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My Space-Time System -Novel Chapter 15

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My Space-Time System

Chapter 15: The Conspiracy.

By: xImpulse


After more than 4hrs of absorbing energy, Blake began sensing a different type of energy.


He could see two colors of light dots floating around the area, one was the normal white light dots and the other had a faint blue light to it.


“It’s violent.” Unlike nature’s energy that felt calm and full of life, but the blue light dots felt violent and destructive.


[Congratulations to host in filling the first star and awakening the lightning element!] The system reported in its mechanical tone, but Blake could hear a hint of joy in it.


“Which element is the strongest?” He wanted to know how lucky he was so he asked the system.


[Apart from the space element, no element is greater than the other, they all have their advantages and disadvantages.]


“Why do you say space element is the most powerful?”


[Everything occupies space.


From the seen to the unseen, they all occupy space, the earth, the air; although not seen it can be felt meaning it occupies space.


If one can master, shape, and bend space to his or her will, they would be able to rule anything that exists.]


“So, what’s the catch?” Blake could not believe it, it was too good to be true.


[Although the space element is the strongest, the mother stream makes sure that everything in life is balanced.


That is why the space element is the most difficult element to be awakened, but that is not the only limitation placed on it.


The requirement for advancing in level is higher than that of other elements. The rituals are the hardest and the concept of space cannot be easily understood, because it is a very vast concept.]


“As I suspected.” Blake smiled bitterly.


It was already past dinner time, so he decided to go back to the dormitory before anyone found out he was missing.


He left the concealed space through the exit and headed back to the dormitory.


“Can you measure how much I have assimilated with the All-father’s inheritance?” although he just had a minor breakthrough, he didn’t dare slack, he had to grow all around and become stronger.


[Level of assimilation: 32%]


“Wow, thirty-two already.” He was surprised by how much it had increased.


According to the system, it was difficult to advance in the space pathway, so thirty-two percent was already a large amount.


Could it be because of me cultivating? It involves sensing the energy particles in the environment, so it has to deal with spatial awareness. Hmmm… Blake pondered.


[Level of assimilation: 45%]


“Wow! 15%. That means understanding the principles, will increase the rate of assimilation by a whole lot.” He was shocked by the increase.


He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t know when he reached the dormitory. After a bath he immediately got under his covers to sleep, he had to get ready for history class the next day.



In Tarius the capital of the Synder empire.


Prince Bryon was in a dark room admiring the beauty of the night sky through the full glass window when a red-haired man walked into the room.


“How are you Rayzer? Come, join me and enjoy this magnificent view.” He gestured for the red-haired man to come closer.


When Rayzer came to the window, the faint light of the moon shown on his face.


On his face was a scar that cut across his nose, his facial features were not extraordinary, but they showed he had passed through a lot.


After more than twenty minutes of stargazing, Prince Bryon broke the silence. “What’s the situation at the school?”


Rayzer chuckled before answering. “Well, a lot had happened in just a few days.”


“The kid found a concealed space in the woods near the dormitory and the area is filled with a lot of nature’s energy. Is there anything you want me to about it?”


“He is a luck magnet.” Prince Bryon muttered.


He couldn’t believe it, the kid found the All-father’s Space inheritance that was the most rear among all the inheritances and now he found a concealed space with a large amount of nature’s energy.


“You don’t have to do anything about it, he found it so let him have it.” Prince Bryon said with a smile.


“The second matter is that of the amount of nature’s energy in the dormitory. I heard the kid complaining about how low the energy was, so I checked it out.


It turns out that some of the nobles are using energy rune stones, they plan on slowing down the commoner’s cultivation so that they will be expelled after the awakening test.” Rayzer reported with a serious expression.


When Bryon heard Rayzer’s report, his brows furrowed. “That’s too sinister, how can they jeopardize the future of the young ones because they feel they are better than them.”


He was clearly angry about the news, but he quickly composed himself and calmed down, before continuing.


“Don’t inform the school about the matter until a week to the awakening test. The test will be postponed and cultivation resources will be given to the affected.


Also, the requirements for the nobles to pass the test will be increased and if they fail, they will be expelled immediately.”


Rayzer with an expressionless face said. “It’s been long since I’ve seen you like this.”


“Hehehe.” Bryon gave a low laugh.




“I need to visit the library.” He wanted to facepalm, but he stopped himself in the nick of time.


“After the Azeroth war between the Supreme alliance and Deadly syndicate. The members of the Supreme alliance saw no need for them to be in the alliance, so they broke up.” Professor Dewayne moved around the class as he explained.


“From the breaking up of the alliance, a group of humans allied against the forces of darkness called the Crusaders.”


I need to read about the Azeroth war and the different organizations. I have no class tomorrow and next, that will be the perfect time to visit the library… Blake thought.


He had been postponing the library visit for a long time, the history class made him realize that he didn’t know much about this world.







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