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My Space-Time System -Novel Chapter 3

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My Space-Time System

Chapter 3: Morgs

By: xImpulse


He instinctively shut his eyes as he fell into the light.


When he passed through the portal and the light deemed, he open his eyes to his.


He saw himself floating in a dark place with twinkles everywhere, it looked like he was in space, but no planets could be seen.


“…” Blake was stunned by the scene.


He was snapped out of his reverie when a terrifying force pulled him.


Blake tried his best to resist the force, but his efforts were completely useless.




He opened his mouth to scream, but no words came out.


When he reached a certain distance, a gray light in the form of a door appeared. Instinctively, he crossed his arms in front and shut his eyes as he approached the door.


After waiting for some time and not feel anything he opened his eyes, but everywhere was still dark.


Why must everything be creepy, what happened to pretty colors… Blake lampooned.


Blake snapped out of his thoughts when he heard a domineering voice with a hint of arrogance, coming from above.


“In the name of the All-father I, Battle Angel Alcane, the right-hand of the All-father, welcomes you to infinite realm”


Is that you God?… Blake looked up to see the source of the sound.


He looked up and his mind went blank.


An angel!… No, a Battle angel… Blake was still in shock when an imperious aura washed over him.


The aura of Battle angel was so powerful, it made Blake drop to his knees. It made him feel he was nothing but an ant in front of Alcane.


Battle angel Alkane was high above and his three pairs of majestic wings spread out. He possed blue eyes and blonde hair tied up in a braid.


Covering his body was a golden amour with the face of a Dragon surrounded by ancient symbols, inlaid on it.


With an expressionless face, the battle angel continued speaking “You have been summoned to Infinite realm by the All-father for a great purpose.”


“As you rise in power and explore the mysteries of the infinite realm, the All father’s purpose for summoning you would become clear.”


“For you to accomplish this task you shall be given the All father’s blessings for guidance in your journey”


Alcane stretched his right hand, a gray ball of light floated out of his palm and made its way to Blake.


Guidance for what?… Can someone tell me what’s going on?… Blake was confused because everything was happening too fast.


As Blake was trying to understand his situation, the ash light touched his forehead.


It had a warm aura that helped relaxed his tense nerves, but soon it passed through his skin and entered his head at a very slow pace.


At first, he felt a slight pain, but it kept on inceasing as time went on.


it felt like a red-hot metal was being screwed into his head. He held his head with a deranged look on his face as he screamed in agony






He fell face first and was writhing in pain.


After what felt like forever, the pain began to subside and the gray ball of light had completely assimilated with him.


Uhh damn!!… he rubbed his hands on his temples to ease the lingering headache, and after some time he managed to get back on his feet.


“Remember warrior, the infinite realm is full of dangers and mysteries that have not been uncovered till today”


His vision was getting blurry and the battle angel’s voice was fading.


“Tread carefully and may the All-Father smile upon you.”



In a forest with abnormally large trees, Blake regained consciousness.


“uhh… uh” feeling drowsy, he sat up at the foot of a tree and massaged his temples.

After massaging his temples for some time, Blake looked up and inspected his surroundings. “Where am I?”


Before he could connect his thoughts, numbers began appearing in his vision.


[ Booting 45%…








He watched as the loading Bar quickly filled up.


[Booting complete: 100%]


[Host information:


Name: Blake Wilson


Strength: weak


Condition: healthy


Realm: Mortal


Current mission: locate a city.]


“A system? That means I transmigrated.” He was still confused about what was going on.


This was how it usually played out in web novels, the mc gets transmigrated to a world with powers, then he goes through tribulations and becomes the strongest.


Thinking about it made him excited, but on the other hand, his mom was all alone on earth.


“No, you have not transmigrated, but teleported to this world…” a voice that sounded familiar came from behind him


When he heard the voice he was petrified.


He quickly stood up entered a defensive posture.


The voice came from a boy with pale skin and spiky hair, who was leaning by the side of the tree.


It was none other than Castiel.


He has been there all along? He’s so quiet… he was surprised by how Castiel stood there without making any sound.


Is he a ninja?! Blake quickly reined his crazy thoughts, when Castiel continued his explanation


“Transmigration involves movement of the soul, but we came here with both our bodies and soul”


“Since you are here, where’s Brian?” he asked with a puzzled expression.


“Since both of you fell in together, he should be close by” With an expressionless face, Castiel started into the forest.


When he was thinking about the matter, he didn’t notice he was being left behind.


“Wait up!”


He immediately sped up and caught up to Castiel.



Just a minute into the journey in search of Brian, the ground began to quake.


“Are you kidding me?!” fear and frustration were written all over Castiel’s face


Castiel has been having a bad day, He lost the Zetron gaming competition to Blake, he died after the competition because of a mysterious eathquake, he experienced an excruciating pain that made him want to tear his skin apart, and now, he felt another round of quakes.


What a joke!


They halted in order to locate the direction of danger.


Faint sounds of leaves being shuffled were heard from the direction they were heading.


The sound of the quake was getting clear louder… It was heading their way!


Oink! Oink! Oink! Oink!


“Boars!” They exclaimed in unison as confusion could be seen on their faces.


How could boars cause a quake… Unless they are humongus!


A dark skin teen with a muscular build and dreadlock ran out of the woods screaming.


“Run!!! Run!!!” Brian screamed at the top of his lungs as he ran for his life


“It’s Brian!”


[Danger!! Morgs Incoming!]


[Due to the host’s puny strength, I strongly advise host to run!!…]


Series of messages popped up, as the system warned Blake about the incoming danger. At first, he was stunned by how sudden the alarms came, but it soon changed to fear.


His eyes widened when he realized the level of danger that was heading their way.


He turned to Castiel and shouted. “Run!!”


Before they could react, a large chunk of the trunk of a tree was blown away by a terrifying force.


BOOM !!!


Dust and bits of wood were thrown into the air, the silhouette of three boars that were more than six feet tall was outlined in the dust.


When the dust settled the figures became clear.


The boar at the center was six and a half feet tall and had Darkish-purple skin, while the others were Black in color and were six feet tall.


When the morgs saw two more humans, the leader made an evil like grin that sent chills down their spine.


“Oink! Oink!” The larger boar raised its tusks and prepared for a charge


Blake was jolted back to his senses when he saw this.


“Run!!” he turned and grabbed the dazed Castiel







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