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My Space-Time System

Chapter 28: Why now?

By: xImpulse


Principal Lovren was standing in front of a communication.


“Good day, Prince Bryon.” Principal Lovren bowed.


“Ah? Principal Lovren, it’s been a while, how are you doing?” His trademark smile was plastered on his face.


“As you can see, I am well and hearty… I have a matter to report.” He immediately went straight to the point because of how serious the matter was.


“Go on.”


“It is a matter that was discovered by a student…” Before he continued, Prince Bryon interrupted him.


“Is it the matter of the nobles using runic stones, and let me guess the name of the student is Blake Wilson?”


Principal Lovren was stunned when he heard the young prince’s words.


‘Has the matter already been leaked to the higher-ups?’ Thoughts ran through his mind as he tried to figure out how the prince knew about the matter.


“Don’t worry, the matter has not been leaked, at least for now… Let’s just say I knew about it before you did.” Prince Bryon let out a low chuckle as he saw the principal’s expression.

Principal Lovren became more surprised by the prince’s words.


“If you knew about it why didn’t you stop it on time?” His surprise turned to confusion because this was not how the prince normally acted. The prince he knew always fought for justice and didn’t allow innocent people to get hurt, so why now?


“Isn’t it obvious?” He smiled before he continued.


“If the matter was reported at that time, the perpetrators would have received only light punishments or none at all. It wouldn’t have been serious because the commoners still had weeks to prepare, but if it was to be reported at the last moment it would be a serious matter that cannot be overlooked.”


“This alone will lead to many chain reactions; the commoners would be given more time under better conditions to cultivate and the punishments will be severe, also this matter could be used as leverage in the council. Now you see? Just let the enemy dig their own graves, why move a muscle.” Prince Bryon chuckled.


When Principal Lovren heard the details of Prince Bryon’s plan, he was amazed by how the prince capitalized on the situation.


This was hitting two birds… no three birds with one stone…


“I was preparing for a mission when you called, so if there is nothing else, I would be heading back.” Prince Bryon said as he saw that Principal Lovren didn’t have anything to say.


“Good luck on your mission.” Prince Bryon’s words brought him back to reality as he bowed and canceled the communication.



A day before the awakening test.


By this time Blake was already a reinforcer, and had already filled up half of the first star of his unknown pathway.


If anyone was to learn about this, they will be terrified because his speed could only be defined as heavenly!


Also, he was almost done with his assimilation with the All-father’s inheritance, all he needed was at most a week and he will obtain the full power of a special pathway that was above normal pathways.


Although Blake could use the powers of a locator, he could not use the full thing. Only when he fully assimilated with the inheritance could he now exert the full power of a special inheritance and he would officially be a locator.


“Just a little more time.” Blake was excited as he walked the corridor of the dormitory.


“Huh?” Blake noticed something weird.


He saw commoners bidding themselves farewell as they had melancholic expressions on their faces.


What?!… He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the scene.


“You don’t have to worry Dale; you are 17 which means you will surely make it next year. I am already 18, this was my only chance to make it into the main school.” The boy tried to console his friend.


“You don’t understand, even if I come next year, I heard the challenges for those that didn’t make it the first time are very difficult. The main problem is that my family sold a lot of their properties just for me to be admitted. They had hopes that I would become a mage, but I failed them.” Dale’s eyes became red and teary as he spoke.


“You don’t have to worry about those challenges you would be able to ace them, after all, your talent level is 5.”


‘Hmmm… I wonder what the school will use to compensate those affected and what will be the punishment for those bastards.’


On his way to his room, he saw similar things, but he didn’t really care. He entered his room and as he was about to get some rest heard an announcement.


A voice came from the badge given to him by the school “All students of the outer school should proceed to the auditorium for a briefing by Principal Lovren.” the voice repeated it three more times before it finally stopped.


Blake was not surprised by the voice; he already knew that this was the announcement system used by the school.


He read an interesting fact about the announcement system on the 2nd floor of the library.


In the early days of Calton city, it was attacked by waves of berserk beasts from the Mina woods every year. Something unexpected happened at that time, the wave that attacked this time was more than double the size that usually attacked.


At that time the city’s defenses were not strong enough to handle that scale of attack, they managed to hold out for four days before their defenses were broken, allowing some of the monsters to enter the city.


Some monsters found their way into the school and began massacring the powerless students. Although the teachers fought against the monsters, there was no way they could protect all the students.

That was when they realized, if they had a way to communicate with each student, they would have been able to direct them to safe zones and would have been able to save more lives.


The massacre ended when the Imperial legion was dispatched by the capital to save the city, but the damage had already done and a lot of lives were lost.


After the incident, the announcement systems were immediately installed into all the schools in the empire,


“Why must it be now?” He knew why they were being gathered, but why couldn’t they wait for him to rest.


Blake grumbled and left the room.







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Chapter 28