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My Space-Time System -Novel Chapter 18

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My Space-Time System

Chapter 18: Runic stones.

By: xImpulse


On his way to the dormitory, he saw Kade talking to a brown-haired boy that wore a gray cloth.


“Brother Kade, I have a talent level of 6, but I have only filled up half of the first star.” Philip said with his head dropped.


Philip had a cute face with chubby cheeks, that tempted people to squeeze it. He was a little bit pulpy and was of average height.


His appearance made him look way younger than his true age, he was 16 years old just like Blake, but looked like a 13-year-old.


He’s kinda cute…*cough* *cough*… Blake almost choked when he thought of what he said.


“*Cough* What the f*ck did I just say?” He immediately corrected himself.


Philip continued “Not that, I am not giving it my all, but at the rate at which I am absorbing energy, I am afraid I will be expelled after the awakening test.”


Kade placed his hand on Philip’s shoulder and advised him. “I believe you will be able to pass the awakening test, Remember, we have to make uncle Joe proud.” Kade looked at him with an encouraging smile.


Blake had to admit that, Kade had the skills required to become a good leader. From the way, the commoners looked at Kade and the conversations they had, he knew they greatly admired him and also felt well represented.


Why do I have the feeling that He’s meant to be the main character of this story if I wasn’t here? He’s the type that’s to become a high ranking in the empire or maybe He’s to lead a revolution against the empire… Stories of the main characters of novels he had read, played out in his mind.


When he got close to them, he gave them a nod and continued on his way.


He didn’t want to linger around before they thought he was ‘eavesdropping’, so he quickened his pace and left the vicinity.


“System what is the talent level that Philip was talking about?” He heard Philip complaining about his, so he asked the system right away.


[Every being is born with a limitation; their bodies have an amount of energy they can absorb at a time. The limitation differs for each body, for some, the limitations are strict, while for others they are loose.


Talent level is measured from 1 to 10. The higher the number the lesser the energy absorption restrictions, while lower numbers are vice versa.]


“What is my talent level?” He asked anxiously


[Host has a talent level of 7.]


“Yep, not bad, I am main character material.” He smiled when he saw the systems message.


After lunch, he had a little rest then headed for the forest, but this time he waited for close to an hour before he headed out.


Since he had stepped into the limelight and was now known by both the nobles and commoners, he was worried that someone would find out about his secret, and he could not afford to lose the concealed space.


When he reached the edge of the woods, he moved around the edge of the woods to make sure no one was following him, before he entered.



Three days later.


Blake was returning late from his rune class held by professor Bradof.


“Getting tired of these stairs, even with all the magic, an elevator has not been invented in this world. Even if it was invented, why will it be in the dormitory.” He thought as he made his way up to the sixth floor.


As he walked through the empty corridor, the system sent him a series of messages.


[Energy level high.]


The messages only popped up when he passed some rooms. He went back to the rooms and the same message kept popping up, meaning it was not an error.


“Lucky bastards… Why will my room be the one with low energy levels.” He began envying people who were allocated these ‘blessed’ rooms.


After class he didn’t return straight to the dormitory, he went to the library to check up on what he had been taught that day.


Runes were something totally new to him, so it took him some time to research and when he was done, it was already past lunchtime.


“They should all have had a nice lunch and taking a nap now.” He was angry that he missed lunch, but he couldn��t do anything.


He unlocked the door and was ready to dive on the bed and have a nice 2 hours nap before heading for the woods, but that was when something dawned on him.


“Why will there be a high energy level in some parts of the school.” He had a feeling that something bad was going on.


Immediately, he left the room to investigate.


He began walking back from where he came from and inspected the ‘blessed’ rooms. He closed his eyes then began to focus, soon his energy vision was on.


As he walked the corridor, he inspected the flow of energy particles around every room and the quantity around the ‘blessed’ rooms was tremendous.


Energy particles are gathering around those rooms, even those from other rooms are even moving to the ‘blessed’ rooms… he observed the flow of energy in the environment.


That explains the reason for the low energy level in my room… He felt a little relieved when he finally found the cause of his biggest problem.


System what could make energy gather like this?…


Since he had identified the problem, he thought it would be great if he could solve it.


If the energy levels return to normal, my cultivation speed will increase and with the help of the concealed space, I will be able to make all my elements reach the warrior level before the awakening test… Blake was taken out of his reverie when the system reported.

[Phenomena can occur when a high-level mage is casting a top tier spell, but the amount of energy gathering does not correspond to that of a high tier spell.


Some experiments involve energy particles gathering in order to synthesize materials


Another possibility that corresponds to the amount of energy flow, is when runic stones are used.


Runic stones are stones with runic signs with symbols that draw surrounding energy to it, they are mostly used to cultivate.]


“That means they are using runic stones. Isn’t that illegal.” Next thing he became shocked and was glued to the spot when he realized something.







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Chapter 18