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My Space-Time System

Chapter 19: Explosive diarrhea.

By: xImpulse


“The rooms…”


Due to the equal rights bill, passed by the empire, the school made things ‘equal’ for both the nobles and the commoners.


The bill enabled the commoners to be able to eat, school, talk, sleep, and many more with the nobles. Before the bill was passed commoners were not allowed to even speak to nobles unless spoken to or asked a question.


Their lives were deemed worthless by the nobles until the bill of equal rights fought for, by Prince Bryon and co. was passed into law. Although the commoners were still being mistreated, it was not done openly and it had reduced compared when the law had not been passed.


If any noble was caught trampling on the rights of a commoner, by law they were to be punished and the punishment could lead to death depending on the crime, but not everything goes as planned.


Most times, officials were bribed by the nobles, making them turn a blind eye to the matter.


The Calton magic school showed they were in support of the bill by making both nobles and commoners attend the same class, eat in the same location, sleep in the same dormitory, even their rooms were allocated in a way that each noble had two commoners as neighbors and the commoners had two nobles as neighbors.


So, when Blake checked the owners of the ‘blessed’ rooms, he found out that they were all occupied by nobles.


“Those bastards.” He had a bad feeling about this, he knew they were up to no good.


“Something is fishy. Should I report it to the school?”


“I have to be careful here, I don’t know who my enemy or my friend is… I will wait and see what happens.” Blake thought about it seriously.


He was afraid of being silenced when he reported to a staff that was on the side of the nobles. He didn’t want to be a scapegoat, all he wanted was to get stronger so that he could leave this world and return to his mother.


“At least, don’t do it openly.” He mumbled


He put the matter at the back of his head and made his way to his room for a nap, before going to cultivate.



In the evening that day.


While moving cautiously in the woods, his head was moving in all directions as he tried to make sure no one was around the area.


If someone sees me, wouldn’t this make me look suspicious?… he gave a wry smile as he quickly made his way out of the forest.


From the afternoon till now, he had been feeling tensed and the cause of his distress was the discovery of the rune stones used by the nobles.


“That’s just too sinister!” It had been stuck on his mind and the more he thought of it the more he hated the nobles.


“If they are really planning on making the commoners get expelled on the awakening day then I have to report this to the principal, but what if it this is not even a plan, maybe some of the nobles are breaking the rules to get stronger quickly, but it was not planned.” Many scenarios played in his head, but he couldn’t find out their main intent.


“Forget about that, I have filled up the second star, but I haven’t made much progress in the third star. As expected, my speed of cultivation has reduced, I need to find a way to increase it.” He shifted his mind from the nobles and focused on his cultivation.


“Increasing my assimilation rate with the Space and time inheritance will help improve my cultivation speed, but that is easier said than done. I need to understand its principles.”


“What does a locator do? Finding things, but what am I looking for?” He pondered on ways to speed up his assimilation.


He soon reached the dormitory and prepared to have dinner.


For a long time now, he had been skipping dinner in order to have more time to absorb energy, but he had been warned by the system that it was not healthy.


So, he decided not to skip dinner and find out about the happenings in the dormitory.


“What an uneventful night, no gossips, no fights.” Blake said as he crawled under the covers.


“Tomorrow is basic com…bat c…lass.” He said drowsily.


“What! Basic combat!��� his thoughts had been occupied with the thoughts of the rune stones that he forgot he had basic combat class the next day.


“May Instructor Zirrack miss his class tomorrow.” He prayed earnestly but deep down in his heart, he knew there was no way Zirrack would miss his class.



The next morning.


With an anxious filled heart, Blake made his way to the training grounds.


As usual, he met students in different cliques, chatting about one topic or another. The gossips he had been anticipating at dinner was finally here, all he needed to do was tune in to the conversation of his choice.


How am I supposed to fight? I have no special techniques I don’t even know taekwondo… Unknown to the students around, Blake was in deep thoughts and was not aware of his surroundings.


Surely, I will be matched up against a noble and get beaten to a pulp… Blake lamented as he anxiously waited for Instructor Zirrack to come.


Deep in his heart, he was making prayers to all the deities he had heard of on earth, he prayed for life-threatening diarrhea to delay Instructor Zirrack.


“It has been 30 mins now, seems like the diarrhea prayer is in effect.” He made a mischievous smile in his head.


“What says the time?” He asked a boy close to him in order to be sure.


“9:08.” The boy replied


“Are you sure?” Disbelief was written all over his face when he heard the boy.


“Yes! Now stop disturbing me.” The boy sounded irritated.


What the f*ck! Only 8 min since his time began… Blake felt like screaming but held himself at the last moment.


“Good morning!” A deep voice rang all over the training ground.


Oh, f*ck!… Blake cursed inwardly when he heard instructor Zirrack’s voice.







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Chapter 19