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My Space-Time System

Chapter 23: I can’t lose to a commoner!

By: xImpulse


The reason why the nobles had pitiful looks on their faces, was because they knew how terrifying the swift dragon technique was, and why it was one of the top combat techniques the royal family was in possession of.


The dragon stance enabled the user to exert more power as the movements originate from the feet and guided by the waist, it flows through the body and exits through the fist. What made the swift dragon strike combat technique formidable, was the ability to stop the opponent from counter-attacking.


The main aim of the technique was to land swift consecutive blows on the opponent’s weak points, forcing him to defend throughout the fight. This strategy puts a lot of pressure on the opponents, causing them to make mistakes in the fight, and all that was left was for the users to take advantage of the mistakes and end the fight.


Shit! this is bad… Blake was clearly in a pinch trying to defend the ferocious attacks coming at him.


He tried his best to escape the combo, but Vlad was relentless, he kept on chaining his attacks leaving no room for Blake to break out.


If this continued, he was doomed!


[Shift the punch attack at the right and sidestep to the left, then lunch a punch at the left side of the abdomen.] At the nick of time, the system released orders that could help him.


Blake shifted Vlad’s incoming fist and this left him open to counter attacks.


What!… Vlad was astonished at first, but he knew this spelled danger for him, so he immediately used the momentum of his left hand being shifted, to perform a spinning back kick.




How did he dodge that!… A student screamed out in shock.


Huh?… Not only did Vlad’s kick hit nothing but air, it also caused him to lose balance for a moment.


When he managed to get his thoughts together, he noticed that the commoner had sidestepped and a fist was flying towards his abdomen.


Shit!… he tried to dodge the incoming attack by stepping back, but at that moment it was already too late.


“Ahhh!” The punch sent Vlad flying over a meter. His scream made the entire training ground silent.


How is this possible?


Such strength!


Disbelief was written on the faces of all students in the training ground. Even instructor Zirrack was a little bit shocked, that a student that was most likely in the third star could possess such strength.


Unknown to them, Blake was already in the warrior level in a pathway that gave him a boost in his physical abilities.


Wow! I am that powerful… When Blake saw the amount of strength he just unleashed, he finally realized how powerful the Space pathway was!


Hmm… He is impressive, not only did he predict and dodge that nobles attack, he maintained a cool head and targeted the opponent’s weak point. That’s what I have been looking for, no one except him made use of the information I gave in the demonstration… What seemed like a proud smile appeared on instructor Zirrack’s face, but it soon disappeared before anyone noticed.


At this moment, Vlad got on his feet while his hand was holding the left side of his abdomen.


‘How… could he… have such… strength?’ Vlad was could barely think straight because of the pain.


You will pay for this you!… Vlad said with a vengeful expression, as he took on the dragon stance.


‘How are the fire particles increasing? Is it because of the combat technique?’ Blake noticed that the number of fire particles stirred up by Vlad when he took on the dragon stance had increased greatly.


‘Arghh.’ Vlad screamed as he rushed towards Blake at a frightening speed!


Before Blake could react, he was jabbed in the chest and abdomen, before being sent flying by a roundhouse kick.


Hot!… Blake was being burnt with every punch that landed on him, this was bad!


He guessed that this was a passive ability from the fire pathway, but what he noticed was that, as Vlad got angrier, the fire particles around him increased, thereby boosting the hotness of the attacks.


‘I can win this.’ Immediately, Blake stood up as he saw Vlad approaching him


‘The commoner is making me lose face, I have to end this now!” Not giving him breathing space, Vlad dashed towards Blake with the plan of ending the battle quickly.


He’s enraged, this is an opportunity to counter-attack… Blake ran forward and met the approaching.


[Block the punch aimed at your head and take the one aimed at the chest, then grab the opponent’s hand and deliver a punch at his abdomen, when he bends down in pain give him a knockout blow.]


‘Take the punch?’ At first, Blake was skeptical about what the system said, but he soon understood that if he takes a punch, it won’t deal much damage to him because of his physical abilities, but if he managed to land an attack on Vlad whose defense was nothing special, he would be able to deal frightening damage.


‘He even has the guts to initiate an attack… Impudent!’ Vlad launched a probing punch at Blake’s head and planned on jabbing his chest if he took the bait.


“It’s over.” Blake took the bait and blocked the punch.




“Arrgh!” Vlad roared as he raised his right hand to give a knockout.


‘Now!’ Blake felt a burning pain that made him want to scream, but he knew this was his chance to win and an opportunity like this might not come again. So he gritted his teeth in pain and held Vlad’s hand.


‘What? No!’ Vlad felt chills run down his spine. As Blake’s fist approached his abdomen.




Vlad spat out blood, as a wave of pain surged through his body.


‘I can’t lose to a commoner! No matter what!’ these thoughts rang through his head.


“It’s over!” Blake yelled as he raised his fist to give a knockout blow.


“Die!” Vlad screamed with desperation in his eyes, as he launched an attack aiming for Blake’s temples.


‘Shit! he wants to take me down with him.’







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Chapter 23