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My Space-Time System -Novel Chapter 30

All chapters are in My Space-Time System -Novel
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My Space-Time System

Chapter 30: Good mood.

By: xImpulse


With a smile on his face, he walked out of the auditorium.


Because of the smile on his face students passing by looked at him in a weird way, but he didn’t care about what they thought.


He was in a good mood.


He didn’t risk his neck for anything, the nobles were to be punished and he had been given more time to cultivate.


To others, this was the time to fill up the stars of their first element and for the few that had reached the warrior level, it was the time to gain a few more stars for their second element.


This was totally different for Blake, because of his monstrous cultivation speed, he would use this time to reach the warrior level in his second element!


Why shouldn’t he be happy when given such an opportunity?


“Why do I have a feeling that you are the hero that reported the matter to the school?” he heard a voice from behind.


He turned and saw the alluring Camilla.


“Hello, beautiful.” Blake said while looking into her eyes.


“…” Camilla was stunned by his words.


‘No one dares to say that to me.’ She was surprised that someone was flirting with her.


All her life everyone had always treated her with respect, although it was mainly because of her father’s position, it was because of her talent was considered to be one of the highest in the kingdom.


Only those with enough power could be deemed worthy to flirt with her.


Surprisingly, she was not angry, rather she was blushing!


She immediately snapped out of it when she noticed she had lost her calm persona.


“That doesn’t answer the question.” She quickly composed herself.


“So, what makes you think I am this ‘hero’?” He spoke calmly as he tried to maintain an unperturbed expression.


‘How the fuck does she know? Is this a guess or the sixth sense of a woman?’ Blake was sweating buckets on the inside as he tried to remain calm on the outside.


“Just a guess.” She said with a smirk.


“What if it was reported by a noble?… You know, answers lie in the most unexpected places.” He said with a smile.


“Hmmm…” She pursed her lips.


“Seems like you have company… Oh and be careful of Vlad, he is a vengeful type.” Camilla said as she left him.


Phew! That was a close one… why must you always make me tense? Why can’t we be like normal friends… He turned to see the ‘company’ she talked about.


“Brian! how good to see.” He was surprised to see Brian, but it was nice to see an old face around here.


“You player! I always knew you were good with the ladies.” Brian had a proud smile on his face as he spoke.


“Huh?” Blake looked at him with a confused expression.


‘What the f*ck is he saying?’


“Don’t play dumb with me, you managed to get the girl that all the nobles in the school are dying for.” Brian had the ‘You player’ smile on his face.


Blake now understood what he meant. “Who said she is my girlfriend? Actually, this is my first time talking to her.” He gave a wry smile.


Brian rolled his eyes when heard Blake’s explanation. ‘Don’t be too modest.’


‘Even I wouldn’t believe that, but that is the truth… sigh.’ Blake didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.


“Do you know how much most nobles are willing to pay just to get her attention, talk much of chatting with her. Just admit it and stop trying to be modest.” He said with a chuckle.


‘Wow! I knew other guys were after her, but I never knew she is this hot!’


Blake was not social and that caused him to be unaware of the happenings in the school.


From the day he had entered the school to date, he hadn’t found a friend, except for Brian, Castiel, and the one that dumped him for no reason.


He didn’t have one, but that didn’t mean he was planning on having, all he wanted to do was cultivate and rise in power.


‘Her family should have a top position in the empire for her to get such amount of respect. This is a problem” Blake soon realized that although Camilla was super-hot, she was a ticking time bomb.


“What about Castiel? Do you guys still see each other” He quickly changed the topic.


“Yea, we meet up once in a while, but it seems that he still has beef with you, so he decided not to come and say hi.”


After some minutes of chatting, they finally pathed ways.


“Finally!” Immediately he entered his room he landed on his bed and dozed off.



Two weeks quickly flew by and at this time, Blake was already at the 3rd star of his fire element.


Yes, fire!


He had the complete set of elements that the All-father possessed and unfortunately, this boosted his ego. It was now etched in his heart that he was the main character meant to save this world.


During these two weeks he had been coming in contact with Camilla and they were pretty much ‘bonding’.


It was shocking to some people even himself, but this made a particular person flare up in rage and that was Vlad.


Everyone in the school knew that Vlad was courting Camilla, so how could this not affect him.


He always showed off when she was around him, but she didn’t care about his theatrics.


When it came to all the nobles courting her, she was always impassive and unmoving but now, she was looking lively when talking to a commoner.


As expected, Vlad had tried causing trouble for him and also tried multiple times to challenge him to a duel, and each time he refused Vlad’s challenge, he was insulted and called a weakling, but Blake didn’t bat him an eye.


He knew Vlad was way weaker than the current him and he didn’t plan on showing his trump cards.


All he wanted to do was cultivate, train his breathing technique, and read books in the library.


What more can one ask for?







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Chapter 30