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My Space-Time System -Novel Chapter 20

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My Space-Time System

Chapter 20: Too brutal.

By: xImpulse


The nightmare he had been praying against, had finally happened, Instructor Zirrack had arrived at the training grounds in a good shape.


I need new Gods to pray to… Blake lampooned as he waited for the class to commence.


“As announced last week, we would be having a close-quarters combat class today. Now before we get into today’s exercise, I will be explaining and demonstrating some skills and techniques that you would be practicing during the exercise.” Instructor Zirrack announced as he took a military stance in front of the students.


Soon Instructor Zirrack began showing the students a few takedown techniques.


“Takedowns require you to off-balance an opponent and taking him down to the ground, using grappling techniques… You over there, come forward for demonstration.” Instructor Zirrack pointed at a student standing in front.


So unlucky… Blake felt pity for the student called up by instructor Zirrack.


“Now watch closely.”


Instructor Zirrack grappled the student, he twisted his upper body, and suddenly the boy was swept up his feet and found himself on the dusty floor of the training grounds.


“Uh…uh.” The ‘test subject’ was on the floor writhing in pain with his hands around his rib region.


“Don’t be a wussy, if I used even quarter of my strength, you would have all your ribs broken, and depending on how much the heavens love you, you would probably be dead by now.” Instructor Zirrack scoffed at how weak his ‘test subject’ was.

Oh my God, what a beast, he is too brutal… Were you planning on killing him? Even if he offended you why would you thrash a kid like that?… Fear gripped Blake when he saw how the student was brutalized by Instructor Zirrack.


He was just too brutal!


System is it true that he did not use his full strength in the throw?… Blake wanted to confirm if Instructor Zirrack was telling the truth or he enjoyed brutalizing his students.


[Analysis in progress…


Analysis completed.


From the angle, the victim was thrown, energy fluctuations, and from the muscle contraction from Instructor Zirrack, the system has calculated that he used only 10% of his strength to make the throw.]


“…” Blake was rendered speechless when he saw the result of the systems analysis.


Death!… That was the only thought that came into Blake’s head as he imagined what would have happened if Instructor Zirrack truly used his full strength in the throw.


“Next will be a striking demonstration.” When he said this, he saw the students slowly backing away.


I don’t want to be crippled, Instructor Zirrack please spare me…


I am still too young; I don’t want to die…


Fear clutched the hearts of the students as they slowly backed away from instructor Zirrack when they heard his announcement.


Striking demonstration! He is really out for blood today!… Also, Blake began panicking in his head when he heard Instructor Zirrack’s announcement.


What is wrong with this generation of kids? Back in the days, we would be struggling to demonstrate with the instructor in order to get a closer look and understanding of his techniques… Zirrack sighed inwardly when he saw the action of the kids.


He thought that he was doing the kids a favor by calling them up for a demonstration, but when he saw their reactions, he was totally disappointed.


“Useless!” Zirrack uttered as he changed his plans for the striking lessons.


Since his ball-less students were too scared for striking demonstrations, he decided to use a wooden dummy. At least the wooden dummy wouldn’t cower in fear.


Thank goodness he chose the dummy… The rate at which Blake’s heart was thumping reduced when he saw that the wooden dummy was to be used.


“When you are in a fight with an opponent, depending on the situation, you would want to end it quickly. That is where the striking techniques come in.”


“Striking techniques are used to deal substantial damage to your opponents or to finish him off, and to attain maximum efficiency with each strike, you are meant to aim at the opponent’s weak points.


Human beings have general weak points which can be targeted in a fight, but due to certain cultivation techniques and pathways, those weak points are strengthened or sometimes removed.”


“For you to be considered a good fighter, you have to have an eye for detecting the opponent’s weak points and utilizing them to your advantage. Now the general weak points in the human body can be located at the eyes…” He used his fingers to poke the eyes of the dummy.


“Breaking the nose…”


“Hitting the temples…” He viciously jabbed the temples of the wooden dummy.


“Punches to the ear of the opponent will destabilize him and give you an opportunity to land a fatal blow; like a heavy punch to the throat that will break his neck bone and cut out his air supply, giving him a few seconds to live.” Instructor Zirrack said with an evil grin.


While will you act like this in front of your students? You surely want to give me a heart attack… Chills were sent down Blake’s spine when he saw the devilish grin on his instructor’s face.


Instructor Zirrack quickly continued his demonstration. “A hit to the sides of the jaw will knock the opponent out, while an attack behind the neck or on the spine will paralyze the opponent.


When fighting, target the opponent’s legs to slow him down, preferably strike his knees to dislocate his joints, making him a sitting duck waiting to be slaughtered.


And last but not the least, the classic hit to the groin will bring a whole world of pain to the opponent.”


He is practically training us to kill, I thought this was a school, not a mercenary camp… Blake was shocked by how lethal the techniques Instructor Zirrack demonstrated was.


“Now its time for today’s exercise, it will be 5 sets of one on one combat and the selection will be at random… As usual, once you are called up you take your position on the training grounds.” Instructor Zirrack went straight to the point after he was done with the demonstration.







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Chapter 20