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My Space-Time System

Chapter 26: Raiju breathing Technique.

By: xImpulse


Hehe… He smiled when he saw the systems notification.


That means my cultivation speed will increase… Blake felt like leaving the library and heading to the woods close to the dorm to cultivate immediately.


“Blake focus!” He didn’t let the joy make him lose focus.


“It’s more like a cold and hot system. The closer you get, the more the feeling came up and vice versa.” While he was following his intuition, he analyzed the power of a locator.


After ten minutes of pacing back and forth, the strange feeling reached its peak. Although he understood his power as a locator it still took him some time because of how large the library was.


He saw a book with an azure cover, this was the book his intuition directed him to.


He took the book out and saw the tittle written in golden letters.


“Rajiu-breathing technique.”


“Huh?… What am I doing with a breathing technique, seems like I made a mistake.” He quickly checked if he had made a mistake while being directed by his intuition, but after double-checking, he found out that he hadn’t made a mistake.


“I guess I should not judge a book by its cover.” He picked up the book and found a chair.


The cushion is really nice, only if I could take it to the other floors… Blake lampooned as he began reading.


The technique is an ancient lightning-based breathing technique that allowed the user to draw energy from the air into one’s body. With the help of the technique, the body absorbs the energy and transfers them to the muscle, enabling the user to exert more force when performing attacks and it also granted increased speed and reflexes.


When the user reached a certain level and had obtained a high level of mastery, he would be able to draw lightning energy directly from the environment. The lightning energy absorbed would improve both lightning attacks, spells, and even resistance to lightning-based abilities.


Tyrannical… That was the only word that came into his mind as he read about the technique.


The breathing technique could be traced back to the period before the Azeroth war. It was used by the panther ancestral beast, Raiju.


Till date, there have been no records of the Ancestral beast being defeated, not only was it because of its tyrannical lightning abilities and its freighting speed, but because of this breathing technique.


This unique breathing technique made the ancestral beasts attacks unblockable. Whenever it struck the enemies with its claws, even if blocked the lightning energy will be transferred to the internal organs of the enemy. This effect made it one of the most feared ancestral beasts that walked infinite realm.


‘Sadly, at my current level, I cannot utilize its full power.’ Blake sighed.


For him to be able to use the full strength of the Raiju breathing technique, he had to have a high of mastery.


Just as the technique had formidable effects, it also came with its own disadvantages.


The technique could be practiced by only those in the lightning pathway, but that was not a problem for Blake.


Due to the quality of the technique was top-notch, its requirements were high. Using the technique stressed the muscles of the user, because of the amount of energy that was being absorbed by the body of the user, a lot of stress was put on the muscles. For someone like Blake whose cultivation level was still low, if the technique was used for a long time, he would receive damages to his muscles.


“The first disadvantage is nothing, but the second is really annoying… looking at the bright side, although I can’t use it for long, it can be used to end fights quickly and as my level rises, so will the duration.” Blake pondered over the matter before placing the book back and headed for the stone door.


They were two other floors above the 2nd, but he had no plans of visiting them for now. “I’ll be back, my precious.” Blake looked back at the books and sighed helplessly before leaving the library.


Immediately he left the library, he went straight to the concealed space and began practicing the breathing technique he got in the library, he was so excited that he even forgot about his increase in assimilation with the All-fathers inheritance.



Over the week all he had been doing was attending classes and cultivating, although it was repetitive, he didn’t think much about it, because it was already the last week before the awakening test. He didn’t dare complain; all he did was cultivate diligently.


By this time Blake had already filled the 3rd star and had almost reached the half-mark of the fourth star thanks to the concealed space and the miraculous breathing technique he found.


After practicing the Raiju breathing technique and cultivated, he found out that it was easier for him to absorb energy from the environment to fill up his star.


That was why he no longer worried about passing the awakening test because he was sure that before then he would be in the warrior level of the lightning pathway.


“There is no need for me to continue, I might as well quit school, there is no way that I will be able to fill the fourth star before the awakening test.”


“You can reach the fourth star at that time?! I am not sure I can fill up the third star. This is bad.”


Blake didn’t see the difference in the expression of these commoners, compared to the ones he saw earlier that day, they were all depressed.


“…” He frowned when he heard their conversation, they were all saying the same thing, same as the ones he had met.


They were all complaining about their cultivation speed.


At this rate, even 25% of the commoners might not even make it to the main school, all because of these despicable nobles… Blake felt bad for them because they didn’t know the people behind their misfortune.


“I have to do something about this!” Blake said with a determined face.


Although he didn’t want to get caught in the fight between the nobles and the commoners, he couldn’t watch their dreams get shattered by people who didn’t take them as humans.







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Chapter 26