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My Space-Time System -Novel Chapter 21

All chapters are in My Space-Time System -Novel
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My Space-Time System

Chapter 21: One sided beat-down.

By: xImpulse


The moment of truth. System can you help me in the exercise?… Blake had a bad feeling that his opponent would be a noble and he will be trashed.


[I can predict the opponents moving from analyzing his muscle contractions and energy fluctuations.


I can also outline the opponent’s weak points with every action he makes and I can direct the host on when, how, and where to attack and defend.]


Blake began to rejoicing as he heard the systems report.


[But that all depends on the host processing and reacting speed.]


How do you mean processing and reacting speed?… The smile on his face immediately turned to a frown when the system gave the bad news.


[Even if I am able to predict his moves or show his weak points at certain instances and direct host on when, how, and where to attack and defend, it all depends on how fast the host’s mind processes and understands it in that split second.


In fights, the fighter would have to make split-second movements that will defend or counter the opponent’s attack. If host can’t react in time when I tell you to defend, host would still be hit, so it all depends on how fast host processes and react to the information.]


I see… Blake now understood what the system meant.


What are the ways I can increase my processing and reaction speed?… He was in a sticky situation so he had to get out of it fast!


[At the current moment there are no ways to increase hosts processing and reacting speed.]


Oh no!… Blake felt dejected when the ‘all-knowing’ system had no solutions to his problems.


I depend on the system too much; I have to learn to do things on my own…


He had noticed that since he came to this world he had been depending on the system, even his first decision of running to the spring was from the system.


He felt bad that he knew he had a combat exercise today, but he didn’t do anything about it, he was waiting for the systems help instead of training himself. Even the archery skills he displayed in the archery exercise was from the system, but the funny thing was that he hadn’t trained to develop his own skills since that day.


What kind of main character am I?… At the spot, he swore that he would try as much as possible not to depend on the system.


[Does host still require my assistance in the combat exercise?]


“Give any assistance you can offer; I may need it.” Blake confirmed.


“Before we get started, I will like to remind you guys, that the striking skills I demonstrated are too lethal for combat training and besides you haven’t mastered them, so do not use them in this exercise or you will get punished and disqualified.” Instructor Zirrack announced with a stern expression.


“Wesson, Victoria… Philip, Abilene…” Instructor Zirrack called up students in pairs, up to 5 sets.


I almost forgot the rules… Instructor Zirrack coughed when he saw the students in their positions, ready to start, but he hadn’t announced the rules.


“The rules are simple, perform a successful takedown and win the match, knock out your opponent and win the match, force your opponent out of the boundary and win the match. Now, remember no lethal striking techniques, or you are disqualified.” Zirrack announced before beginning the matches.


It is not a noble vs commoner arrangement, I have a chance at this… Blake found hope in performing well in the exercise, all he need was not to be paired with a noble.


Blake always felt the commoners fear for the nobles to be too exaggerated, but from the exercise, he found out that it was understated.


He saw the nobles easily thrashing every commoner they face, literally thrashing!


They were beaten so badly, that they were rolling on the floor writhing in pain!


This made Blake increase the rate at which he prayed in hopes of the heavens granting him enough luck to be paired up with a commoner because the combat techniques they used in the fights were nothing close to basic.


Their combat techniques were so superior that most of the commoners did not get a chance to throw a punch, all they did was take a whole round of thrashing.


This is not a fight; it is a one-sided beatdown… Blake lamented.


“Lucky bastards.” Blake envied the combat techniques used by the nobles, but he knew it was ridiculous if he planned on getting them.


Most of the techniques used by the nobles were family techniques only to be taught to members and not outsiders, while the rich merchants and lesser nobles whose families didn’t have much of a background, hired combat masters for their kids right from when they were little.


Blake knew he didn’t have enough wealth to hire combat masters, neither did he have much of a background talk less of learning a family technique, so he didn’t think much of it but tried his best to avoid conflicts between himself and the nobles.


I need to get a powerful combat technique… he saw the need to learn one after watching the beatdown that was going on.


[Host can get a combat technique at the library and I will help host master it.]


When this information came to his ears, a sense of joy sprang up in his heart, but it soon turned sour. “Of what use is it now.” He sighed dejectedly.


Blake watched as the victors walked out of the training grounds, while the defeated were limping or being supported by their friends.


It was time for a new set of fighters!


“Kade, Olander… Blake, Vlad…”


“Not a noble… not a noble…” At this point, Blake had already formed a mantra, but when he heard his name and opponent, he couldn’t help but frown.


“What rotten luck! I even got paired up with that douche bag, anyone else but that douche bag.” He felt like spitting but he ultimately held it back and walked up to the training ground with a heavy heart.







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Chapter 21