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My Space-Time System -Novel Chapter 22

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My Space-Time System

Chapter 22: Swift dragon strike.

By: xImpulse


As Blake walked to the training ground, he saw an average height orange-haired boy walking up to the training ground, with a contemptuous smirk on his face.


This was Vlad!


He was known as one of the most ruthless nobles. What puzzled him the most was that he was Luciano’s cousin, but he was not as calm as him, instead he was vicious and cold-hearted.


Why can’t you be cool like your cousin? Just take it easy, please… Blake didn’t let his inward pleas show on his face as he reached the training ground.


System, don’t make the predictions and counter-attacks lethal, but make them hurt… Although he could not fully take advantage of the system’s help, he didn’t want to get disqualified in case he managed to throw a punch or even win.




They had already taken their positions, all that remained was instructor Zirrack’s order to start the fight.


Dim wit… He cursed inwardly as he couldn’t bear to see the irritating smirk that was always on Vlad’s face.


Blake had heard rumors of how Vlad maltreated the commoners, it was just too ruthless. From the way he acted it was clear that he didn’t see the commoners as human beings, but as objects that can be used and discarded at will.


Only if instructor Zirrack will let me cripple him… Vlad had nasty ideas of had to deal with Blake, but instructor Zirrack would surely protect Blake if he tried anything that was against the rules.


“Begin!” Instructor Zirrack’s voice rang through the training ground as he announced the beginning of the matches.


“His fast…” Blake was shocked by how quickly Vlad approached him.


[Host should be careful; the opponent is of the fire pathway and has filled half of the third star, he has gained increased physical abilities.] The system warned Blake when it saw the fire particles Vlad stirred up.


Immediately the command left instructor Zirracks’s lips, Vlad had dashed towards Blake at an astonishing speed.


Vlad thrust his right fist at Blake, with the plans of knocking him out with one blow.


[Step back and punch at the left side of his face.]


Immediately Blake heard the systems command, he took a step back and dodged the fist.


Haha… I actually dodged it… Blake was surprised that he dodged the punch and forgot to counter-attack.


He dodged it!…


Vlad was surprised that a commoner dodged his attack, but unlike Blake, he quickly composed himself and retreated, before lunging at him again.


Let’s end this quickly… Vlad had no intention of wasting time with a commoner. He would become a laughingstock if he wasted time on a commoner.


Vlad lunged at Blake a few more times, aiming at his weak points, but the commoner kept on dodging his attacks.


“…” Even Blake was shocked by his ability to dodge Vlad’s ferocious attacks.


He didn’t know that it was because, he was already in the warrior level in the space, which gave him boosted physical abilities and improved reflexes.


Also, he had filled up two stars of the lightning pathway and was currently in the third star. Among all the pathways, the lightning element gave the highest boost to the user’s speed, so it was natural for Blake to be able to dodge all of Vlad’s attacks.


This is annoying… Vlad being unable to land a single punch on Blake was getting on his nerves. How could a mere commoner make him lose face?


‘Time to end this!’ Vlad Twisted to the right and sank down in a low stance, he put 70% of his weight on his front leg and 30% on his back leg and his back knee got very close to touching the Achilles tendon of the front leg.


“The Dragon stance!” A noble shouted in shock.


The dragon what?… Blake was surprised that his opponent had taken a weird position, normally used by martial art masters in movies.


“What! Vlad is planning on using the swift dragon strike.”


“Isn’t he a little bit too serious.”


“Even though he detests commoners, this is overkill.”


The training ground was no longer silent, the noise of nobles exclaiming could be heard all around. The nobles were astonished when they saw what Vlad was planning to do, this was just too much!


Cousin, why must you always be excessive… Blake is good for being able to dodge his attacks for so long…


Luciano felt like smacking his face when he saw Vlad using the swift dragon strike, but he soon noticed that Blake was faster than most people on the training ground, and that included the nobles.


This was shocking!


Unknown to Luciano, Blake was actually higher than everyone except instructor Zirrack in the training grounds, in terms of cultivation. He was in the warrior level in the space pathway and had also filled up two stars in the lightning pathway, how could he not be faster.


If they knew about Blake’s cultivation, most of them will withdraw from the school and look for a purpose in life.


Immediately after performing the dragon stance, Vlad thrust his fist at Blake.


It’s faster!… When Blake saw the incoming fist, he felt a chill run down his spine. Due to his increased perception that was way higher than others, he could sense that Vlad’s attacks had gotten stronger.


Not only did Vlad’s punch get faster, but it also packed a lot of force behind it and it was going straight for Blake’s face!


At the nick of time, Blake managed to dodge the punch, but before he could follow the system’s counter-attack plan, a punch landed on his guts.


“Ahh!” The pain surged through his entire body, causing him to lose the ability to think for a second.


Before he could put his thoughts in order, more blows landed on him, preventing him from counter-attacking.


“It’s over! Vlad has already won, there is no way he could withstand the swift dragon style combo.” Pity was on the faces of the nobles when they saw that Blake was trapped in the combo.


Surely, it’s over… Luciano sighed helplessly as he saw Blake being beaten down by Vlad.







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Chapter 22