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My Space-Time System -Novel Chapter 16

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My Space-Time System

Chapter 16: Azeroth War

By: xImpulse


Although he didn’t know much about the history of Infinite realm, he could understand some of the things professor Dewayne taught with the help of the system.


After the class he went to the dormitory for lunch, then he headed for the woods to cultivate.


He noticed his life had been repetitive, all he did was attend classes and cultivate, but there was nothing he could do about it. He currently had no friends, he only knew three friends; Luciano, Castiel, and Brian.


He didn’t have much of a relationship with Brian and Castiel, they got to know each other because they passed through the same disaster.


According to the books he had read, a strong bond would be formed when people passed through hard times together, but it was not the same in this case.


“I wonder how they are doing?” The last time he saw them was at the administration building when they were getting registered.


Each dormitory had their classes at different times, so it was not possible for them to meet each other unless it was a planned meet-up.



The next day, early in the morning.


He had no class today and next, so he decided to jog and exercise before he went to the library. Since he came to school, he had not had time to jog, so it was the perfect time for him to do so.


After stretching and warming up, he jogged out of the Wind-Griffin dormitory and headed in the direction of the training grounds.


He saw students on the training grounds, both nobles, and commoners, but they were using different grounds in order to avoid conflict.


“Huh?” When he jogged passed the archery ground used by the commoners, he saw most of them looking at him with acknowledgment in their eyes.


“Oh.” It took him some time to understand why they were looking at him that way. It turns out that, the skills he displayed during the basic combat class changed their view of him, they felt represented during the exercise.


Only if they knew how much I suck at archery without the help of the system… Blake laughed inwardly as he jogged past.


As he was leaving the training grounds, he felt gazes land on him, but he did not turn to see where they came from. He knew they were from the nobles who were probably cursing him, but he didn’t care.


He soon reached reached an open field, this was his last stop and it was time for him to head back.


He turned and saw a girl with black hair, an aquiline nose, brown eyes, and thin lips meditating on the grass. It was Camilla Karius.


“Uh…” Blake was stunned when she opened her eyes and looked at him with a smile on her face.


C’mon man… He quickly composed himself when noticed he was blushing.


He thought she was hot but he had no plans of approaching her. She was a noble and a lot of guys were courting her, so he tried not to get into trouble because he had a lot of heat on him at the moment and he was not yet powerful enough to fight back.


“Getting powerful is my top priority.” He sighed and headed back to the dormitory.


After exercising and taking his bathe, he left for the library.



In front of a large white building that had two tall spire towers was Blake, who was admiring the artistic beauty of the building.


When he entered the building, he saw large rows of bookshelves. Floating globes of light were all around the room illuminating the environment and on the walls were gems that lit up the corners where the light couldn’t reach.


He walked past the librarian and went in to browse the books.


“First up, history.” He began looking for the section that contained history books.


He quickly found the history section and took out a book from the tall brown bookshelf.


“The Azeroth war by marquis lance.” He flipped the book open.


“A 100 million years after the fall of the comet (A.C), mysterious pink crystals were being dug out from the grounds all over Infinite realm. This was the beginning of the Thranium age.”


“Comet? System, is that the comet I saw in the vision at the cave?��� He had long forgotten about the vision he had in the cave because he had no leads on the matter.




“Finally, a lead.” Blake continued reading.


“During this period the whole Infinite realm had a major boost technologically. It was all because of the high energy resource in form of pink crystals, called Thranium.


The energy in the crystals was pure and very potent, it led to many great inventions and the creation of a lot of war machines that could compete with the cultivators.”


“Unfortunately, the discovery of Thranium crystal brought about one of the greatest sin, Greed. Some of the races were overwhelmed by greed, so they formed The Deadly syndicate. Members of the deadly syndicate were; The Demon race, Sea tribe, Orcs, Goblins, and the Blood Elves.


They took the dwarf and the Gnome races by surprise because they had the greatest number of mines and their war machinery were the strongest among all the races. Before they knew it, most of their cities were captured by the Deadly Syndicate.


When the other races saw they could not face the evil alliance on their own, they decided to form the Supreme alliance. The races that formed the alliance were the God clan, Dragon race, Dwarf race, Gnomes, Elves, and the humans.


The members of the supreme alliance were clearly higher in cultivation, but the Deadly Syndicate abused their numbers in the war. They sacrificed a lot of warriors just to take down the masters of the Supreme alliance. Rivers of blood flowed during the war, lives were lost, cities were destroyed, some races were almost wiped out because of the war.”


“All the inventions and breakthroughs were destroyed; the overall power of the realm had decreased by a lot. That was when the All-Father that was normally neutral to conflicts between races, decided to end the gruesome war.”







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Chapter 16