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My Space-Time System

Chapter 29: Second chance.

By: xImpulse


He reached the large auditorium that could fit more than a thousand people, he found a sit not far from the front and waited for the principal to arrive.


“So many peasants gathered at on place… Disgusting.”


“It will all end tomorrow, just hold on for a little bit longer.”


Blake heard two voices chatting and from their words, he already knew that they were nobles.


Not just any noble, but those that had a hand in the matter.


He felt like turning to see their faces, but he didn’t want to take the risk of being noticed.


“Haha! Tomorrow’s show will be a Blast! I can’t wait to see the depressed look on their faces as they get expelled.”


“Shh! Don’t talk about that, do you want people to hear you?!” he said in a hushed tone as he tried to stop his friend from revealing the secret.


“The hall is rowdy and no one can hear us, so you don’t have to worry. Even if they can hear us, they can’t do anything they are just peasants and it will be over for them by tomorrow.” The noble said with an evil smile on his face.


The hall was truly rowdy and with students moving all around, he had to concentrate in order to filter the noise and listen to the conversation, but he soon noticed a pair of eyes looking at him with killing intent.


“Sure, it’s him…” Blake turned to the direction of the eyes, and as predicted, it was Vlad.


Normally, people who received punishments from Instructor Zirrack would try as much as possible not to get punished again, but Vlad was not normal.


His status was not like those of rich merchants or the politicians that struggled to get their noble titles.


He’s the nephew of the emperor, a true noble with a pure bloodline, how could a commoner disgrace him.


This was unacceptable!


“Haha…” Blake chuckled before looking away.


“Arrrgh!” Vlad almost spat blood when he saw Blake’s actions.


Blake knew that Vlad will try to cause trouble for him, but he didn’t think much about it, because his cultivation speed and level was above that of Vlad.


The only thing he was worried about, was Vlad using his power as a noble to get back at him. He quickly put it at the back of his mind since worrying wouldn’t solve the problem for him.


“You should learn to control your anger, after all, it was a fair fight and he won. This is meant to be your drive to get stronger, rather than looking for cheap ways to get back at him.” Luciano said with an unperturbed expression.


“You!” Vlad flared up, but he couldn’t do anything about it because he didn’t dare to anger him.


After thirty minutes of waiting, principal Lovren finally made his way into the hall, by then it everywhere was quiet and everyone was seated.


“A serious matter was reported to the school, and after a series of investigations, the report was proven to be true.” Principal Lovren’s said with a calm tone as he addressed the students.


Here it comes… Blake was eager to see the expression on the faces of the nobles.


“It was reported a week ago that runic stones were being used in the Wind Griffin dormitory by some nobles, causing the energy of the entire dormitory to below normal. You all know the effects of their actions, especially to students.”


“We looked into the matter and unfortunately, we found out that it was not only in the Wind Griffin dormitory that these vile actions occurred but in every dormitory in the school.”


Not caring about their facial expressions, principal Lovren continued.


“When we got to the rooms of the nobles suspected to have used runic stones, although the auras were faint and were about to dissipate, we still got traces of them.


They tried to erase all evidence before the awakening test, but luckily the report came in earlier.”


“From all the pieces of evidence gather, we came to the conclusion that this was planned by a group of nobles to hinder the growth of other students and for this, they will be punished severely.”


‘All the dormitories?!’ Blake was shocked by what he heard.


He thought that the runic stones were only used in the Wind Griffin dormitory, but he never thought that it affected the entire school.


‘For the fact that it was done on such a large scale and they were also organized, it means that someone at a high level was pulling the strings… I have to be more careful and try not to give any hint about my hand in the matter.’ Blake immediately connected the dots and realized that the matter was more serious than he thought.


After principal Lovren released the shocking news, the silence that reigned in the hall was soon replaced by murmurs.


Disbelief and shock were written all over their faces.


‘How is this possible?’


‘How did they know? If I knew it would be like this, I wouldn’t have joined them in teaching the nobles a lesson.’


‘I don’t want to get expelled!’


All over the hall, nobles had regretful expressions as the thought of getting expelled made them shiver.


‘There it is… Busted hahaha!’ Blake had the urge to burst out in laughter when he saw the looks on the faces of the nobles, but he managed to suppress it.


“Ehm!” Principal Lovren cleared his throat before continuing.


“The school will be moving the awakening test and it will be three weeks from today, so as to give those affected a chance to make up for their loss. That will be all for today and good luck to you as you prepare for the test.”

Finally, it’s over. Time to get some rest… He sighed.


On his way out, he saw students crying, but these were tears of joy.


After losing hope of entering the main school, the heavens gave them a second chance.


Although their predicament was caused by the nobles, they didn’t care because their hearts why filled with so much joy.


“Justice is served,” Blake said with a smile as he walked out of the hall.







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Chapter 29