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My Space-Time System

Chapter 17: I don’t want to leave.

By: xImpulse


“It felt like I was reading a Webnovel.” It was when he finished reading the book that he noticed how much time had passed. He put the book back into the bookshelf and scanned for the next book to read.


“I need to know the geography of this world and the location of the Synder empire.” He went to the geography section of the library and took out a leather map and placed it on the table.


At the east side of the map, surrounded by dense forests and mountains, was the Synder empire known for their machinery, outstanding fire mages and their inventions. The emperor of the Synder empire is Cinder, the son of the legendary founder of the empire, Synder.


At the center of the map was the largest ocean he had ever seen, it was Ocean Tribirus. Ocean Tribirus was full of so much dangers that the three empires had to tread carefully when they were on the blue beast.


Ocean Tribirus was located between the Synder empire and the Tigeria empire.


The Tigeria empire’s land mass was not as large that of the Synder empire, but they were the kings of the oceans among the three empires.


The Tigeria empire had the largest numbers of outstanding mages who were in the lightning pathway. Just like the Synder empire that controlled the fire pathway.


To the north, was the Kaldron empire. The empire was located in the midst of three humongous mountain ranges, that made the Kaldron empire’s defense almost impregnable. They had the best earth, plant and sand mages and they were peaceful, but that didn’t mean they were weak.


At the northeast was the land of dust and sand, The Malock desert. The desert stretched across five thousand miles and It was between the Synder and Kaldron empires.


He saw a black ‘X’ marked on the Malock desert, showing it was extremely dangerous.


Similar ‘X’s’ were on the map and a only few were black in color, while most of them were red. He looked at the maps key and saw that red meant extremely dangerous’, while black meant ‘Do not enter’.


I wonder how dangerous the black zones were?… Blake thought, as he scanned the other arears on the map.


“Holy Cow!” He was shocked out of his wits, when his eyes landed on the south region of the leather map.


He saw a large black ‘X’ that covered the whole south region of the map.


“What the F**k! How could a whole region be a black zone?” Chills ran down his spine as he tried to imagine the dangers that lurked in the south zone.


“So, what happened to the Dragons and the other races where did they go? Or are they extinct?” He didn’t see any information about the other races on the map.


Come to think of it, the amount of space occupied by the three empires isn’t that much, compared to the whole map. There are still a lot of places that are unexplored and is it possible for the other races to be in the black zones… A lot of thoughts ran through his head as he tried to uncover the truth.


He quickly put the map back and searched for the book that had the information about other races.


He was not worried about missing or forgetting anything important, because he had the system.


As long as he saw it with his eyes even if it was for a second, the system would store the information.


Surprisingly he was enjoying his visit to the library, he felt like staying in the library and reading for as long as he wanted, but he had to cultivate in preparation for the awakening test.


Unfortunately, most of the books he found focused on the Azeroth war, while some of them had little information on post-Azeroth war.


They all had the general opinion was that non-human races suffered heavy blows during the war.


After the war, their cities and empires were reduced to rumbles and most of their population were massacred, thereby reducing their overall strength.


The Ancestral beasts took the opportunity to attack them. They ended up wiping out most of the non-human races, while the few that survived the ambush, came close to being extinct.


“Something doesn’t sound right about this. Even if they were weakened, how could all the powerhouses be wiped out so easily?” The records were not convincing, but he couldn’t do anything since he didn’t have much information on the topic.


He picked books about the empires and about cultivation.


Since he was about to reach the warrior stage he had to know how to advance.


He found out that once he reaches the warrior level, it was useless to keep absorbing nature’s energy and that was why he couldn’t improve his space element and for him to advance past the warrior level, he needed to absorb a more potent energy from the cores of monsters to breakthrough the 4th star and open up the 5th star.


Surly, advancing will get harder as one moves up in level… He sighed.


He checked the time on the wall clock and decided it was time for him to leave the library.


He scanned the library and noticed that not much students made use of the library. “It’s the same as earth” Blake chuckled.


Huh? I wonder what books will be in the upper section… He saw a stairs that led to the upper level of the library.


“There’s still sometime left before lunch.” In the spirits of adventure, he went up the stairs.


When Blake climbed the stairs, he saw a large concrete door with a flaming crossword crest on it.


He saw a shield shaped hole by the side of the door.


“It needs an item to be opened.” He touched his right pocket and remembered the crest Prince Bryon gave him.


It might have the information about the disappearance of other races.


Not today… He didn’t have much time left, so he turned around and left the library.







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Chapter 17