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My Space-Time System

Chapter 27: Deeper than it looks.

By: xImpulse


He knew how much the families of the commoners had to sacrifice just to put them in the magic school, because on earth he was in the same position.


“I have to report this to the principal.” He immediately changed his plans of going to the dormitory and headed for the principal’s office.


“Wait for a bit, the principal is attending to a matter.” The secretary gestured for him to have a sit while he waited.


“You can go in now.” After more than 30 minutes of waiting, he was now ushered into the principal’s office.


As he entered the office, he saw an elderly man wearing a monocle.


“Good day principal Lovren.” Blake slightly bowed.


“How are you Blake, what can I help you with.” Principal Lovren said with a smile on his face.


“Sir I will like to report a matter.”


“Yes, go on.”


“When first came into the dormitory, I noticed that the amount of nature’s energy was too little, so I decided to go to the woods in other to cultivate and that still happens till date.” He expected a weird expression to appear on Lovren’s face, but he still retained his smile and listened patiently.

“After my first rune class, I decided to visit the library in order to consolidate the knowledge I obtained and that made me return to dormitory a few hours after lunch, by that time most people would have been resting or cultivating.”


“As I walked the corridor, I noticed that a large amount of energy flowed into specific rooms and I hehe… I even envied them.” Blake laughed sheepishly.


“At first it seemed normal, but I soon remembered that mana cannot gather in that way unless there was an external factor, so I quickly investigated the matter.


I found out that the energy gathers at some particular rooms and through the room allocation system I found out that those rooms belonged to the nobles.”


“I began crossing out things that could cause it and that brought me to the conclusion that they were using of runic stones…” At this moment, principal Lovren frowned, but before he could talk, he was interrupted by Blake.


“That’s not all…”


“At first, I thought it was them doing something illegal and nothing more was to it, but I soon discovered it was not so. I checked other floors and discovered it was the same thing, then I noticed that they were all placed at strategic places, that was when something came to mind.”


“The nobles planned to reduce the cultivation speed of the commoners.” They both said in unison.


Principal Lovren came to the same conclusion as Blake.


“Have you told this to anyone?” Principal Lovren said while getting up.


“…” This question stunned Blake.


This was a very tricky question; it was asked when the bad guy planned on killing the eye witness if he hadn’t told anyone about it. If he answered no he might get killed because he was not sure if principal Lovren was siding the nobles.


But if he answered yes and principal Lovren was not siding the nobles, the issue might not be resolved efficiently, leading to many commoners being kicked out of the magic school.


“No… no.” Blake stuttered as he decided to take the risk.


I am doing this for you guys… He closed his eyes and awaited the spell that was to kill him.


“What are you doing?” Principal Lovren had a weird expression on his face as he saw the youth closed his eyes as if death was at the doorstep.


“Oh… Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.” Principal Lovren chuckled when he realized what was going on.


Blake opened his eyes when he heard the chuckle. ‘I am saved.’


“Young man, thanks a lot for this information, you have saved the futures of many commoners. I have to commend your bravery and selflessness because many know about the injustice that is going on, but only a few decide to speak up.” Principal Lovren bowed.


“Thank you, Sir.” Blake also bowed.


“Investigations will be carried out immediately and those behind this will be punished, measures will be put in order to compensate those who were affected.” Principal Lovren turned and looked out the window.


At that time, Blake knew it was time for him to go.


“If there is nothing else, I shall take my leave.” Blake immediately left the room and returned to the dorm.



Deep in the night.


“Huh?” Blake immediately woke up from sleep when he noticed that something was not right.


Due to his assimilation with the All-father’s inheritance was almost complete, his sensory skills had increased greatly and now he noticed that some people were moving in the corridor.


“Do they know that I leaked the information or is it those sent by the school to investigate the matter.” He was afraid that he was being targeted, but when he noticed that they moved to different rooms, he calmed down.


‘If I was to be assassinated, why will they send these people, one person should be enough.’ He gave a wry smile, before falling back asleep.



“Zirrack, what do you think?” Principal Lovren asked as the stood outside the wind griffin dormitory.

“The aura of the runic stones is faint, if anyone low in level came here, they would not have figured anything out.” Zirrack said with a serious expression as he continued.


“They planned to stop using it a week before the awakening test, because the aura would have completely dissipated by then, but unknown to them the matter had been reported.


This also happened in all the dormitories and looking at the number of nobles that did this and how they stopped using it at the same time, it is clear that this was planned and I suspect that the higher-ups might have a hand in this.”


“You have confirmed my suspicions; this runs much deeper than it looks. I shall report this to the prince, stop the investigation, and head back.” Principal Lovren said as he disappeared.


Zirrack bowed and immediately left the area.







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Chapter 27