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My Space-Time System

Chapter 25: Must resist.

By: xImpulse


Due to Blake’s injuries and mental exhaustion, he slept for four hours after he returned to the dormitory, but when he woke up his injuries were surprisingly healed and he was pumped with energy.


‘This should be the effects of the space pathway.’ This was not the first time he had seen his wounds heal, so he knew it was caused by the All father’s inheritance.


“I have to go to the library for a combat technique… System how sure are you, that I can find one at the library?”


[100% sure.


One can certainly be found in the library, but the most important thing to take note of is the quality. I can determine the quality of the combat technique based on the host’s requirements.]


Blake was relieved as he heard the systems assuring answer. He went to the dining hall for lunch and after that, he left the dormitory for the library.



Blake soon reached the twin spire towers and quickly made his way into the building.


He entered the room properly illuminated by floating globes of light and began browsing the books at the combat section.


After more than thirty minutes of searching, he only found books on weak points and basic combat moves. There was nothing related to combat techniques at the ground level of the library.


“As I suspected, combat techniques are not that easy to find.” He knew that combat techniques were not easy to find, so he didn’t have much hope of finding one on the ground floor. If he found one here, he would suspect that combat techniques were not as good as they were said to be.


He quickly climbed the stairs and went to the first floor, where the concrete door with a shield shape hole was present.


He placed the emblem given to him by Prince Bryon into the hole.


When the concrete door opened, he made his way into the room.


“Huh?” Blake was disappointed by what he saw.


“Isn’t it meant to be better than the ground?” He had expected the first floor of the tower to be more exquisite than the ground floor, but they both had the same design.


He soon felt the gazes of people falling on him, that was when he realized that other people were in the library.


“These must be seniors from the main school… That means the first floor can be accessed by those from the main school. No wonder the room doesn’t look special.


He didn’t think much about it as he began browsing the books.


“Wow! The books here are way better than those of the ground floor.” Just by looking at the book covers and titles, he already knew that they were better.


Although they say ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover…’ it was not in this case, from the titles alone he could see they contained in-depth information about their topics. Most of the books here touched the core of the subjects, while most of the books on the ground floor didn’t even touch the crust.


Although Blake’s pro-gamer instincts of gathering enough information about the characters and analyzing their strengths and weakness, tried to tempt him into reading most of the books he came in contact with, he managed to suppress it and went ahead in search of a combat technique.


“Surely combat techniques are rare.” He had been searching for a long time, but all he found were mediocre techniques that the system labeled as trash.


“I don’t think I can last long.” While in search of a combat technique, he had come across many books that caught his attention, but any time he resisted the temptation and passed them, his heart ached. His will was slowly wilting, he would soon succumb to the temptation.


“Another stair?” As he continued his search, he discovered another stair that led to the 2nd floor.


[Host is likely not to find any basic combat techniques of high quality on this floor, but the chances would increase a whole lot on the next floor.]


He had no time to waste, so he immediately followed the system’s advice and went up the stairs.


He quickly reached the 2nd floor and a similar concrete door blocked the entrance. Like before he inserted the emblem and the door opened up.


Unlike the 1st and ground floor, the 2nd floor did not disappoint Blake. Everything here was more exquisite than the other floors, from the cushioned chairs to the bookshelves made with high-quality wood.


“Guess not everyone can gain access to this floor.” Blake looked at the emblem in his hand and realized how precious the emblem was.


“Surely, it should be here…” Blake walked in and began searching.


After searching for less than 5 minutes he had already found two combat techniques, he was both shocked and excited, he had spent more than thirty minutes on the ground and 1st floor searching for one that was at least mid-rank, but now he found two.


“System check for the combat technique that suits me.”


“On second thought, I will find it on my own.” Blake quickly changed his mind. He had always been looking for a way to increase his assimilation with the All-father’s inheritance.


He realized that this was the perfect opportunity!


All he needed to do was to follow his intuition which will help him locate a combat technique that was perfect for him.


“Eh… so how does this work?” he walked around the room browsing through the books on the shelves, but after 30 minutes he hadn’t had any special feeling.


“Maybe I am on the wrong side of the room?” he carefully thought of it and walked to the other side of the room.


As he reached the center of the room, a feeling rose in him, but when he passed the area the feeling died down.




He went back to the center and the feeling came up, that was when he knew what was happening.


‘Guess this is how a Locator works, they always go to where their intuition leads.’ Blake was deeply in thought over the occurrence.


[Host assimilation has increased to 65%]







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Chapter 25