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My Space-Time System

Chapter 32: Advanced Rune.

By: xImpulse


“Uncle Hagan, that is the boy who disgraced the name of our family…” Vlad spoke timidly with his head still lowered.


He looked over to Blake’s corner.


Vlad had been looking for an opportunity to fight Blake so that he could get his revenge for his loss in combat training and for him being punished by instructor Zirrack.


He planned on beating Blake to a pulp and making him beg for mercy as he kissed his feet, but every time he challenged the peasant, Blake kept refusing his challenges although he was being dissed and taunted.


He was a coward!


This was the conclusion that Vlad came to, Blake was just lucky. If Blake could beat him in the combat exercise, why doesn’t he do it again, unless he is weak and doesn’t want to take a beating.


Since Blake had been turning down his challenges, he Planned on using his uncles’ power to teach Blake a lesson.


This time he won’t be able to refuse and I will show Camilla that he is nothing but a weak, helpless peasant!… Vlad sneered inwardly.


Hagan glanced at the direction his nephew was looking at and saw a boy with lean muscles and a black spiky.


Huh?… Hagan soon noticed something was off.


He felt like someone was eavesdropping on their conversation, he tried to sense where the spell came from.


Could it be him?… Hagan looked at the spiky hair kid.


It can’t be him… This was a sensory spell that he could not track, so how could it come from a kid that had not even entered the main school…


He quickly spread his mana around them preventing anyone from eavesdropping and turned back to Vlad.


“You want to use my authority to get back at him?” Hagan asked with an expressionless face.


‘Does he know?” Vlad was stunned by the question.


“I heard about what happened… You should be punished for tarnishing the name of our family, but luckily for you, it is not in my power to punish.” Still maintaining his deadpan expression he continued.


“Fine, I will fix a match against him and that is if he applies for the elite class.” With unhurried steps, Hagan moved to the VIP section not caring about Vlad.


“You!” he hated his Hagan, if he had the chance, he would kill him without baiting an eye.


He’s mood soon changed from anger to excitement as he was about to vent his anger on that peasant.



Without wasting time, Blake quickly walked into the arena. The arena was massive, it could easily contain more than three hundred thousand people.


Above hundreds of thousands of seats was an area meant for the nobles. Unlike the area for the commoners, this area had luxurious seats that were leagues above those used by the commoners, and in front of these areas were holographic screens that displayed what happened at the center of the arena.


Wow… Even if he was brainless, he would still know that that area was not where a commoner could walk into.


Are you kidding me?… His attention was drawn by two rows of booths that were above the noble’s area.


Just above the area meant for the nobles, he saw two rows of booths with opaque glass that prevented people from seeing what happened inside.


If the row below the booths were meant for the nobles, that means these are for the VIP’s among the nobles.


The second row of booths were reserved for the top three families in the empire and also high-ranking nobles, while the row at the top had fewer in number but larger and more luxurious booths.


The top booths were occupied by the city lord and high-ranking officials of the empire and that included prince Bryon who was present.


The glasses of the booths were enchanted with a mirror spell that gave the footage of the happenings in the arena.


Apart from elemental spells which could only be learned if one had an affinity to it, they were arcane spells that could be used by all mages no matter the affinity, and the mirror spell was a basic arcane spell usually used by enchanters.


Runes at the glasses of the booths caught his attention. From his basic knowledge of runes, he recognized them to be strengthening runes, but those on the glasses had more runes to them.


An advanced strengthening rune!… Blake was taken aback.


Only basic rune was being taught to them, even in the main school, only those in the enchanting and forging subclasses could get their hands-on advanced mid-level runes, while those in other subclasses were mostly taught basic and mid-mid-level runes and at most they were taught the most basic advanced mid-runes.


But on these glasses were advanced runes, only a grandmaster and above could draw them!


“How much does this arena cost?” From the books he read on the 2nd floor of the library, he had an idea of how much it caused to get a grandmaster’s service.


With so many advanced runes all around, it made him wonder if they were not as rare as the books said.


Unknown to Blake not only were advanced runes engraved on the glasses of the booths but they were also engraved all over the walls of the room.


If Blake saw this, he would so shocked that he would have to pinch himself multiple times before he would believe it.


He tore his mind away from the ruins because he had more pressing issues to deal with.


For the fact that Vlad met with his Uncle, he knew that trouble was around the corner.


Something was definitely fishy!


He began wracking his brain, as he thought of ways that Vlad could get back at him.







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Chapter 32