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My Space-Time System

Chapter 24: She likes me?

By: xImpulse


‘Shit! he wants to take me down with him.’


Vlad didn’t care about the rules again, he didn’t care about being punished by instructor Zirrack, all he wanted was to give this commoner who has shamed him a fatal injury that could take him out for some days or even kill him.


He was planning on giving a lethal shot to Blakes’s temples before he was knocked out.


This was despicable!


Blake closed his eyes and braced for the impact.




‘huh?’ His fist collided with Vlad’s head, but he felt no pain.


Blake opened his eyes and saw Vlad on the floor unconscious. When he turned, he saw instructor Zirrack standing beside him.


‘Such speed!’ Blake was shocked by what happened, he knew that he was saved by instructor Zirrack, but the speed used to move across the training ground was shocking.


“Thank you.” Blake said sincerely.


“It’s my duty as the instructor to protect the student, you don’t have to thank me.” Instructor Zirrack said as he turned to the class.


“He broke the rules and planned on maiming a fellow student. For that he will be punished, that I assure you.” The students knew he meant business, as a frown could be seen on his face.


Most of the commoners were happy that Vlad was about to be punished, but none of them dared show it on their faces, but it was a different case on the side of the nobles. Instead of them being angry that one of theirs was being punished, they all felt pity for Vlad.


Instructor Zirrack was known as one of the most vicious teachers in the magic school, he was known for being unbiased and always adhering to the rules. The students that were punished by him were always filled with dread whenever they heard his name.


“By the way of knockout, Blake is the winner.” Zirrack announced.


“Class dismissed.” Blake’s match was the last match of the exercise, so instructor Zirrack quickly dismissed the class and walked out of the training grounds.


When instructor Zirrack was out of sight, he held his stomach as beads of sweat rolled down his face.


“I managed to hold it in and keep my cool throughout the class, I don’t think I can hold it much longer. Alfred will surely pay for this… There is no time for cursing, I have to get home before it bursts out.” He quickly released little of his aura and zoomed out of the area at a terrifying speed.


If Blake was here, he would have found out that his prayers were answered, but the timing was wrong.



“What a match.” Blake gave out a sigh of relief as he sat on the ground.


Although he had managed to take the hit to his chest, it still hurt him and with the burning effect of the attack, he still felt some lingering pain on his chest.


Blake was exhausted from the fight, it took him a lot of energy, both physically and mentally to keep up with Vlad. Not only did he have to counter Vlad’s swift attacks, but he also had to react to the system’s predictions and this was very taxing.


‘The system is surely a godly tool.’ When Blake thought about what happened in the fight, he understood how much of a cheat the system was. He knew that without the system, he wouldn’t have been able to last a minute, even though he had an outstanding defense.


‘I have to get a combat technique, maybe I can find a nice one on the upper floor of the library.’ After seeing the effects of combat techniques in the fight against Vlad, Blake secretly coveted them. He had to get one if he wanted to keep up or even beat the nobles.


He looked at the nobles and saw that they surpassed the commoners in every aspect, this didn’t mean he should give up because life gave him lemons instead of apples, all he had to do was to keep pushing to surpass all of them.


‘With the system and the All-father’s inheritance, anything that gets in my way will be mowed!’ Blake said with a determined expression, as he felt like raising his hand screaming it.


“I think he’s cute.” A sweet voice broke Blake’s chain of thought.


He turned to the voice and saw a girl with a black silky hair, an exquisite aquiline nose, brown eyes, and thin red lips that made one focus on them.


It was the stunning Camilla.


‘Shit!’ he immediately turned away when he saw Camille and a group of girls looking at him.


‘C’mon, with that body of yours, everything you do looks seductive… What! She thinks I am cute?!’ When Blake realized what was happening, he turned and looked in that direction.


‘She was talking about me! Does that mean she likes me? Am I that handsome?” A smirk appeared on his face as he began fantasizing.


When he came back to reality, he noticed that he had spent too much time in the training grounds, so he got up and left for the dormitory.



In Prince Bryon’s hands was a crystal orb and beside him was the busty secretary Joan. The crystal orb in Bryon’s hand displayed the image of his red-haired friend, Rayzer.


“Are you saying that he beat Vlad without using a combat technique?” A shocked expression was plastered on Prince Bryon’s face, as he couldn’t believe his ears.


“haha… Yes, I was as shocked as you guys were, if not I had seen it with my eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it.” Rayzer’s image gave out a low chuckle before answering.


Even Joan had a dumbfounded by what she heard.


‘How is this even possible.’ Bryon knew how powerful the swift dragon strike, not only because it was mainly used by the descendants of the royal family, it was because he knew the technique and had mastered it.


Although he knew that Vlad had not mastered half of the technique, he was sure that Vlad was already in the 3rd star of the fire pathway and was able to stir up fire particles, the combat technique should have given him burning effect to his attacks. If added to the ability to prevent counter-attacks, that should be more than enough to deal with someone that had no knowledge of combat techniques.


“Seems like my cousin underestimated him… all in all, he is talented and has surely gotten my attention.” Prince Bryon said with a smile as he canceled the communication.







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Chapter 24