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My Space-Time System -Novel Chapter 31

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My Space-Time System

Chapter 31: Elite class.

By: xImpulse


At the beginning of the third week, they were summoned to the auditorium.


This time it was not for another ‘report’, but for important information concerning the awakening test.


“The incident concerning the energy level of the dormitory has caused things to be unbalanced and because of the three weeks extension, everyone is sure to pass. Normally the school wouldn’t take this number of students, but due to the incident the rules have changed.” Principal Lovren explained with an unperturbed expression.


“In other to accommodate this number, the school will create two classes for those that make it into the main school. One will be the normal class and the other will be the elite class.”


When the Lovren mention the two classes murmurs could be heard around the hall.


It is the only option, because of the 3 weeks extension there is no way someone will fail the awakening test unless they don’t have a drop of talent in them… he quickly listened to know what qualifications were needed to enter the elite class.


Principal Lovren continued. “For you to be qualified to enter the normal class, all you have to do is touch the awakening orb on the awakening day and if your element is in the warrior level, you pass.”


“The requirements for the elite class are totally different. Taking the challenge is on your own free will, but be warned if you lose you will be expelled.” Principal Lovren said with a somber expression.


What?! Expulsion! Isn’t that too harsh?… Blake was stunned by what he heard, the same as the other students in the hall.


“As I said, the elite class challenge it is not compulsory.” Lovren stated when the murmurs in the hall were getting louder.


“The challenge is to fight those that also applied to enter the elite class.


In this case, the winner will be admitted into the elite class and the loser will be judged based on certain characteristics that are required to be part of the elite class. If he doesn’t meet the requirements then he will be expelled.”


Although the punishment for failure is harsh, it is for those that have enough confidence in their power and skills… Blake was not affected by the principal’s news.


“For the benefits of being in the elite class, I don’t need to explain that.”


Truly he didn’t need to explain the benefits, who didn’t know that those in the elite class will receive nothing less than double the resources the normal class got, if not more. This made a lot of people itch to enter the lite class.


Blake Laughed when he saw the expression of the students.


He analyzed the matter and found out that the school still needed to eliminate students so as to have enough resources to train them.


The elite class was the way.


Surely, a lot of students will take the elite challenge because of the appealing rewards, but this was a trap set up by the school to cut down the number of students.


After a few minutes, the students were dismissed.



The day he has been preparing for almost 2 months, was finally here.


Early in the morning of the awakening day, Blake was on his bed with a solemn look written all over his face, as he was lost in his thoughts.


Life is a bitch… He sighed helplessly as he thought of what would have happened if he didn’t die.


Blake’s pro gaming career would have taken-off if he hadn’t died in the disaster. He had won the state’s round of the Zetron gaming competition and had qualified for the nationals.


With his skills, he would have been able to win the nationals and move on to the international level.


Even if he didn’t win the international round, the other prize money would have been enough for him and his mom.


“Let’s just hope my luck is good this time.” He planned on taking the elite class and hoped that no ‘hidden’ talent will decide to show up when it was his turn.


He quickly ran his daily exercise and after preparing, he left the dormitory.



Just thirty minutes before the time of the event, an envoy of carriages made their way into the school and on the carriages were emblems of different shapes and sizes.


These were the carriages of the top families and merchants of both the capital and city.


There was a Particular emblem that caught his eyes, it was that of a shield and sword.


The Adventurers Association!


Is it possible that the top families are here to scout for talents?… From the number of carriages that had entered the school, he knew that they were not here just for the show, but to recruit young talents that will strengthen their families.


If I was to be approached by these forces, which will I pick?… He thought of it as he walked into the arena.


“The royal family seems nice, at least from what I have seen. I heard that the royal family gives the most cultivation resources compared to the other families and also prince Bryon is a nice guy. So, how can I refuse.” An evil grin was on his face.


“The second option is the Adventurer’s Association, although they don’t give much cultivation resources compared to the top families, more resources could be gotten from the missions completed. The best part of the adventurer’s association was the freedom given to them. They had the laxest conditions and that was why they didn’t give many resources.”


Blake’s chain of thought was disrupted when he saw Vlad walk to one of the carriages having the royal family’s emblem.


When the door of the carriage was opened, a man in his sixties walked out. He had handsome facial features with broad shoulders and slick black hair.


Vlad respectfully bowed, before speaking to the old man and looking at Blake as he spoke.


Although he was not looking at them, he could sense when the man turned to his direction.


When the man looked at him, he could no longer sense them!


Damn!… When he knew what just happened, chills went down his spine.







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Chapter 31