blake fully understood the principles of a Locator, the system seemed to have undergone some upgrades. Its mechanical voice that was devoid of emotions had now changed to that of a man and that was not the only upgrades.


Before the system only spoke when Blake had achieved something or when it was asked a question, but know it would comment when it saw that Blake was intrigued or confused even without being asked, also it was able to give him logical advice when he was making a decision, among other features.



Adolf felt dizzy as he tried his best to get on his feet. With his vision being all fuzzy, he could only see the outline of Damon slowly walking towards him.


“This is boring, just give up…” Damon said lazily.


“Shit! The darkness element, how am I so unlucky?” Adolf cursed his bad luck while thinking of a way to get out of this situation.


Immediately he shook off the dizziness, Adolf went into a fighting stance… This made Damon frown!


You still want to fight huh? I shall show no mercy!… He dashed forward at a terrifying speed and before Adolf could understand what was happening, Damon was already in front of him.


So fa…


Before he could complete a sentence, a brutal uppercut sent him flying.


As he was still in mid-air, Damon appeared once again and gave him a punch to the abdomen before sending him back to the ground with a devastating heel kick.


“I gave you a chance…” Damon said as he walked off the stage.




“What just happened.”


“That was too brutal, he didn’t even lay a finger on his opponent.”


The entire crowd was stunned by the scene that just played out, even the judges were so shocked that they forgot to declare Damon the winner.



Even the VIPs in the various booths had the same expression, the beatdown was just too masterful. From the way he dodged the fire spells to the heel kick that knocked Adolf unconscious, it was just a masterpiece.


“I am surprised to see that someone unlocked the darkness element and I must say his martial art skills are superb.” Unlike others who were shocked, prince Bryon just maintained his signature smile.


With that annoying smile of his, it is hard to read him… Hagan who was beside couldn’t help but grumble.


What am I doing… I have to get that kid to join the Nystrom family before he gets taken by those two… He immediately signaled his butler standing behind him to approach Damon.


Bryon saw this but he didn’t worry because unlike other families who were here to recruit students, he was just here to enjoy the show.







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Chapter 36